Drive Him Crazy: How to Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You

Keeping his interests up gets him hooked to you all the way!

By Hana O.
Drive Him Crazy: How to Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You

It takes skill and downright compatibility to get an Aries man hooked to you and keep him that way. Not to worry, this guide aims to describe all there is to know about an Aries man, including tips and tricks to get him obsessed. 

What are the characteristics of an Aries man?

First, let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of an Aries man. These are individuals born between March 21 and April 19. It is a fact that Aries signs, symbolized by the audacious ram, love to be number one. That doesn’t come as a surprise because they are the first sign of the zodiac. 


Aries is a fire sign, like Leo and Sagittarius. In case that doesn’t explain much, it means they are passionate, highly motivated beings intended to be leaders who build a community and gain people’s trust through their positive personality. When you’re talking with an Aries man, for example, try to avoid beating around the bush because, just like the confident leaders they are, they prefer frank and direct conversations. 


It is believed that most of the signs take after their predecessor, wherein they learn both positive and negative lessons from the sign before them. With Aries, however, there is no preceding sign. This leaves them lacking in inherited wisdom, so to speak. As a result, they lead with blind optimism. They barrel through ups and downs with a “carpe diem” outlook. Nothing can stop an Aries man set on a goal, a characteristic in line with their animal symbol. 

More often than not, the thinking or weighing of pros of cons happens after an Aries has already made the plunge. They’re led by self-determination, which may come off as selfish for others. It may appear like an Aries man has an attitude of “every person must fend for themselves,” a trait that won’t do well in a relationship. 


Still, their innocent, bright-eyed, energetic zest for life is absolutely attractive. One can’t help but be lured to their natural optimism and interest in all things new, a potential partner included. Another benefit of having an Aries man around is that the energy they possess can spill over. For example, someone feeling down or having a bad day can’t stay that way when near an Aries man. 


Imagine waking up groggy and getting that jolt of alertness through an espresso shot – that’s what it feels like with an Aries man. They are masters at boosting people’s moods, leaving you smiling and happy. One explanation for this could stem from their competitive nature. 


Aries men are ruled by the planet of Mars, known for assertion and ego. In other words, he sees everything as a competition that must be won. So if you’re feeling down, you’re his target for some cheering up. Your smile is his prize. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Are Aries men easy to please?

The way to making an Aries man happy is through a little reverse psychology or using his traits against him. 

Give into some chasing

You already know that an Aries man sees everything as a competition. Therefore, use this to your advantage, and you be his prize. Let him chase you. Don’t give in too quickly. You don’t want to bore him. Instead, give him the thrill of the chase. 


Play hard to get, be stubborn, don’t easily give in to his wants, and so on. He will fight harder for what he wants, AKA, you. 

Get into flirting

Much like a ram, an Aries man needs to be fully interested in something or someone to get them to focus. Otherwise, they will just continue barreling through their life’s goals. Turn up your flirting game while you are giving him the chase. This will leave him excited and wanting so much more. Remember, make his prize worthwhile. 

He needs to protect you

Please an Aries man by letting him be the hero and protector. It might be difficult for some women to do so, but a little compromise is needed. Besides, it’s always comforting to let one’s guard down once in a while and leave the defending to someone else. Nothing would satisfy an Aries man more than handing him the reigns and letting him take care of you. 

What do they look for in a partner? What characteristics attract them?

An Aries man has a strong libido backed by an endless-burning horniness that is challenging to satiate. Their high energy level, need for control, and endless expectations will require a partner that could match. Be prepared to exert the same amount of energy and intensity of an Aries man in bed. 


Furthermore, it should be noted that the partner should naturally be a giver. This is because an Aries is needy – very needy in bed. It’s not selfish or intentional, but he does require a lot of attention, coddling, and pleasing. This task might be cumbersome for some, but those who love serving their partners are a sure match with an Aries man.


Then when it comes to returning the pleasure, you will be rewarded well. Remember, your satisfaction is his prize. An Aries man will go all out to make sure you are content in and out of bed. The romance doesn’t stop during sex. You might receive breakfasts in bed, love letters, bouquets sent to your office, and more. This is because a happy Aries man is unstoppable, making everyone around him giddy and happy as well. 

He might seem childish and hardheaded at times, and you might think you’re more of a nanny than a partner, but this is how an Aries man is. Learn how to handle him, and he is yours to keep and enjoy all the perks of his good days. 

So what attracts an Aries man in a partner aside from maturity and the innate giving characteristic? One that knows how to give him space. It may seem counterproductive when an Aries man needs so much attention, but to get him hooked, you would also need to play hard to get. Give him time on his own, have some level of independence outside the relationship, and you will see yourselves bloom in the partnership.


Effective body language to make an Aries man obsessed with you

Now, let’s talk tips to make an Aries man attracted and obsessed with you. 


First, get him hooked by flirting and seducing him. An Aries man loves to flirt. Flirt back and play the game with him. Give him a sense of mystery to you, and he won’t be able to resist. Try not to disclose your life’s story on the first date. Aries men love discovering something new about their partner. 


When flirting, maximize the senses of touch, smell, sound, and sight. From your style to your perfume, your voice, or your subtle hand rests on his arm; your body language will help you on your goal. 


When you’ve gotten his attention and attraction, the next step would be to keep his interest. An Aries man can lose interest rather quickly, so it’s crucial to keep him intrigued. You can do this by handling arguments like a pro. He might be childish during fights, but your staying above things will only show him how compatible you both are. 


Next, do not beat around the bush with an Aries man. They are direct and frank individuals. So if and when you have something to say, be straight to the point about it. This won’t push him away. On the contrary, it might even turn him on. 


Keep an Aries man hooked by not letting your sex life suffer. As mentioned earlier, making love is very important for this zodiac sign. Master all of the ways to juggle the complex nature of an Aries man, such as when to match his stubbornness or give him space, and he’s yours. 


Women who are strong-willed, independent, knows when to be a damsel in distress and when to handle things on their own, have a motherly inclination, are kind and compassionate are those who can get an Aries man to commit. When they do, you can expect loyalty. 

Statements you can say to make an Aries man fall for you

So what are the things you can say to get an Aries man to fall hard for you? Here are a few examples.

“It’s up to you.”

Giving him control, such as what activity to do during a date, will make him swoon. Their interests are often on a different page from others, so you giving him the reins proves you are willing to go out of your way for him. 

“What would I have done without you?”

It may sound cheesy, but using this phrase genuinely really warms the heart of an Aries man. He does love being the hero, after all. 

“I am truly lucky to have you.”

Do remember that Aries men love to be coddled and have the attention on them. Confessions of love, compliments, and expressions that state how much he means to you are some of the best things to say to make him fall for you. 


When it’s through text, you can send witty remarks to make him smile or tickle his humor. Aries men love an intelligent woman who is on the same wavelength as them. Steer the conversation to things he is passionate about, his goals, ambitions, and dreams. Add some flirtatious texts that are sent exclusively to him. Mix those up, and you’ve got him hooked!

What shies an Aries man away?

You’ve got most of the things to get an Aries man. Now, let’s cover the things that could push him away to avoid the risks. 


Because an Aries man can easily be offended, harsh criticisms can cause more harm than good. You can point out his mistakes but don’t dwell on them. He doesn’t like falling short of expectations, so you would need to pick your battles well. 


In line with pointing out flaws, Aries men don’t respond well to being told what to do or being bossed around, especially when it comes to their independence. 


Their need for constant movement and activity makes laziness in someone a turnoff for an Aries man. They live busy and full lives. Their woman should also be the same. Whether it’s hobbies, sports, or attending events, you can expect a jam-packed schedule when with an Aries man. 


Lastly, Aries men hate liars and cheaters with a passion. They cannot tolerate someone who is untruthful or someone who cheats on them. There is usually no second chances for this zodiac sign. 

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And there you have it! Most of the things to take note of, including the good and bad, when approaching, getting and keeping an Aries man. It takes work, yes. But this is someone that is worth it in the long run.