Step by Step on Salt Cleansing That Everyone Can Do

Cleansing using salt as a ritual to keep balance the energy

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Step by Step on Salt Cleansing That Everyone Can Do

What is a Salt Cleansing Used For?

Nobody can deny the importance of salt and water. They are elements of material existence that are vital. But did you know that there is some serious power in saltwater that goes above and beyond the realm of material reality? Salt and water is a very powerful combination in its healing energy. The reason why salt cleansing is so widely sworn by is that it is easy to do, very useful, and leaves you feeling cleansed in a deep-seated way!

Salt cleansing can be used to get rid of negative thoughts much like crystals can absorb harmful energy or emanate healing energy! It can also help cleanse your aura and help you feel like a lighter, purer version of yourself.

Why Salt Is Useful For Cleansing

Close-Up Photo Of Himalayan Salt

Our aura is the energy that surrounds us – we are all made up of energy and so we all have an aura! The densely packaged part of the energy that makes us, is perceivable in the form of our body and all that we can physically and tangibly perceive about ourselves, whereas, the energy that constitutes our aura extends much beyond just our physical body. Just as the upkeep of our body’s results in a better quality of life, our auras also need periodic attention to live our best lives. Everyone is very familiar with the cleansing qualities of water and how it can assimilate a lot of energy into itself with relative ease, something that has very scientific evidence as well. Adding salt to the mix elevates this quality of water as an absorber of negative thought and emotion much like a dream catcher!

Salt comes from the earth in the form of rock salt which is a crystal. Newbies and experts in the field of spiritual healing know that crystals are powerful in the energies they can transmute and influence on you! For this same quality, salt is highly valued in many and most cultures!

People associate salt with spirituality and cleansing ability and in some Latin and South Asian cultures it is considered highly disapproved to waste or disrespect salt! Roman Catholics have also used salt for their spiritual cleansing properties. This further confirms that there is something special about this substance that makes so many cultures and peoples feel so strongly about the power they believe it possesses.

Halite is widely known to have a superpower of transmuting unharmonious and harmful energies into productive and harmless ones. If you think about it this is at the core of energetics! The power in being able to transform negative energy into positive energy is the single most powerful manipulation of energies.

Step By Step On Salt Cleansing That Everyone Can Do

The best thing about salt cleansing is how easy and convenient it is to do. All you need is water, salt, a bathtub or a shower or a bucket/bowl. All of these things are regular household supplies!

Approach with Intention


Brush your skepticism aside and, wholeheartedly, embrace the healing process before setting forth to perform the ritual! Be open to unburdening yourself and letting go and set an intention before getting into it.

Take a Bath


Much like a bath bomb, in this method, you introduce the salt into your bathtub and fill it with warm water. Let the salt dissolve into the water and after setting your intention soak your body in the warm salt water for 20-30 minutes. Some people like to practice Reiki at this time, but it works without that as well; the intention is key! Let the salt absorb the negative energy and rinse it off after soaking for a bit with fresh water. Let the salt flow off your body with all the stuff that you need to unburden yourself with! Flick the bad energy with the saltwater off your fingers and toes and experience the elation of a cleansed aura!

Take a Shower


If you’re not a bath person, you can sprinkle your salt on a wet washcloth and rub it all over your body before cleansing with soap. Again, some people find Reiki practice and drawing symbols on their chakras very useful to enhance the benefits, but a plain intention will also do if you are a beginner who just wants to explore salt cleansing!

A Salt Cleanse Manicure

Photo of Towel and Bath Bomb Near Candle

If you don’t have time for a bath or a shower, a bowl of saltwater with your hands dipped in, (post-intention-setting, mind you!) can get the job done as well! Again, incorporate Reiki if you like and flick off the energetic debris with the saltwater. Remember to rinse and dispose of any salt that you have used for cleansing purposes. The salt carries negative energies after cleansing you and should be dealt with accordingly.

If you’re new to the whole shebang and a little intimidated, no worries! When playing with energies intention is everything. So, approaching your ritual with the right intention will make all the difference. Here are some steps to follow if overwhelmed:

  1. Brainstorm and set an intention of letting go – which can be very specific as well! Verbalize and say it out loud!
  2. Change into clean clothes
  3. Light a candle
  4. Do some deep belly breathing
  5. Perform the ritual
  6. Remember to give thanks to the universe

Cleansing practices can easily be paired with a small prayer or a mediation session where you let your subconscious take center stage and speak to the universe; give a lot of thanks and communicate an openness to receive all the goodness the universe offers and makes available to you in this life! Checking in with your higher self in this fashion is a gift that keeps on giving! There is no end to the benefits that come from being aware and full of gratitude and openness in body, mind, and spirit!

What Type of Salt to Get

Side view of a  bottle with salt

There is more than one kind of salt available to buy! Ordinary salt is alright to use but experts recommend putting some thought into choosing the right kind of salt for your needs. Ideally, you want to look for Pink Himalayan salt also called rock salt or sea salt of Celtic origin. These are unprocessed and contain all the raw goodness of nature both chemically and energetically! Whereas the table salt we get is reduced to pure sodium chloride minus all traces and will sometimes have additives that are stabilizers and anti-caking agents. All these things take away from the purity of the material that is serving to cleanse your energy! The purer the better! Always!

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Self-care is essential for a physically and mentally healthy and happy life! There is just no alternative to wellness. Unless you invest in yourself, you will always have an unclean aura and it will negatively keep influencing every big and small aspect of your life! Start with physical care, skin, and haircare that make you feel really good and present in your body; like your body is a gift that you are honoring with special loving care! Take luxurious baths, exfoliate, moisturize, and indulge in the spectacle of your physical being! But the next frontier in caring for your mind and spirit and it is an aspect of self-care that will very often go unnoticed. Take the time out for yourself. Learn the art of meditation and observing your mind and thoughts as well as the world around you! Dive into that inner consciousness and explore deeper levels of your existence! But when you are done with the physical and the mental realm, you still have the spiritual realm that is thirsty for some loving affection and attention from your being.


Fully transcending into full form requires a connection with this deepest and highest level of who you are as a person! And this is where practices like salt cleansing come in among others to help you harness the infinitely nurturing energies that are trapped inside everything around us! All you need is access to the knowledge of how to harness these energies. Salt cleansing is one way to tap into the universe’s infinite pool of energy and use it to fill your cup and unburden your spirit! Take the time out for yourself! Honor who you are and with great love and intention, learn about and practice Reiki healing to unlock your full potential!