What Type Of Intelligence Does Each Zodiac Sign Possess?

Don’t fret; each zodiac is intelligent in their own way!

By Madiha A.
What Type Of Intelligence Does Each Zodiac Sign Possess?

What Does Intelligence Mean?

If you look for definitions of intelligence, you will find several. Different people have defined intelligence differently. From an individual’s capacity to understand, learn, reason, plan, think, create and solve problems to its implication in the machine world which is commonly referred to as artificial intelligence; intelligence has a much deeper meaning than its definitions. 

The word intelligence is derived from the Latin verb intelligentia which translates to comprehend or perceive. During the Middle Ages, the term was linked to metaphysical and cosmological theories which were rejected by early modern philosophers. So the definition of intelligence mostly depends on the context. Though it exists in humans and non-humans including animals, plants, and machines and it all comes down to one thing; the ability to infer information, its retention as knowledge, and its application. The execution might vary but its definition according to the American Psychological Association sums up the concept very concisely:

“Individuals differ from one another in their ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt effectively to the environment, to learn from experience, to engage in various forms of reasoning, to overcome obstacles by taking thought. Although these individual differences can be substantial, they are never entirely consistent: a given person's intellectual performance will vary on different occasions, in different domains, as judged by different criteria. Concepts of "intelligence" attempts to clarify and organize this complex set of phenomena. Although considerable clarity has been achieved in some areas, no such conceptualization has yet answered all the important questions, and none commands universal assent. Indeed, when two dozen prominent theorists were recently asked to define intelligence, they gave two dozen, somewhat different, definitions.” 

What Are The Different Types Of Intelligence?

Although the word intelligence makes an image of a person who is good with numbers or has exceptional knowledge about science and scores high on IQ tests it is much more than just math and science. What if you are good at languages but don’t score well in science? Does that make you less intelligent?  

Howard Gardener, a developmental psychologist, and educator explain different kinds of intelligence in his book “Frames of the Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.” According to him, intelligence can take various forms and it is impossible to measure intelligence through traditional psychometric tests. There are 9 types of intelligence according to Gardener and it is unjust to judge intelligence by one or two factors.

1. Naturalistic Intelligence

Feeling for nature is the ability and having a green thumb makes you “nature-smart”. Some people around us are more sensitive about nature and the environment. People with high naturalistic intelligence like spending time with nature. They enjoy hiking, camping, spending time with animals, recycling, and caring for nature.

2. Musical Intelligence

If your sense of rhythm and ability to notice sounds is very sharp, you are musically intelligent. People with musical intelligence can hear sounds that no one else can and recognize tones and pitches better than others. These people grow up to become singers and musicians and if not either, they definitely have a grip on one of the musical instruments.

3.    Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

This group is where most people think, intelligent people belong. Logically and mathematically intelligent people are good at reasoning. They have an ability to recognize patterns hence are good at making strategies.

4. Linguistic Intelligence

Understanding more than two languages make you fall into the linguistic intelligence category but it is not limited to languages only. Having a rich vocabulary, effective selection, and use of words, interest in reading, writing, playing word games and puzzles make you a linguistically intelligent person.

5. Visual/spatial intelligence

Not everyone has the ability to look at the world as most of us. The ability to view things in three dimensions comes with spatial intelligence. They are great at mental imagery, image manipulation, and spatial reasoning. You will find this kind of intelligent people working as architects, designers, painters, and sculptors.

6. Intra-personal Intelligence

Knowing yourself completely is also a type of intelligence. If you can translate your feelings, understand your thought processes, and know your strengths and weaknesses, you have intra-personal intelligence. 

7. Inter-personal Intelligence

The ability to effectively understand others and interact with people comes under inter-personal intelligence. People with interpersonal intelligence are good at verbal and non-verbal communication. They have the ability to judge the motives of people and understand their feelings.

8. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

If you are good at sports, can exhibit complex dance moves, or are simply physically active, it means you have great mind-body coordination and you are bodily/kinesthetically intelligent.

9. Existential Intelligence

Finding answers about your existence, meanings of life, and concentrating on daily occurrences are characteristics present in people with a high level of existential intelligence.  

What Signs (Sun, Moon, Rising, Etc.) Should I Take Into Account When Reading About Zodiac Intelligence, And Why?    

If you are interested in astrology and you already know your zodiac sign which is your sun sign, you might be interested in finding your moon and rising signs. Each kind of sign plays a role in shaping your overall personality and traits you will exhibit in your life. The rising signs also called your ascending signs that appear on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. The moon signs shape the inner you while the rising signs shape the outer you. 

Your complete personality shows by connecting the dots. These dots are “the three legs of your birth chart”; the sun, the moon, and the rising signs. There are some online resources to find your moon and rising signs or you can consult an expert astrologer to help you find your signs. 

Zodiac signs say a lot about your intelligence. Certain sign bearers are smarter than others. Although each sign exhibits a certain type of intelligence that is unique to the person when we consider their sun, moon, and rising signs. The personality puzzle can only be solved by bringing the characteristics of all these signs on the table. How much intelligent a person will be, what kind of intelligence will he possess and what he would be able to do with his intelligence, all these questions can be answered by having an in-depth insight into the sun, moon, and rising signs.

How Do Each Zodiac Sign Differ In Terms Of Intelligence?    

Astrologically, a person’s personality is shaped by using his time and date of birth to find his sun sign in combination with the moon and rising signs. When put together, these signs give birth to a unique personality and traits that define a certain person. These signs give information, besides other things, about how smart a person is. Every zodiac sign has positive and negative traits. The astrological measurements can predict the presence of intelligence in people. 

If you are Aquarian or Scorpion, astrologically you belong to the smartest signs. Although both sign bearers possess different kinds of intelligence. Where Aquarians have higher analytical intelligence, Scorpions are perceptive smarts. Gemini and Libra are mentally smart whereas Cancer Pisces have higher EQ (Emotional Intelligence). People who have Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn as their sun sign are more practically intelligent. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are intuitive and their risk-taking abilities enhance the brain’s functioning making them smart.

Can A Zodiac Be Intelligent In More Ways Than One?

Every zodiac sign has certain characteristics that are unique to each sign whereas some others are common to all zodiac signs. Intelligence, for example, is a trait that is common to all the signs. Every person has a certain level of intelligence. The type of intelligence possessed by each person may differ and their degree may vary. Some are linguistically intelligent while others have logical intelligence. The intelligence can be enhanced by working on the kind you are best at. Mathematical intelligence can be enhanced by solving puzzles and mathematical problems. 

Zodiac can be intelligent in more than one way either by birth or by working hard. One person can have more than one type of intelligence and he can surely acquire more if he wishes. A person can become tech smart by learning new technology. You just need to get working and you will be there before you know it.

Can There Be Considered Only One Smartest Sign In The Zodiac?    

Every sign has strengths and weaknesses and it is hard to say which is the most intelligent. If we consider cognitive ability and IQ as defining factors of intelligence, Astrologers say that Aquarius and Scorpio are equally good. Intelligence is measured by a variety of tests to assess various types of abilities. These abilities include mathematical, spatial, verbal, logic, and memory. All these abilities add up to shape a person’s overall intelligence. While some score high at mathematical some others score high on memory. If the person has scored high in everything, he is considered the most intelligent person. This person can belong to any zodiac sign depending on various other factors that play a vital role in shaping his complete personality. 

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No matter what zodiac sign you belong to, you are smart and intelligent. A zodiac sign may add value to your traits and shapes your characteristics to make you “you”. Each person is smart in his own way. One type of intelligence cannot be compared to the other type. By reading your zodiac signs, you might be able to polish the skills you have but didn’t know you had them.