What Does a Cancer Man Say or Do If He’s Just Playing You?

A sincere Cancer man won't cancel plans with you just because.

By Michele
What Does a Cancer Man Say or Do If He’s Just Playing You?

So you have a feeling that your man is playing around instead of being in a proper relationship? In this read, I will explain in detail the traits of a Cancer man when it comes to a relationship. If I state in general, being played by any man can lead to an extremely shitty situation. Especially happens when you are damn serious and considering a formal relationship.

Do not worry. I will save you from becoming an emotional wreck at the hands of a Cancer man. All you need to do is read carefully the discussion that I am going to put forward over here. You will easily get rid of unwanted complications. Let’s see What Does a Cancer Man Say or Do If He’s Just Playing You?

What Is A Cancer Man Like In A Relationship?

First of all, you need to understand how a Cancer man acts in a relationship. This will help you with devising a proper approach so that you can have that special man in your life. And in case if he is playing around, you must be able to understand his pattern and make a decision that will save you.

A cancer man is quite open about his feelings, as he expresses them in the most genuine and thru manner. He will focus on making his partner comfortable and at peace. When it comes to a relationship a Cancer man is highly sensitive and emotional and any sort of setback means a lot for him.

In general, a Cancer man looks forward to a long-lasting and durable emotional connection that comes with regular episodes of intimacy. At the beginning of a relationship, he might seem shy and not much responsive. A Cancer man has this bad habit of overthinking about simple situations and that prevents him from making the first move.

But if you get daring enough to approach him, he will be all after you and willing to do anything to keep you. The good thing about a Cancer man is that he is protective and stays committed with his loved one. Sometimes a cancer man might hide his true emotions but deep down he is a sentimental, gentle, and affectionate person.

Cancer man loves cuddling with his partner, as he is ruled by the satellite Moon which represents intense emotional feelings. That is why he is such a softie and a totally sweet and romantic person. In short, a cancer guy, when in a relationship, will turn out to be an incredible, magical, and passionate partner.

How Do You Know If A Cancer Man Sincerely Likes You/Likes To Be With You?

So you have recently started dating a Cancer guy, but you are unsure if he likes you and wants to get serious with you or is just flirting around. Here, I will help you how to conclude if a Cancer guy is really into you.

1. He Loves Spending Time With You

So it is quite understandable that if someone likes you, they will invest time. Before making any sort of formal commitment a Cancer guy will try to know about you, as much as possible. He would ask about your favorite music band, books, hobbies, movies, pets, etc. He is gathering information about you so that he can build an image of your personality. For that reason, he will spend a lot of time with you and see where the connection can get deeper before he offers you his heart.

2. He Starts Liking You

Keep in mind that a cancer guy is not about giving a lot of gifts, as he prefers doing something more thoughtful and realistic. Most of the Cancer guys have the habit of sending warm text messages, good notes, letters, and music. Understand this gesture. What it means is that he is trying to strengthen his connection with you. You will need to reciprocate accordingly so that he doesn’t stop placing his efforts. Always make him feel wanted and comfortable.

3. He Starts Caring About You

Don’t feel bugged if he pushes you to start exercising or having a healthy diet or quit smoking or alcohol. His nagging demonstrates that he cares about you and wants you to be in the best possible mental and physical state. A Cancer man doesn’t want the love of his life to go through any negative complications and that is where; he can’t hide his true feelings for you no matter what. A Cancer man will always act responsibly.

4. He Plans The Future With You

If you get successful enough to make a positive impact on your Cancer man, he will start planning a future with you. A Cancer man has the habit of thinking in-depth about whatever is linked with his life and hence whatever decisions he makes, he tries to stay committed. So, if he has started including you in his future life then he certainly likes you a lot. Be with him and support his concepts, theories, and dreams and share your view too and your connection will become extremely meaningful. 

What Does a Cancer Man Do That Means He’s Just Playing You?

It is to be understood that a Cancer man can play you, due to his vulnerable emotional projections. But his act comes with a set of warning signs that you need to evaluate.  Let’s see what does a cancer man do that means he’s just playing you?

He Doesn’t Share His Feelings

A Cancer man is an abode of emotions and when he conceals them from you and starts acting friendly, it means that he is just playing you. When he doesn’t communicate his feelings, it for sure means that he is not interested in a relationship.

He Begins Acting Weirdly

An uninterested Cancer man will show zero involvement and will try to remain distant from you. It is a manner of sharing their feelings even if they are negative ones. They want to let you know what their current emotional state is. So note it down. 

He Would Ignore Your Feelings

It is quite difficult to catch the emotional communication pattern of a Cancer man. When a Cancer man stops caring about your emotions it truly means that his emotional connection has also dropped. And it is a very big sign for anyone who knows the importance of emotions for a Cancer guy – explained above.

What Does a Cancer Man Say That Means He’s Just Playing You?

Now let’s have a look at what does a cancer man say that means he’s just playing you? Hope you understand the hints.

He Gets Negative About You

A cancer guy, whose emotional baggage remains unattended will try to vent out his feelings whenever and wherever possible. With you being the main target. He would express a highly negative reaction to anything that you are doing. The reason being, he wants to remain at a distance from you.

He Never Gets Emotional Verbally

Emotions mean everything for a Cancer guy and if he stops expressing his warmth for you then it means his feelings have subdued and there is no element of a formal relationship left. He might also be hiding something from you by just playing you.

He Expresses Insecurity

A Cancer guy who throws negativity about your relationship must have his reasons.  By declaring the relationship not good for his emotional health, he is trying to cut the cords off. And just looking for a proper instant to end it.

Why Would A Cancer Man Play You?

A cancer man would play you if he doesn’t feel emotionally connected with you. He would be afraid to say No and would resort to being friendly and looking for an escape. It rests upon you how you manage to interpret his signals and don’t let him play. You need to be emotionally strong and decisive so that he knows the boundaries.

How Do I Deal With Him Playing Me When I Want A Serious Relationship?

To be honest, I would care more about your feelings so that they won’t get hurt. When you are being played and decide to quit, despite all your efforts, it is you who needs emotional support. How tiring it could be for a person to realize that she invested in a Cancer guy wholeheartedly and in the end was made a fool out of this episode. Look out for the signs and call it off, as soon as you notice that there is no way out. Save yourself and him from emotional turmoil.

Heartbreak hurts but you will survive from it. Apply lots of self-care and be firm on leaving him for good. 

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Knowing more about him may really help you in this situation


Whether it is a Cancer or some other zodiac sign, you need to be very careful about your feelings and time. Invest wisely and make sure that you aren’t used, in any manner. Before getting committed to a Cancer guy, try to understand his personality.

Make sure that you do not make any sort of errors from your side. Rest, leave it on him, and go with the flow. Do not hurry.  Save yourself by realizing What Does a Cancer Man Say or Do If He’s Just Playing You?