Strengthen Your Telepathic Communications Between Soulmates

Communicating with your soulmate telepathically and with dreams

By Sylvia Epie
Strengthen Your Telepathic Communications Between Soulmates

Soulmates and Telepathy

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Telepathy is the ability to communicate with someone without using words, and no I don’t mean sign language. You know the thing twins often do, like knowing exactly what the other person is thinking or going to say before they do? Well, that’s telepathy, soulmates and couples who have been together for a very long time usually understand each other in the same way. It’s not just a coincidence but rather a deep mental connection between two people. 

Telepathy is human communication in its purest form, with no pretense or fake emotions, it leaves no room for misinterpretation or misunderstandings. The word telepathy originates from the Greek words ‘tele’ which means ‘’far away’’ and ‘pathetic’ meaning ‘’feeling’’. It literally translates to feeling from a distance.  

When two people are deeply connected and have a special bond on a spiritual level they can easily build a telepathic channel of communication. This is often the case with twins and soulmates since they understand each other in a very intimate way. It may sound surreal but science has proven that telepathic abilities are quite common and can be developed.
Some people get in touch with their psychic abilities as kids, they are naturally inclined to certain revelations from birth, while others have to work hard and develop what they have over time.

Whether you are naturally inclined or not, there are ways to strengthen telepathic communications with those close to you, especially your soulmate also called your twin flame. If you’re looking for your soulmate through telepathy or you already have one but want to strengthen your communication with him/her, here’s what you and your soulmate can do and how you can communicate using telepathy.

  • You can speak without words, using a mental conversation.
  • You somehow know what the other person is going to say.
  • You both communicate through dreams.
  • Twin flames tend to have the same flaws.
  • They can sometimes feel what the other person is feeling.
  • They often have the same thoughts at the same time.
  • They have similar tastes and interests.

12 Ways to Strengthen Your Telepathic Communications

1. Clear Your Energy Channels

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The first step to any telepathic activity is to open up your soul by clearing it from any negative energy that can block or congest telepathic channels. Daily activities, emotions and encounters greatly affect your mood, and energy both positively and negatively whether we’re conscious of it or not. And telepathy can only work if such channels are free from any form of negativity, traditionally energy channels are cleared through intense meditation that can last for the house but nowadays there are quicker and effective ways you can use to free your spirit from negativity in about 30 seconds. For instance, natural herbs and crystals can swiftly vacuum the congestion of your telepathic channels. 

2. Learn To Meditate

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A good old meditation session is the surest way to tap into your telepathic abilities, it might require complete focus and determination but when you get to that sweet spot it’s worth all the trouble and time. People often believe meditation is sitting with your legs crossed like Buddha while you chant a resounding ‘’Om’’ for hours but it's deeper than that. Meditation is really about tuning out your physical senses by focusing your mind on specific thoughts. It can be done sitting, standing, lying down, or even walking depending on what works best for you. You can tune out by listening to a certain kind of music, white noises, or absolute silence. What matters is the ability to concentrate on whatever you choose and be fully present in that thought.

3. Get Stronger By Practicing

Like learning a musical instrument or going to the gym, practice makes perfect. Telepathy occurs on a high energetic plane, and for you to be able to frequently and easily connect to this plane you need to keep your energetic channels healthy and clear. Constant practice helps you easily tune in when needed without having to spend hours of meditation looking for the right frequency to tap into your psychic abilities. As with any skill, the more you practice, the easier and more effortless it gets.

4. Start Small

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When starting, focus on small things, you don’t just wake up one day and start having long telepathic conversations with your twin flame, as earlier said, these things take time and practice. Begin by focusing on a simple image or word, think of something small like an apple or a color, form a mental image of it,  focus your mind solely on the object, visualize it with as much detail as possible, the texture, the taste, how it feels, and then transmit it to your partner or someone on the receiving end of the energy wave.

Visualize yourself face-to-face with the person you’re trying to reach, transmit your thought to them and see the look of understanding on their face as they get what you’re telling them. Once you’re done, release that thought from your mind and don’t stress about it.

To Find Your Soulmate

5. Determine Your Strength

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When looking to communicate your twin flame, you have to know if you’re a better sender or receiver. Neither is better than the other, both are even necessary but a person is always better at one than the other. If you’re a better sender then your twin flame will be a better receiver, there’s no point in trying to send a message across to a person who is also sending a message to you at the same time, lines are bound to get congested. So, find out whether you are naturally inclined to sending or receiving telepathic messages, it’s easier to connect to your natural psychic abilities.

6. Practice Receiving Messages

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In your daily interactions with those around you, try to pay attention to what they’re thinking instead of what they are saying. Feel the emotions they’re sending across rather than their words, practice it as much as you can with your family and friends.
Have them think of something and try to connect to their thoughts. Do this with a person who believes in psychic powers so that skepticism doesn’t stand in the way of your mutual connection.

7.  Practice Sending Messages

Like you practice receiving messages, practice sending them as well, telepathy is a two-way street you have to be able to send and receive messages with your soul mate, and practice makes perfect. Train and exercise your mind to focus on sending short and simple messages like hello, goodnight, hugs to your twin flame wherever they are. You can do this by submerging yourself into a meditative state, visualize your soulmate and tune into his/her energy frequency, surrender yourself completely to the feelings of comfort that come with a hug, touch, and embrace them with your soul and let the magic happen.

8. Watch Your Dreams Closely

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Telepathic communications between soulmates are extremely powerful, if you are tuned in, your twin flame can reach out to you in your dreams. When you’re asleep your subconscious is still in action, brain waves across your subconscious are on high frequency allowing a huge influx of data. When you wake up in the morning and feel a strong energy wave around you, chances are your soulmate reached out to you in your dreams. If you can clearly remember your dreams, they can lead you straight to your soulmate.

In a Relationship with Your Soulmate

9. Have A Telepathic Bonding Routine

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A telepathic connection between soulmates is deeper than just similar thoughts, tastes, and feelings, it is a continuous mind to mind connection that results from a strong spiritual bond between two people. Soulmates who want to tap into this connection have to make time to always connect to the same cosmic energy and meditate on the same wavelength. This will create an unbreakable bond between them. 

However, before couples dive into meditation and telepathic communication, they have to make sure their relationship has a strong foundation, they also need to cleanse their aura, let go of any anger or resentment, forgive every wrongdoing, and resolve all issues so that the only thing left between them is love in its purest form.

10. Take turns trying to send and receive messages. 

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To strengthen telepathic communications with your soulmate, you need to switch up sending and receiving messages to each other. This exercise builds fluidity and makes it easier for you and your soulmate to connect back and forth. At some point, telepathy will become your primary mode of communication, words will not be needed anymore, both of you could sit side by side for hours without uttering a single word and still be in complete sync.

11. Touch Each Other From A Distance

Remote Touch is a very important aspect of telepathic communication between soulmates. Twin flames have been known to remotely hold hands, kiss, and even have telepathic sex. For you to be able to touch your soulmate from a distance, your brain has to be in an  Alpha or Theta state. Such as when you’re meditating or right before you fall asleep. This is when your mind has let down its guard, you are relaxed and your ego is dormant, leaving all psychic communication channels wide open and more susceptible to tangible actions like touching, kissing, and sex from a distance.

12. Keep a telepathy journal to track your progress. 

Every time you try to communicate telepathically, make a note of all the details, even if the attempt was unsuccessful, write it down in a journal, and monitor your progress. As time goes by you and your twin flame will be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses as well as establish a strategy that builds the telepathic bond and communication between both of you.

Ways To Continue Improving Your Connection 

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  •   Like any skill telepathy can be improved on through constant practice, certain activities can boost your ability to remotely connect with your loved ones no matter where they are, here are a few of them:
  • Playing a guessing card game. The game requires your partner to pick 5 unique cards with random symbols and transmit the symbol to you mentally, to see if you can get it right. Practice this taking turns with your partner to improve your telepathic connection.
  • Practice being patient. A steady telepathic connection can only be maintained when you don’t rush, this is a skill that takes time to perfect. You need the patience to meditate, focus your thoughts, and emotions. 
  • Maintain Good health. Physical, mental health, and overall well-being are a must when it comes to telepathy. When you’re not in good health you can’t have the inner peace required to improve your psychic abilities.
  • Test your Intensions. Intend for someone you haven’t heard from in a long while to call you. It should be someone with whom you have a strong and healthy connection like a sibling or a best friend.

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Between soulmates, telepathic communication can flow as smooth as water, soulmates have a beautiful relationship, and a special bond that can easily translate into something spiritual. If you believe your relationship has what it takes then you should give telepathic communication a try, this can be very beneficial when you’re away from each other and one person is going through difficulties. This is a skill that has been known to save lives in the past, and it will continue to be very useful as it grows.