The Craziest Zodiac to the Most Rational Zodiac

Zodiac ranking based on the craziest to the most pragmatic types

By Diana Nadim
The Craziest Zodiac to the Most Rational Zodiac

Different Outlook In Life

Everyone needs a bit of crazy when life gets tough. Like a way to release the pent-up vibe, have fun, unwind, and relax without giving a damn about what’s going on.

But then, not everyone holds the same amount of crazy. It all depends on your zodiac sign. There are zodiac signs that know how to have fun. To them, spontaneity and playfulness come effortlessly. And, they also have a dark psychic side that, in a way, still manages to make people laugh.

However, other rational zodiacs understand too well not to react from a place of crazy. Easy things like deep breaths during tough times tend to crown them with a sense of maturity.

Zodiac Ranking From Craziest To Least Crazy

Although over-the-top signs spice up life, some lack the wild side. Check out each of these zodiacs and discover their levels of friskiness.

1. Gemini

You’ll think everyone is crazy until you come across a Gemini. This star is pro-crazy and a camouflage!

One thing about them is that they are people’s people, and they are all over. Do you think that’s a good thing? It could be, only if this trait didn’t give them the power to absorb a lot of information from everything.

With their split personality and unpredictability, you might fail to realize that they hide underneath their smiles.

Woe to you if you are thinking of getting into an argument with them. One moment they are all over you, and in a split-second, they are batshit crazy using your words against you!

2. Scorpio

Their passion, intensity, and presence are renowned, especially in a fight. And, brace yourself to be the instigator at all times because a Scorpio is not a believer in the concept of owning up mistakes. They are always victims!

They also adhere well to the eye-for-an-eye rule. Meaning, making them mad gives them the green light to raise hell. And one thing, they serve their wrath double.

3. Sagittarius

Are you looking for an example of a deviant, reckless, and impulsive person? - Try a Sag. These people- pleasers will do anything to ensure that it's never a dull moment with them.

Oh, that speaks a lot- making mistakes comes naturally to a Sag. The fact that they need to make many more mistakes to make sure it was a mistake is crazy!

4. Aries

Impatience and temper tickle this zodiac. For this reason, they are ticking time bombs ready to explode if someone makes them feel any less. And when they flare up, the world stands still to watch!

On the other hand, however, they are the most approachable and entertaining stars with zero chills.

5. Virgo

Here are the ones you don’t expect- they act so chill yet possess explosive tendencies all over them. They have a gift of letting their feelings simmer until they can't anymore.

Since they blend their personalities so well, they also understand that a world without humor can be soo bland. To them, poking sarcasm during straining moments lights up their world.

6. Leo

Leos are warm and dynamic like crackling fires, but with an ego to match. Check out their royal lion status if you doubt where they get their ego.

When you bruise their status, they instantly turn from butterflies and crackers to blood and thunder. Apart from that, they are so playful that they only suit drama-fueled relationships.

7. Pisces

A Pisces is dreamy and in-tune with their emotions. For this reason,  it’s not uncommon for anyone to fix them in the crazy category.

However, they aren’t the troublemakers that people take them for. They know too well to let their emotions take charge.

For instance, they repress their emotions when their world crumbles and channel them into productive details. Better yet, they’d rather drink a little too much and peace out than creating mountains out of molehills.

8. Taurus

Considering they are bulls, their crazy scale should have read much higher! But they won't because they choose to see the other side of everything before their stubbornness takes over.

And while they do it, they won’t give you the satisfaction of letting you know their displeasure. This behavior can compromise their rationality at times.

Still, they are the calmest and collected zodiacs.

9. Aquarius

No one can describe an Aquarius without mentioning idealism and creativity. Together with their high intelligence, they are a little quirky.

And when they attach these qualities to their quiet nature, they become the smartest and most methodical individuals.

With such power, they devise ways of detaching themselves from the chaos surrounding them.

10. Capricorn

The core of Capricorn’s craziness hosts discipline, ambition, and self-drive. For this reason, they react to battles with a ton of control-only if it is a must.

They are mostly too immersed in their world that they find craziness as an interference with their objectives and dreams.

11. Cancer

They are highly intuitive and empathetic. Therefore, being compassionate and charming is in their DNA. Cancer would rather have others have their way to see everyone have a good time.

This characteristic, however, makes them expectant of others. For instance, they can present themselves as frail to get attention from others.

12. Libra

Lying on the lowest side of crazy are Libras. Do you want to know why? It is because they are in-born peacemakers who have a strong sense of fairness.

This most balanced zodiac has the most peaceful soul, such that they don't confront others on anything.

The Most Playful Zodiac - Gemini

Bet, if you were to choose who you’d want to hang out with, you’d prefer a funnier individual to a draggy, right? Well, if you ever get there, you’ll never go wrong with a Gemini.

Gemini has a light approach to life-thanks to their charisma and curiosity. To them, life has gems that they have to unearth.

This sign treasures laughter, giggles and is the LIFE in any group. They possess enough vibrancy to liven up every situation.

And if you are one, or know one, then you understand that rules don’t apply to them. To them, trouble stirs the best adventure there is! Plus, what stories will they recount to their peers about their escapades if they don’t attract mischief?

Gemini requires in-depth activities that can help burn off the excess energy they possess. This is the reason why they pace all over the place- especially where there’s an adrenaline rush.

This fickle star can get into senseless trouble just to integrate into a suitable pair of friends. One thing you should know, they don’t settle! - They always go where there’s the most vibe.

The Most Pragmatic Zodiac - Capricorn

Some individuals are ready to change their ideas, beliefs, and behaviors to fit into a group or feel accepted. But that’s not the case for Capricorns.

Capricorns have a super mental power-common sense! This pragmatic zodiac knows their limits and understands their boundaries.

For this reason, they are more into doing what is crucial for the situation at hand. Unlike the others, they don’t wrap up with the emotions the situations bring.

What makes them even more superior is the fact that they are strong enough to face whatever comes their way. This is all thanks to their prudent decision-making skills.

For instance, if they didn’t have the resources to get a task done, they’ll still improvise and find a way to accomplish it.

Capricorns find life fantasies as distractions to crucial matters of life. Fortunately, this notion makes them give considerable thoughts in their every action.

Most Likely To Be a Psycho Zodiac - Cancer

Breathe, Cancer. Breathe!

Like, have you ever seen a Cancer get mad? Well, while psychos come in all sizes and shapes, a psychic zodiac comes in one form-a Cancer!

That can get you wondering how a person that's so capable of love can be a psycho, right? For your information, Cancers can hate just as much as they love owing to their insecurities and bad moods.

Unfortunately, no one can ever see it coming because they use their empathetic side to seal the deal in relationships. They do this plus work to possess their partners and project their fears to them.

Your picture-perfect union will only be fulfilling if the Cancer steers the wheel. And, secure your jugular if you’ll want out!

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