Do You Have Spiritual Connections With Your Cats?

Can you spiritually connect and bond with your feline pets?

By Sylvia Epie
Do You Have Spiritual Connections With Your Cats?

Are You A Cat Magnet?

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Cats have been living alongside humans for over 4,000 years and to this day they still remain a mystery. These creatures have managed to keep some of the greatest scientists guessing for centuries, they share our beds, couches, homes, and daily lives but we just can’t seem to grasp them the way we do dogs. That is why the few people who have managed to crack the ‘’cat code’’ are considered strange and mysterious like their feline companions. When it comes to cats, camps are slip in the middle, you’re either a cat person or you are not.

Given that they’re greatly misunderstood, when you get them you become some sort of a cat magnet. You begin to attract more and more cats, then before you know it you have a house full of cats. From the outside cats often seem aloof and unfriendly but deep when you succeed in bonding with your you’ll be surprised at how protective a cat can be. Popular belief holds that cats can see spirits and predict disasters before they happen. Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats believing they were sacred and had a direct connection to the spirit world. Modern scientists haven’t succeeded in analyzing cats because unlike other domestic animals, cats have outrightly refused to cooperate with animal researchers over the years.

Where science has failed, spirituality has made an attempt to answer some of the questions about our feline companions. This has been done through psychic connections and communication between cats and their owners. Do you have a cat or intend to get one in the future? Here’s what you should know concerning their psychic abilities and how to communicate with them non-verbally.

Spiritual and Psychic Connection from Cats    

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In case you were still wondering, YES! Cats communicate on a spiritual level using telepathic communication. They communicate with you when they’re alive and when they have passed on. If you have a cat and they die, it is not strange to see him in spirit hanging around its favorite spots in the house. Your beloved cat often becomes your spirit animal and guides you from the other side.

Here’s the story of a cat called Oscar, he became very famous in the 2000s because of his ability to predict when a person was going to die. Oscar lived at a hospice in Rhode Island, US, and every time a patient was going to die he would go and sit next to the patient's bed. By 2008 Oscar had predicted 25 deaths, and this is as real as it gets.

Cats are also known to predict natural disasters long before people realize they are in any danger. For instance, in 1975, residents of Haicheng, a city in China were evacuated due to a predicted earthquake and one of the reasons given by seismologists for their forecast was the unusual behavior of cats which saved the lives of an estimated 150,000 people. If this does not validate cats as highly spiritual and mystical animals then nothing will.

9 Ways to Connect Spiritually with Your Cats

1. Talk to your cat

When your cat meows at you, try and respond, talk back to your cat as you would a toddler, with patience and affection. See if you can build a sort of familiar back-and-forth dialogue with him/her. It might sound crazy but cats are intelligent creatures and you’d be surprised at how well they understand what you’re saying. 

Use a friendly tone and communicate with them precisely, you can even incorporate hand cues to get your message across faster. This will build up into a strong bond with your feline friend which will ease telepathic communication.

2. Look at your cat in the eye.

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If you’ve ever owned a cat you know it’s very common to find them staring at you for no reason, when this happens do not look away, it means your cat trusts you and wants to connect with you on a deeper level. However, if you stare with any hostility in your eyes it could seem like you’re trying to intimidate them and they won’t find it funny at all. Instead, look them in the eye with affection, when they blink, do the same, if the wink returns the favor until you have built rapport. 

3. Meditate and Pray with your kitty

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Cats are very observant and they tend to mimic their owner's behavior, when you meditate, pray or sit still and relax constantly, you will do the same. By the way, cats are universally known to be a lazy bunch, they sit around all day in comfy areas of the house and instinctively know how to relax. So, make a habit of spending quiet time with your cat nearby. Tune out your thoughts with them next to you, this will make it easier to let the psychic come to play. Let your meditation or prayer be at the same time every day, during this time, close your eyes, cleanse your energy channels from negativity, and let your spirit lead you.

4. Sleep and Dream Together

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Cats are very spiritual animals, there could be things blocking you from connecting with them during the day with all that’s going on but at night when your subconscious is most alert, your cat will not hesitate to reach out to you in your dreams. Sure it sounds absurd but if you’re one of those people who sleep with their cats you most likely have dreams about you and them and that’s not a coincidence. Your cat has a soul, therefore they exist as much as you do in the spiritual realm. Have you ever dreamt of going on an adventure with your cat? Well, it might not have been a dream at all. Your cat was probably trying to send you a message.

5.  Learn to See Life from Your cat's Point of View

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As humans we tend to believe we are superior to all other species, we think we own and watch over our pets but have you ever stopped for a minute and consider that it might be the reverse? What if your cat owned you, chose you, or watches over you?

Do this little exercise: Lie on the floor and get to the same level as your feline companion. Imagine what he/she could be thinking, put yourself in their place, and visualize what it would feel like to be a cat, having you as a caregiver, reflect on your pet's life and immerse yourself in how it feels.

6. Decide what you want to chat about and stick with it. 

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Be specific about what you want to talk to your cat about, don’t send mixed messages that will confuse your cat, pick one topic, and stick to it. This is the only way to maintain a stable connection with him/her. As you may have noticed, cats are very regal animals, they take their time and are majestic in what they do, if you try rushing them or forcing them to do what they don’t like they’ll simply walk out on you.

7. Understand how cats communicate. 

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Like humans, animals communicate too with sounds and body language, learn your cat's verbal cues and body language, the sound he makes when he’s hungry, excited, happy, sad, etc. Pay close attention to the non-verbal signals your cat is communicating. For example, a high-pitch RRRROWW! will indicate anger, pain, or fear. A vibrating tail means the cat is very excited and happy to see you, A straight-up tail with a curl at the end signifies satisfaction and happiness. Observe and learn what each sound and action means to ease communication channels between you and your cat.

8. Don't tune out 

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Being able to have a spiritual connection with your cat takes time and practice, as a beginner you should not tune out or shut yourself off if you feel any physical or mental discomfort when trying to reach out to your cat through telepathy. Embrace the feelings and see where it takes you.

9. Keep your mental connections short

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Even though you love your cat and want to talk to them all day long, it is not recommended. Keep your mental connections with your cat short so as not to ruin things. A connection session should be between 10 to 15 minutes long each time and once you’re done, don’t forget to thank your cat for their time and energy. To keep track of your growth, have a journal where you note down all that happens during your sessions.

Books To Connect With Your Cats

1.The Domestic Cat: The Biology of its Behaviour by Dennis C. Turner

The Domestic Cat

2. Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet by John Bradshaw

Cat Sense

3. The Meaning of Meow: What Your Cat Really Thinks! by Pamela Weintraub

The meaning of MEOW

4. The Feline Mystique: On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats by Clea Simon

The Feline Mystique

5. Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me by Cynthia L. Copeland

Really Important...

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kittens in basket

Creating a spiritual connection with your cat requires that you first of all stop being condescending towards your cat, treating them as less evolved animals with no intelligence. This will hinder any chance you had of building the bond needed for a telepathic relationship. Respect your cat, show him love, and learn from observing your cat’s body language and other cues.