5 Things You MUST Do When Asking The Universe For A Sign

Whatever you’re asking for, be patient, and be thankful

By Madiha A.
5 Things You MUST Do When Asking The Universe For A Sign

When We Say ‘Universe’, What/Who Are We Referring To?

The universe from the Latin word universes is everything around us. The universe is a combination of so many things that pinpointing a single thing and calling it the universe isn’t possible. It is the planets, the stars, the galaxies, and the distance of thousands of light-years between them. The universe is the combination of known and unknown, the possible and impossible, the seen and the unseen.  

When we say the universe, the meaning depends on the context. The grandiosity of the universe makes it so powerful and invincible that enclosing it into a vessel is not possible. By the universe, we often mean the divine, the unseen, and the most powerful entity that cannot be explored with our human abilities. 

Do We All Ask The Universe For Something? How/in What Form Do We Usually Do This?  

We often ask the universe for signs; sometimes knowingly and sometimes without having a clue. From time and again, we experience certain things in life that cannot be explained. The supernatural or paranormal phenomena, unbelievable happenings, coincidences, and various other occurrences are beyond the scope of natural understanding. Anything hard to believe or understand is thought to be the work of divine beings. When we can’t blame anyone, we consider the universe to be responsible for it. Not only incomprehensive phenomena, for our own mistakes we hold the universe responds. We often come across statements like meeting him wasn’t in my stars or I lost my job because of the movement of the planets, and sun and moon signs are held accountable for failure or success.

We all ask the universe for things that are hard to achieve or impossible to attain. Standing alone in the room, when we say “please make it happen”, who are we talking to? Or sitting in an exam, deep inside our heart when we pray to achieve success, who is the listener? Plucking the petals of the rose and saying, she loves me? She loves me not? Who are we asking to give a sign? That's all of us, asking the universe for signs.

5 Things You MUST Do When Asking The Universe For A Sign    

It is often our deepest desires that we ask the universe to fulfill. When we are uncertain about a decision that we want to make, we ask the universe to show us a sign. If you are in a life situation, where things seem a little vague and you are preparing to ask the higher power, the universe for a sign, here are 5 things that you must do:

1. Be Sure

When asking the universe for a sign, you need to be 100% sure about what you require. If you are still uncertain or unsure, don’t ask for signs until you believe in what you are asking for. Ambiguous wishes and vague ideas will not go a long way. It has to be something that matters to you, not a general idea of what you may require at the moment.  

Gabrielle Bernstein said, “You can ask for a sign to guide you toward anything you desire. If you’re unsure about a decision, or you simply want to know you’re on the right track, ask for a sign”. 

2. Be Precise

The universe may only be helpful if you know what you are asking for. When asking for a sign, you need to be comprehensive and precise. When you need guidance, you cannot rely on generalized statements and ideas. It is like asking the higher authorities for a leave of absence. You need to convey accurate information with all whats, whys, and when to get an appropriate response. 

3. Be Positive

If you are at a point where you need divine intervention in your life to make important and life-changing decisions, you must remain positive about the outcomes.

Bernstein says “The greatest way to stay connected with what your sign means and the guidance it offers is to tune in to how you feel when you receive it”. If you stay positive, no matter what the signs are, you will feel contented and happy.

4. Be Patient

No matter how urgent it is, for the universe to give you a sign, you need to be patient. You can’t expect to get a sign as soon as you ask for it. You may get a sign immediately and it can take longer for the signs to show, so you need to wait for it. Once you have asked the universe, it is time to sit back and relax and let the universe play its part.

5. Be Grateful

This is the most important thing you need to do when asking for signs from the universe. Where the signs are in your favor or are against your desires, you need to be grateful. It may seem a bit difficult for now but you will see that things will change for the better. Since you don’t know what is best for you, whatever the signs you get are for your own good and you should be grateful for them.

How Do I Know If I Have Gotten My Sign?

Whether you have asked for it or the universe is giving signs to help you make better decisions in life, you need to recognize those signs. We have signs all around us waiting to be picked at the right time and for the right reasons. If we can’t identify and recognize the signs, we will walk right past them without even knowing they were for us. You need to make an intention that you are looking for signs and they become visible to you. It may not mean anything to others but for you, they will have a meaning. You will find the answers to your question in otherwise ordinary and meaningless things.

Identifying the signs will become easier if you pay close attention. Look for meanings in colors and things you are coming across on a regular basis. You just need to be open to the signs and have faith in them. Believing in signs will make them appear more often with more and more clarity. 

What Are Some Examples Of Signs The Universe Can Give Us, And What Do They Mean?

Universe has scattered signs all around us and they become visible when we need them. When the desires become intense and we can’t wait anymore to make things happen, we ask the universe and the universe responds. The universe speaks in signs and those signs become meaningful for the person asking for them. Some of the signs that you might receive in answer to your intentions are:


It is one of the easiest to identify a sign from the universe. Repetition of a number or number sequence and certain patterns hold meanings. Numbers like 1111 or 33 or consecutive numbers and their repetitive appearance may be a sign that needs to be deciphered.

Insects and Animals 

If certain insects, like butterfly or dragonfly are visiting you more often, believe it or not, it is the universe talking to you. Look for the meanings as different butterflies hold different meanings. Similarly seeing an animal repeatedly can be a sign of certain incidents in life.


A dream is also a sign from the universe. Dreaming the same dream over and over again may mean something that is about to happen in your life. 

Words and Phrases

Hearing the same words and phrases time and again definitely mean something and should not be ignored. It may sound a little weird at first but if you pay proper attention, you will notice that this is not a mere coincidence, they are signs for you from the universe.

Finding, Losing and Breaking Objects

Losing an important thing and finding it at a time when you were least expecting is also a sign from the universe and it can mean a lot of things. Similarly breaking a thing is often taken as bad luck and is considered a sign to stop and think again. 

What Not To Do When Asking The Universe For A Sign?    

If you’ve been asking the universe for signs and you have received them, here is what you should not be doing after receiving clear signs:

•    Do not take these signs lightly as they can change the entire course of your life. You should receive them and accept them with an open mind and arms.
•    Once you have received a sign, do not keep asking for signs for the same purpose.
•    Do not get misguided if the sign is not clear yet. 
•    Do not become impatient if the signs are taking time to show. You might go the wrong way if you misunderstood a sign. Sometimes not getting a sign is a sign that you need to change direction.
•    Do not try to control the outcome. Whatever the universe sends your way should be welcomed and accepted.

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The universe gives us vital signs to make our lives better. This universe has a mysterious way to make things happen. Through different kinds of experiences, it gives us life lessons. In the ups and downs of life, most of us turn to this universe for solutions in form of signs and signals. If we pay attention we will realize that these signs are to show us the right direction. While asking for signs you need to be very attentive, focused, and willing to accept what the universe has in reserve for you.