How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Hurt And How To Comfort Him

He'll always appreciate some space and sincere gestures.

By Evelyn
How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Hurt And How To Comfort Him

What Are The Characteristics Of A Pisces Man?

By any chance, the guy you have your eye on was born between February 12 and March 20? If that is the case, then you've set your eyes (and your heart?) in a Pisces man and you're in for a treat. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and experts on the matter say that a man born under the Pisces constellation is a dreamboat. Let's see about that... what are the characteristics of a Pisces man? 

A Pisces man is flirtatious, he's charming, and loves romance. Since Pisces is a water sign, he's also an introvert and very emotional, actually, he's the most emotional of them all. Beware because this sign is changeable and adaptable, so your Pisces man could have ever-shifting-moods. Have you noticed he has a stream of emotions that can go on all day long and are so intense? Yes, his emotions are very powerful, and they never seem to slow down. You may feel that you're on an emotional rollercoaster when you're with him.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of dreams, illusions, and deep emotional connections. Pisces men have an immense and fantastical imagination, they are also very romantic and have such a compassionate nature! Have you noticed that he can pick up on other's emotions and experienced them just as strongly (whether he wants to or not)? That's because he's a true empath, and that is why he knows when you're having a crappy day and is all too willing to swoop in and cheer you up. That's also why he prefers to surround himself with optimistic people, rather than pessimistic ones.

The reason why he has such an enormous range of emotions is that Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and generosity. This is how you can explain the rollercoaster of emotions and also his natural ability to care for others and his willingness to care for them and support them. A Pisces man is an idealist at heart, he tends to think with his heart and not his head, he dislikes confrontations and he tries very hard to avoid hurting other people.

You'll also find that he's indecisive, that's one characteristic that Pisces men struggle with. Indecisiveness poses a great problem for them because it leads to procrastination. Why is this? Well, he's caught with a lot of "what ifs" and that's his cross to bear, not being able to make decisions.

How Do You Tell If They're Genuinely Happy?

A Pisces man floats through life without a care. He has his own way of navigating the world, his own pace which is slow and simple in manner. As you know he doesn't like conflict, or more accurately he works to get through a conflict peacefully. He prefers to forgive and forget, not letting an argument come between both of you. You can tell if he's genuinely happy when he achieves this, it's part of his idealist trait, don't try to use logic with him, he's ruled by his emotions.

A Pisces man lives with his head on the clouds, he daydreams his own world where everything is calm, pleasant, and romantic. He's happy when his real-life relationships are as idealistic as the fantasy he lives in. He'll be genuinely happy when he finds the woman that's his perfect match, don't burst his bubble.

A Pisces man is genuinely happy when he's able to make you happy and support you. Remember that he has a giving nature, he's an empath so he enjoys taking care of his loved ones and only wants for them to be happy. He's in his element when people allow him to do that.

What Things Hurt A Pisces Man?

Thanks to his very sensitive character and how his emotions are all over the place, hurting a Pisces man is pretty easy. Just a heads up, seeing a Pisces man hurt is something painful, so if you care about him avoid the following behaviors.

1. Criticism

Whatever you do, avoid criticizing him. A Pisces man is prone to self-doubt and insecurity, plus he's super sensitive, so a thing that truly hurts him is you (or anyone) bringing him down by criticism. If you point out his flaws or the things that he does incorrectly, be sure he's going to feel hurt.

2. Unfaithfulness

When a Pisces man commits to a relationship, he's totally in, he's loyal and devoted to her. Actually, he's that generous with his affection and feelings for all the people he loves and respects. So, he expects that same level of commitment from the woman he has chosen, and it really hurts him when that person is unfaithful and disloyal. 

3. Ignore him

If you have caught the eye of a Pisces man and he really likes you, he's going to want to spend time with you. If you ignore him or decline his invitations to hang out without a reason, he's going to be hurt. He'll feel rejected and unloved because you have denied him the chance to shower you with his attention. 

4. Take advantage of his generosity

A Pisces man is so generous with his loved ones, he likes to take care of them, which makes him happy It really hurts him when that same people take advantage of that generosity, by demanding or taking him and his generosity for granted. He'll expect that same generosity in return basically because he's an idealist. 

5. Trying to control him

A Pisces man is very laid-back and easy-going, a reflection of his sign's symbol: the fish. Like the fish, he's happy to go with the flow and that makes him vulnerable to manipulation and control. If he senses you're trying to control him or manipulate his actions and feelings, he's going to be hurt.

How Do They Act/Communicate With You When They Are Hurt?

Pisces men are highly sensitive and they have an internal struggle when it comes to expressing their emotions. So, when they get hurt they act as if they feel nothing at all. When a Pisces man is hurt, he'll run away from the problem or root of his discontent. He'll hide from this reality mainly to protect his heart. 

Pisces men are creative creatures, and this comes in handy when they are hurt. When a Pisces man is hurt, he can also channel all his hurt into doing something creative. For example, they could invent something (that was the case for Einstein), they write music (like Jon Bon Jovi), they react with creativity. 

Pisces men could also act passive-aggressively when hurt and they'll let them feel you that. Sometimes they could also want to seek revenge. They'll wait for the right time to strike and hurt you intentionally. However, don't worry too much about this reaction because most of the time it only happens in their own head.

How Do I Comfort A Pisces Man Who Feels Hurt?

As you know, a Pisces man is easily hurt, sometimes you'll feel like to have to walk on eggshells around him. If you choose to stick to him in spite of that, you need to know how to comfort or make him feel better when he feels hurt. There's lots of empathy and patience involve though, so be prepared. 

1. Give him a sincere apology

If you were the one who hurt him, then you need to sincerely apologize to him. You'll need to explain why you did what you did or said and make him see that you're truly sorry. Then give him time to sulk and think about your apology.

2. Lift him up

if you're not responsible for his hurt then you can comfort him by finding ways to cheer him up. The best way to do that is by finding ways to make him laugh, find something that appeals to his sense of humor. Sometimes just you're effort to lift him up will do the deed because he'll feel cared for by you. 

3. Listen intently to what he has to say

If he trusts you enough to open up his heart and tell you what he's feeling and why he's hurt, then just stop whatever you're doing and listen. Sit down and really pay attention to what he's saying, Knowing that you have his back and that you empathize with his troubles will go a long way in comforting him. 

How Do I Make Him Comfortable In Silence?

Sometimes the best way to deal with a Pisces man who's been hurt by you or someone else is to give him space and let him be. You can make him comfortable and cheer him up in silence. Because of his nature, a Pisces man will need some solitude in order to come to terms with what's going on in his mind. Don't try to force him to say or do anything he's not willing to do. Allow him that silence and the quiet time he needs, he'll trust and appreciate you more because of it.

You can also make him feel comfortable and cherished by sending him thoughtful gifts or cards with uplifting messages. These gestures will go directly to his very sensitive and generous heart. 

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Comforting a Pisces man when he feels hurt is not that difficult if you know what he's about and you have an understanding of his sensitive and generous nature. You'll just have to be gentle with him and make him feel cherished by showing empathy and kindness.