Healing Spells For Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Health

Here are a variety of healing spells for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You can find spells to cure sickness, depression, and other illnesses.

By E.M. Love
Healing Spells For Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Health

Healing Spells

There are many different healing spells to cure any ailments you may have, whether it's affecting your physical, emotional or spiritual health. Some healing spells can be as simple as chanting something a few times, and some healing spells can be very complicated, and take a week just to complete the whole spell. The more time and energy that is put into a spell, the stronger the healing energy that it will have. If you are fighting with depression, dealing with physical pain or sickness, or fighting off negative energy, here are some great healing spells you can perform.

Easy Physical Healing Spell With A Candle

If you or someone you know is sick, then this is a great healing spell to help cure their physical sickness. What you will need is rosemary, cinnamon, a picture of yourself or whoever needs healing, and a blue candle. Perform this healing spell when the moon is in its dark phase, five hours after the sun rises. Start this healing on a Monday and do it for four days. You can use any god or goddess that pertains to healing.

Steps For Candle Healing Spell

1. Draw a bath and add a pinch of rosemary to the water. 2. Write your name (or the person in need of healing's name) on the blue candle. 3. Anoint the candle with cinnamon oil. 4. Now visualize healing energy flowing into the candle while burning it for four minutes each day. While you are visualizing this healing energy chant the following: "In the name of the goddess and god, who breathes life into us all, I consecrate and charge this candle as a magical tool for healing. โ€œ 5. Now take the picture and put the candle on top of it. 6. Light the candle. As the candle burns, visualize who needs healing and see the healing energies going into them. 7. Chant the following healing incantation for four times: โ€œMagic mend while the candle burns. Sickness will end and health will return. Harm to none, So Mote It Be." 8. When the whole spell is finished, get rid of the stubs and ash in running water. You or who you did this spell for should now be on their way to healing and feel better from sickness.

Simple Healing Spell

This is a simple, quick healing spell to help cure you of any sickness. All that you need for this healing spell is a blue candle, some lavender, and some stones that have been washed in a stream.

Steps For Simple Healing Spell

1. Take the stones that have been washed in a stream and put them into a circle. 2. Put the blue candle that you have into the center of the circle of stones. 3. Put the lavender around the blue candle, but do not let the lavender actually touch the candle. 4. Light the candle and chant "Please help me, I need you to heal me, so mote it be." Repeat this ten times. 5. Breathe in the healing power of the candle fumes. 6. Now rest for at least the next 12 hours. You should feel the healing energy of this spell and feel cured of your sickness.

Pain And Headache Healing Spell

Headaches and pain often plague us all at some time or another. Many of us do not want to take unnecessary medicine when there are natural ways to help get rid of physical pain and headaches to where you can heal yourself. This is a great pain and headache healing spell that you can easily do. What you will need for this healing spell is ice, water and a kettle, lemon, tomato, salt, and sugar.

Steps For Pain And Headache Spell

1. Take the ice and put it on the part of your body that hurts and needs healing for 5-10 minutes. 2. Next, put the tomatoes in a blender then put the tomatoes in a pot on high heat on the stove. 3. Put cold water in the kettle before it starts boiling, and once it is really hot then add it to the pot with the soup. 4. Right after this, add lemon juice to the pot with the soup too, but make sure it's just the lemon juice that you add. 5. Finally, add the sugar and salt to the soup. 6. Eat the healing soup. Once you are finished say "So mote it be." This spell should start healing any pain that you were feeling.

Power Of Three Spell

This healing spell uses the power of three to cure sickness and improve your health. This can help speed up the healing process of your body so you will feel back to your normal self in no time. What you need for this healing spell is a purple candle, a blue candle, and a white candle. You also need myrrh oil, mint oil, sandalwood oil, 3 quartz crystal pieces, and 3 small pieces of paper.

Steps For Power Of Three Spell

1. Take the candles and anoint each one with all three of the oils. Put the candles in an even triangle on your altar. Also anoint the stones and put one in front of every candle. 2. Write the name of the person who is sick and needs healing on all 3 pieces of paper and put the papers in the middle of the triangle. 3. Now light each candle and think about the person who is sick and needs healing. Imagine them being healthy and free of any sickness, of healing from everything. Visualize them as clear and detailed as you can while the candles are burning. 4. Say the following healing incantation three times: "Magick mend and candle burn, illness leave and health return." 5. Let the candles burn for three hours before you put them out. You can do this healing spell for three nights in a row to add extra healing power. The person you are doing this spell for should start healing immediately and feel improvements quickly.

Spell For Physical Pain

This spell is good for physical pain that may ail you from muscles or surgeries. This spell is great for healing your pain. All that you need for this healing spell is either a large band-aid or a large masking piece of tape.

Steps For Healing Physical Pain Spell

1. Take the band-aid or tape and hold it in your hands. Charge it with healing energy. Visualize healing blue energy as this is the best color to help soothe any physical pain. If the physical pain is from a wound, visualize healing red energy as red will help the wound close. 2. Visualize the healing energy going into the band-aid or tape. Chant the following healing incantation as many times as you feel is right: "Powers of the earth and the Gods come to me. Give me the powers that I do so need right now. Healing powers in this band-aid I bind to thee, as I will it, so then will it be. And if this spell may need more power, may the Gods, as they wish, intercede.โ€ 3. Now the tape or band-aid should be charged with the healing energy. Put it on the part of your body that hurts and needs healing. Leave it there for healing until the pain lessens or is completely gone. If the pain is on your head, you can do this healing spell to a hat that you can wear.

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General Healing Spell

Here is a healing spell to cure any kind of sickness that you may have, no matter what the ailment is that plagues your body or what needs healing. What you will need is two bowls of warm water.

Steps For General Healing Spell

1. First bless the water, then lie down on the ground. Put a hand in each bowl of warm water with your arms stretched out on each side. 2. Imagine that there are roots coming out of your spine and going down into the Earth, connecting you with the earth and its healing energy. Make sure to breathe deeply. Every time you breathe in, visualize and feel the roots going deeper into the earth. 3. Visualize that there is a bright white light in the earth and your roots touch it, going into the healing light. Now every time you breathe in, imagine bringing this healing white light up into your body through the roots coming out of your spine. 4. Visualize that there are two streams of light, one coming into each of the bowls from the sky. Pull the love and healing light that is coming into the bowls down into your hands and into the rest of your body. 5. Pull the healing energy that is coming into you from the earth and from the sky into the center of your heart, as this is where your personal energy is kept. Build up as much energy here are you can contain. 6. When you feel that you cannot hold it anymore in your heart, release the healing energy into the rest of your body, letting it flood your body, and shout as loudly as possible "Heal me!" as the energy is released. 7. Keep pulling the energy from the earth and sky into your body, flowing through and spilling out into the ground. Relax and feel the peace that comes with this. 8. When you are ready and feel relaxed and calm, pull your roots up from the earth, take your hands from the water, and sit up. 9. Take the bowl on your left and take a sip of the water, thanking God for his love, and then dump the rest of the water at a base of a tree nearby. 10. Take the bowl on your right side, take a sip of water from it, thank the Goddess for the love she gives, and then dump the water at the same tree. 11. Care for the tree that you dumped the water at, as by pouring the water there it has now been blessed by the gods with their love and will help you stay healthy. After this spell is complete, you should start feeling better from whatever sickness was bothering you at the time. You can always repeat this spell for future illnesses.

Emotional Healing Spell To Get Rid Of Stress

If you are feeling very stressed out then your emotions are probably all over the place. This could be stress from your job or stress from your family or in some other area in your life. Over time, stress can wear you down not only emotionally but eventually physically too. It's important to not be stressed out and let it get to you. Use this healing spell to help you release all of that stress and be in a better place emotionally. What you will need for this healing spell is a red candle, a white candle, cinnamon oil, lavender oil, a stone of clear quartz, and a red jasper stone.

Steps For Emotional Stress Healing Spell

1. Take the red candle and use the cinnamon oil to anoint that candle. 2. Light the red candle and think about everything that stresses you out at this time. 3. Now pick up the red jasper stone and imagine everything that is stressing you out is pouring into the stone and out of your mind and body, releasing you of all of the negative energy that stress has. Feel the healing effect it has on your emotions as the negative energy leaves you. 4. Move the red candle away from you a bit and put the red jasper stone at the base of it. 5. Now take the white candle and put lavender oil on it, then light the candle. 6. Think about anything peaceful and breathe deeply, relaxing yourself completely and focus on being stress-free. Feel the power of healing energy as there is no more negativity left inside of you. You can now relax and be happy with no worries. 7. Let both candles burn down and take the clear quartz stone everywhere with you to help you remember to leave all of your stresses behind, to not stress out and take it with you everywhere. Now you should be able to not be stressed out and will have an easier time leaving that stress behind as it comes.

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Healing Spell For Emotional Heartache

Most of us have suffered from a heartache at one time or another and know how a breakup can give way to depression for a bit of time. This heartache healing spell will help you get yourself out of this depression faster and feeling normal again as soon as possible. What you need to do this healing spell for yourself is an egg, some lavender, and some thyme.

Steps For Emotional Heartache Spell

1. Go somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed and sit down. 2. Pick up the egg in your left hand. 3. Think about everything that is causing your depression and sadness and let it out. Think about all of the negative feelings that you have, how stressed you feel, how lonely you feel, how frustrated you feel, etc. Let yourself cry as much as you need to. 4. As you are letting these emotions out, gently roll the egg in your left hand over your face, head, and the rest of your body. Visualize the egg soaking up and absorbing all of your negative emotions. Visualize sending all of your negative emotions into the egg. 5. When you are ready and feel like you have released all of your negative emotions causing your depression, take the egg and bury it outside so the negative energy can be absorbed back into the Earth's energy and neutralized. Be sure you do not bury it too close to your house. 6. Now fill up a bath with warm water and add in the lavender and thyme. Take a bath for as long as you need. Feel the healing energy of the bath now that you do not hold onto any of those negative emotions. You will feel much better and cured of your depression and sadness.

Happiness Spell

This is a great healing spell to do if you are fighting with depression or need a boost of positive energy to get your mood up. If you are looking for something to give you a quick, happy and healing boost to your emotional state, try this healing spell out. What you will need is either jasmine or lilac oil, any kind of fresh flower, paper and pencil, a yellow candle, and a heat-proof container.

Steps For Happiness Spell

1. Light the yellow candle. 2. On the paper you have, write down three things that make you unhappy at this time in your life. 3. Now put that paper in the candle's flame and let the paper burn. Drop the paper into the heat-proof container when it is lit and burning well. 4. Take the flower you chose and rub the oil onto it. Breathe in the smell of the flower and oil. 5. Imagine all of your problems burning away with the burning paper. Feel all of that stress disappearing and feel the joy that is left over now that your stress is gone, healing your sadness. Feel the joy of the flower you are holding and how good it smells. 6. Put the flower in the heat-proof container over the ashes of the paper and leave it on your alter or somewhere you will see it to remind you to feel joy and not let the stresses and problems of every-day life get to you.

Spark Your Spirit Spell

If you are feeling any kind of depression or just slow and like you don't have any energy, this is a good healing spell for you to cure that. What you will need for this healing spell is a small bit of orange yarn, just enough to go around a candle a few times. You will also need an orange candle, a cinnamon stick, and a heat-proof container.

Steps For Sparking Your Spirit Spell

1. Take your orange yarn and wrap it around the orange candle. Tie three knots into the yarn as you are wrapping it around so they lie equally around the candle. Put the candle in its holder. 2. Clear your mind from any thoughts and focus on the healing spell at hand. Meditate for some time first if you need to. 3. Now focus on the Earth's healing energy that is coming up from the ground, flowing into your feet, through your body, up to your head. 4. Once your whole body is filled with the Earth's healing energy, light the candle. 5. Chant the following: "Energy, power, rise up the tower." Repeat this three times. 6. Hold one side of the cinnamon stick and put the other side in the candle to light it. Let it burn for a few minutes. 7. Put the cinnamon stick into the heat-proof container. 8. Focus on the heat of the flame and think about it as the flame burns out. Leave the candle alone and let it burn itself out. This should help cure any depression or other feelings of being down. You can repeat this spell as needed for healing depression as it comes on.

Spell To Get Rid Of Sadness

Many of us deal with depression at one point or another. Here is a simple healing spell to help cure you of any depression or sadness that you may be feeling, whether it's from dealing with the death of a loved one, a traumatic event, stress, or just from having depression in general and you don't know from what. All that you need for this healing spell is a blue candle and a yellow candle.

Steps For Sadness Spell

1. Take your blue candle and light it. 2. Let your sadness and depression come over you, thinking about what is causing it. Let yourself cry as much as you want. 3. Blow out the candle and then light the yellow candle. 4. Now think about everything that is in your life that makes you happy, about all of the positive things you know. Think about ways that you can start being happy from these things and stop being sad. These positive thoughts have great healing energy. 5. When you feel ready and feel that you are content and not sad anymore, chant the following twice: "Gods of happiness, hear my plea, I wish to be as happy as can be. Take away these tears and pain, and make me happy once again." You should immediately feel happier and start healing emotionally. Every time you start to feel the depression coming back, think of the thoughts you had when you lit the yellow candle and imagine how content you felt then, how you decided to let the sadness go and let the healing power of the positive thoughts in. You can also perform this healing spell as many times as needed whenever you need an extra boost.

Spiritually Healing Candle Spell: Banish Negative Energy

Sometimes you may be feeling overwhelmed by negative energy that can negatively impact your spiritual life, making you tired and unable to connect with higher energy as well as you usually can. Here is a healing spell to help get rid of this negative energy. What you will need for this healing spell is a black candle, sandalwood oil, and dried mint, basil, and white sage.

Steps For Banishing Negative Energy Spell

1. Take your herbs and crush them up into small pieces. 2. Rub the oil onto your black candle liberally. 3. Roll the candle with oil into the crushed herbs so they stick to the candle. 4. Put the candle into something to hold it and light it up. Make sure there is space so if it sparks nothing else will catch on fire, besides the herbs on the candle. 5. While the candle is burning, chant "I banish you negative energy, I banish you bad attitude, I banish you poor spirit, I welcome happiness and peace." 6. Say this chant 3 times while you let the candle burn down. 7. Bury any remaining wax in the yard. After this healing spell is complete, you should feel lighter spiritually, emotionally, and maybe even physically.

Purification Bath - Emotionally, Spiritually Healing Spell

Negative energy can get us down in many ways, especially affecting our emotional and spiritual health. Even hanging around the wrong people, whether by choice or not, can affect us. By just being in their proximity their energy and sickness can rub off onto our energy. A purification bath is one healing spell you can do to help yourself get rid of this negative energy that you may have picked up throughout the day so that you can focus on what you need to spiritually and keep your emotions where they need to be. This bath will give you the healing energy that you need to continue on as healthy as normal. What you will need for this healing spell is a teaspoon of each of a handful of different herbs, including anise seed, fennel, rosemary, white sage, and hyssop, along with cedar oil and a square of cheesecloth.

Steps For Purification Bath Spell

1. Mix the anise seed, fennel, rosemary, white sage, and hyssop in a small bowl, then ad a few drops of the cedar oil. Stir the bowl again with the herbs and oil in it, then take the cheesecloth and put everything in it. 2. Add this cheesecloth with everything into your bath water as it is filling up. Do not add anything else into the bath water for this healing spell. 3. Soak in the bath water for at least an hour. Relax and let any negative energy and thoughts drift away, let the healing energy of the water and herbs heal you. 4. Throw away the cheesecloth. Every time you do this spell you should make a fresh bundle with fresh herbs. You should feel better immediately after this bath healing spell, and you can do it as often as you would like to help keep negative energy from attaching to you.

Spell For Spiritual Health: Heal Your Aura

If you feel like your aura energy is all over the place and needs some healing so you are less stressed out, here is a healing spell you can do with tea to help heal your aura. What you will need for this healing spell is two tablespoons of sugar, one teaspoon of lavender buds and ground cinnamon, five rose petals, and three sage leaves.

Steps For Aura Healing Spell

1. Crush the lavender buds, rose petals, sage leaves, and cinnamon. 2. Boil water. Put the sugar in a cup along with the powdered herbs from step 1, and then add boiling water. 3. Before stirring the tea, take your hand and put it over the tea, and then chant: "May this sacred tea, Heal my Aura and bring me, a Healthier lifestyle. Blessed be." 4. Stir the tea for three times, and then chant: "By the power of three, so mote it be." 5. Now drink the tea completely for the healing spell to work. You should now feel your aura healing.

Chakra Cleansing Spell: Spiritual Health

Keeping your chakras clear is important to staying healthy in every aspect of your life. They do need healing from time to time. Your chakras are the center of all of your energy, and having just one out of place can upset your body and emotions. There are seven chakras total in your body, starting at the base of your spine and going up through to the crown above your head. Crystals are a great tool for healing your chakras. For this chakra healing spell, you will need a set of chakra crystals. You can buy a set or choose your own and find one that corresponds to each chakra. If you choose to find your own, here is a list of the chakras and some corresponding crystals that could go with each of them. For the root chakra, the best stones are red jasper, black onyx, garnet, smokey quartz, and silver hematite. For the sacral chakra, the best stones you can choose from are carnelian, amber, tigers eye, and orange calcite. The solar plexus chakra's best stones include yellow jade, citrine, yellow jasper, and pyrite. For the heart chakra, you can choose between aventurine, green calcite, amazonite, or emerald. The throat chakra stones include blue apatite, angelite, aquamarine, and sodalite. The third eye chakra has the corresponding stones of amethyst, purple fluorite, angelate, and charoite. Finally, for the crown chakra you can choose between amethyst, ametrine, blue lace agate, and clear quartz. Once you have your seven chakra stones chosen out, you also need to have six clear quartz stones for this healing spell.

Steps For Chakra Spell

1. Lay down flat on your back with your legs and arms straight. 2. Put the seven chakra stones on their related chakras. 3. Take the six clear quartz stones and put one right above your head, another one beside each of your arms, one beside your feet, and the last two take into each hand. Two triangles should be formed by these clear crystals. 4. Relax and clear your mind of everything, going into a meditative state. Know that the crystals are doing their work for healing your chakras. Do this for at least 10-15 minutes. 5. You should feel lighter, more relaxed, and happier afterwards. Your chakras are now clear, having been healed from all of the negative energy that may have been affecting them. Make sure to cleanse all of your stones as they absorbed the negative energy from your body. You can either put them in direct sunlight or put them under running water.

Final Word

The healing spells above are great for helping cure a variety of ailments that you may have in your life at different times. They are good to keep as a reference in case you ever need them for healing yourself or someone else. Depending on the kind of healing magic you prefer; plain incantations, candle magic, herbal magic, etc, with the variety of the above healing spells you are sure to have some healing spells that you can perform well and cure yourself.