5 Surefire Signs a Virgo Man is Falling For You

Here are sure signs that you have attracted a virgo man!

By Sylvia Epie
5 Surefire Signs a Virgo Man is Falling For You

What are Virgos?

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign in astrology, anyone born between August 23 and September 22 is a Virgo. Those under this sign are known to be extremely reserved, highly critical, hard to please perfectionists, and very loyal. Virgos are not the easiest people to be around but when you succeed in capturing their hearts, they’ll do everything in their power to make you happy, they’ll put your well-being before theirs and they’ll be forever loyal.

Considering how shy and reserved Virgos are, it is often confusing to tell if a Virgo likes you. Virgo males are always subtle in the way they express their feelings, making it a bit difficult to know if the guy is simply a gentleman or he’s truly interested in you. Unlike other men, Virgo men don’t easily flirt around with women or openly express their feelings. For example, a Virgo man will never hit on you on the street or in a bar. He’d rather bring you a cup of coffee in the office every morning when he has a crush on you. If you have a Virgo man in your life and you are wondering if he is into you, here are some of the signs to look out for:

What Traits Do Virgos Find Attractive?    

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  • Virgos are very sensitive and intuitive, they easily know what others are feeling. This makes them naturally drawn to genuine and honest people.
  • If they suspect you are fake or hiding something they’ll pull away from you forever.
  • Most Virgos are attracted to a person who cheers them on. A typical Virgo is very self-critical, they hold themselves and those around them to very high standards, so they always love to be around people who will encourage them to achieve their goals and live up to their high standards.
  • Virgos are attracted to open communication, if you’re someone who says what you mean and means what you say, you’re off to a good start with Virgos. They hate mind games, assumptions, guessing, and manipulation. Being around people who withhold or filter their feelings and emotions drains all their energy.
  • Order and cleanliness attract Virgos like bees to pollen, they love order, rules, and cleanliness. As perfectionists and beings who thrive on details and are obsessed with order, Virgos love anyone who is meticulous, pays attention to detail, and is well put together. 

What Does Virgo Men Like In A Woman?    

  • Virgos love their space, a Virgo man will do anything for a woman who understands he needs space every now and then and lets him have it. A needy woman who craves attention all the time doesn’t stand a chance with Virgo men. They need a healthy balance of time with you and time alone.
  • A woman who pampers her man is a gem most Virgos cherish, Virgos are so sensitive they spend their time taking care of others and have no time for themselves. A woman who takes care of them or reminds them to take care of themselves is something a Virgo man highly appreciates.
  • Virgo men like a woman who respects their work ethics, Virgos are generally hard workers, they believe in putting in the work to reap the benefits, be it in their careers, relationships, friendships, hobbies, etc. They work hard and give 100% to everything they care about, so a woman who understands how important the ‘’grind’’ is to them is a gem.
  • Virgos highly appreciate honesty in a woman, they hate fakes and wannabes, a Virgo man likes a woman who says the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. They respect a woman who says things as they are rather than sugar-coating it or lying even if it’s to protect him.

10 Signs A Virgo Cares About You 

 1. He will loosen up around you

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Known for being shy and sometimes uptight, Virgo men don’t easily share their feelings with others. However, when he cares about you, he will loosen up more and relax around you. He smiles more with you and shares bits and pieces of himself with you, he’ll be less apprehensive around you than he is with others. He is more likely to show his fun side and be more confident around you if he is crushing on you. That’s a sure sign you’re special in his eyes.

2. He Pays Attention To Details

This zodiac sign is not particularly known for paying attention to things like fashion, hairstyles, perfumes, etc around them. But when they have a crush on you, their meticulous side comes to play. He will notice little things about you, minute details most people overlook, things he could care less about in other people. The perfectionist in him will notice your new hairstyle, the color of your nail polish and how it matches your eyes, etc.

3. He will surprise you with little romantic gestures 

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When a Virgo man is into you, he’ll surprise you with small romantic gestures and gifts. Virgos are known for their sweet tooth, he’ll offer you chocolates, sweets, cakes, and other mini treats. A Virgo man will give you cupcakes or a box of chocolate instead of flowers. Another treat a man under this sign freely gives is a pet name, he’ll call you ‘’baby’’, ‘’honey’’, ‘’sweety’’, etc instead of using your name. This is his own subtle way of showing you’re special to him.

4. He Will Call and Text You Often

For such a shy character, Virgos are rather expressive when it comes to the object of their affection. Virgo guys have a reputation of being distant with friends and family, they hardly call or text unless it’s very important. However, when he is in love, expect the contrary, he will call several times a day, text, and send romantic messages to let you know you’re on his mind. A Virgo man will always want to be in touch with you and your feelings when he has a crush on you. He’ll check-in, call to hear your voice, to wish you goodnight, just because he misses you. Prepare yourself for a communication treat.

5. He will be extremely helpful and attentive 

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Compassion and dedication to helping others are some of Virgos best traits, having a Virgo in your life mean he’ll pay close attention to your needs and go out of his way to support you. You can always count on Mr. Virgo to change your tire, lift heavy stuff for you, give you a lift when your car breaks down, or repair your plumbing. He will not only provide material support but will be present emotionally as well. The Virgo man will listen to you, provide a shoulder to cry and lean on, give you great advice, and hold your hand through whatever troubles life throws at you. 

6. He will be shy about touching you 

When a Virgo man really likes you, he will take his time in getting intimate with you. He’ll try to build an emotional connection before a physical one, he might not even make the first move when it comes to intimacy or if he does it will be a shy one. Men of this zodiac sign are very respectful to women, they will refrain from bold physical contact until they are sure you want the same thing. A Virgo man does not give himself easily to everyone, this is as a result of the signs astrological symbol of the virgin. Nevertheless, once he finally opens up to you, you won’t believe it’s the same person. They’re everything but a shy lover.

7. He will always put your happiness first

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Virgos are altruistic human beings who greatly believe in service, a Virgo man is dedicated to making those around him happy, especially the one he’s falling for. Virgo is an earth sign so one of its traits is meeting the needs of those around them. Your happiness will always be his top priority, he wants you to be comfortable, to smile, relax, and be safe before anything else. Virgo men are your ultimate ‘’knight in shining armor’’ always ready to save the day and rescue the damsel in distress.

8. He will respect  you

As perfectionists, Virgos are hard to impress but once you do, they’ll respect you to the fullest. A Virgo man will think highly of the woman he loves, he’ll take note of your qualities, achievements, and talents. At every given chance he is likely to praise and compliment you on your accomplishments. He won’t hold back his fascination for the things you do in your career, family, and relationship. A Virgo man is in awe of a woman who isn’t afraid to work hard and push boundaries as this motivates him to step out of his comfort zone and be a high achiever as well.

9. He Will step out of his comfort zone for you

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Virgos are known to be creatures of habit, they’re the least likely to try new things or step out of their routine. But when a Virgo man likes you, he’ll do things he’s not quite comfortable with just to please you. He’ll try new foods, go skydiving or bungee jumping if it makes you happy. Virgos are ready to go to great lengths for the person they love even if it means doing something they hate.

10. He will want commitment 

A clear sign Mr. Virgo is into you is that he craves commitment, he wants exclusivity from the start, he wants you to define your relationship from the onset, set boundaries, label things, and commit to them. He is committed and expects the same from his woman, to him that’s a sign of respect. 

How does Virgo act when they like someone?    

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  • They will give you attention and care at every given chance, assist you when you are in a tight corner, and be at your service when needed.
  • Virgos will spoil you with small gifts that may not be expensive but are of great sentimental value.
  • Will be jealous and want your exclusivity and undivided attention from day one. They will be fully committed and expect the same from you with no exceptions.
  • A Virgo man who is attracted to a woman will notice every little detail about her and try to learn as much as possible about her tastes and interests.
  • Virgos will anticipate your every need before you voice it and will go out of their way to meet such needs even at their own detriment.

How Does Virgo Behave Around Someone They Have A Crush On?  

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  • A Virgo man is a perfect gentleman around the woman he likes, he’ll open the door for you, pull a chair for you, and be a model of chivalry when he has his eye on you.  
  • He will open up to you about his dreams, goals, and aspirations even if he appears shy to everyone else in the room. He might even pass as funny, confident, and outgoing with you.
  • Everyone who knows him will be able to tell he has a crush on you because his demeanor will be completely different around you.
  • Virgos generally hate duplicity, so they will be very sincere and genuine around you from the get-go.

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Not showing a lot of emotions doesn’t mean Virgos don’t care.


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Virgos are quite a particular zodiac sign, a perfect balance between shy, reserved individuals and passionate, sensitive beings. As perfectionists and intuitive people, they’re not the easiest to love, but when you succeed in getting past all the shyness and obsessive behavior you’ll find extremely loving, caring, and loyal beings.

If you can keep all the above-mentioned characteristics in mind when dealing with the Virgo in your life, and be patient enough to scratch the surface, you’re guaranteed to find a romantic, loyal, and loving partner for life.