What Type of BF is a Best Match for An Aries Girl?

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By Fred S.
What Type of BF is a Best Match for An Aries Girl?

Let’s face it. At one point or another, we’ve all wished for things in our dating lives to be easier, for the love of our lives to simply slide into our lives, and sweep our hearts away in the blink of an eye. While searching for love may seem like a noble quest, the fact of the matter is that we live in a society plagued with meaningless Tinder hookups, where it’s much convenient to just give up on the concept of love altogether and bask in the glory of yet another, drunken one-night stand.

If you’re one of the few people who’re still willing to stick their necks out for a shot at love, you might want to turn to the stars for the perfect match, sent straight from heaven. And yes, while that statement might seem a tad bit (read: greatly) exaggerated, your zodiac sign can greatly aid you on your quest of finding true love, with just the slightest nudge in the right direction. If you’re an Aries girl looking for a compatible partner, all you need to do is to trust what the stars have mapped out for you, and keep reading on!

Characteristics Of An Aries Girl

If there ever was a word culminating all that makes up an Aries woman, it would probably be fiery. Ruled by the blazing planet of Mars, the Aries girl is equal parts enticing and daunting, with a loud, outspoken personality that strikes through even the coldest of people. While it may be easy to think of the Aries woman as nothing more than another ‘big-mouth,’ the beautiful dilemma that she carries is perfectly embodied in her astonishingly naive, and somewhat childish nature.

At heart, the Aries woman is a child, surrounded by the heavyweight of her dreams, with no one to fulfill them but her. Naturally, this leads to an aura of independence, and self-sufficiency, which many might perceive as her being cold, or ‘difficult-to-read.’ To be completely honest with you, the Aries woman is, perhaps more than any other zodiac sign, a multi-faceted being, with an intricate array of emotions, that at times, topple over and get the better of her. If you’re a man looking to woo an Aries girl, you might find yourself intimidated by her strong personality, but if you play your cards right, you’ve got a keeper on your hands!

Although the Aries girl may be hard to impress, once in love, her tough exterior melts into a ball of warmth and sunshine, reflecting love unabashedly on the object of her desire. With a flirting game that’ll put your best pickup lines to shame, the Aries woman isn’t afraid to display her feelings to her romantic partner or to the world. Fiercely loyal and supportive, the Aries girl will often go out of her way to make sure her lover gets the best treatment they deserve, even if it comes at the cost of smothering her loved ones.

While the Aries girl has no problem in making extravagant displays of affection, she doesn’t take too well to being pampered in a relationship. Ferociously independent,  the Aries woman needs to be treated like an equal by her man, and she wastes no time in ending the relationship if her love life starts to take a toll on her freedom.

If you're an Aries girl on the lookout for love, you might want to consider dating men with zodiac signs compatible with yours. If we've piqued your interest with that, keep on reading!

Compatibility with a Gemini guy

If there ever was a match sent straight from the throes of heaven- it'd probably be the coupling of the Aries woman with a Gemini man. Not only do these two star signs share similar personality traits, they share an understanding that surpasses every hurdle that may arise within their relationship.

With a Gemini man, an Aries girl is free to be who she truly is, without having to engage in the petty pretend games we usually play while dating someone new. A true fireball in spirit, the Aries woman knows exactly who she is, what she wants, and has some enticing tricks up her sleeve to keep the attention of her Gemini man always.

For any relationship to work out, you need to be friends before lovers. Perhaps nowhere is this sentiment felt more than it is with the Aries woman- Gemini man couple. With their mutual acceptance and respect for their partner, this power couple encapsulates everything that there is to love about love. While an Aries girl may come off as being ‘too loud’ by some, her Gemini lover sees underneath the tough exterior she exhibits and provides her the equality she so deeply longs for.

By being in a relationship with a Gemini man, an Aries woman will finally be in a harmonious, and perfectly aligned entanglement with the man of her dreams, with the potential of leading long, happy married lives together.

Compatibility With A Leo Guy

If the easy-going nature of a Gemini guy is too much for some Aries women to handle, you might want to look to the Leo star sign for similar, harmonious compatibility. While a Leo guy may seem like the pinnacle of attention, at his very core, he’s just a child pining for the love of his loved ones. Point to be noted, however, while the Leo man appreciates the flattery that his natural charm garners in, he will never fall for excessive smothering at the hands of his lover. For a Leo man, the more aloof the woman is, the more enticing she is. And what zodiac sign could embody those traits better than the sultry Aries gaL.

Since both the Aries woman and the Leo man are headstrong, driven individuals, they’ll find their attraction to be instantaneous. The Aries girl will find herself in a rather strange position, once she finds herself falling in love with the Leo man since it is very likely that his love brings out her shy and feminine side. As the relationship progresses, the Aries woman will find herself returning to her old, outspoken ways, only to be met with praise and admiration from her Leo lover.

By carving out a relationship based on mutual respect, love, and admiration for each other, the Aries woman-Leo man duo is, at its very core, the perfect recipe for a satisfying love life.

Compatibility With A Sagittarius Guy

As an Aries woman, you might find yourself longing for an unexplained ‘something more’ while dating other people. Whether it’s the feeling of enduring yet another bland relationship period or just generally being bored with your lover, the Aries woman will find all her needs sated with the Sagittarius man as her lover. Both of these zodiac signs crave freedom, and long for adventure in their lives- which is exactly why they’d make a match straight out of heaven.

For the Sagittarius man, nothing holds more significance than having freedom in their lives. This is particularly true within relationships, where the overwhelming feeling of being smothered by the object of their desire might just be too much for them to handle. Similarly, the Aries woman basks in the glories of her independence and knows how to give space to her significant other in a relationship.

Since the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman share similar personalities, their likeness for each other will make itself known right from the very start of their relationship. Fascinated by the strong front the Aries gal puts up to the world, the Sagittarius man can’t help but fall hard for this enigmatic woman.

Compatibility with a Aquarius Guy

With an eager, passionate flame burning within both of them, the Aquarius guy and Aries girl will undoubtedly make a lovely pair. While the Aries woman is fiercely independent, the Aquarius man basks in the passion that their shared affection keeps on burning without pushing his self-sufficient lover away from him.

Similarly to the Aries gal, the Aquarius man isn’t afraid to show who he truly is. He’s fine with straying away from societal norms, as long as it means that he can unabashedly flaunt his individuality. As soon as she lays eyes on him, it is highly likely that the Aries woman will like the unique Aquarius guy. At the beginning of their beautiful journey together, both the Aries girl and the Aquarius man will be fascinated by their lover’s nature. She will find his calm manner enticing, while he’ll have his intellect stimulated by her exciting spirit.

General Characters In Men That Fit Well With An Aries Girl

If you’ve got a crush on an Aries woman, you’ll have the highest chance of sweeping her off her feet if you possess the following characteristics:


  • A friendly and easy-going nature
  • Love for adventures
  • Independence
  • Great communication skills
  • Understanding

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If you’re an Aries woman on the search for true love, placing your faith in the stars might just be the way to go. While dating may be hard in our present age, trusting your instincts and zodiac compatibility will take you a long way ahead!