Take This Time to Learn How to Take a Good Selfie

Perfect your selfie angles while getting highly entertained!

By Michele
Take This Time to Learn How to Take a Good Selfie

A potentially nice selfie can earn you a lot of praise. But is everyone out there doing it right? We see that most of the profile pictures of different social media accounts are selfies. Why a selfie? Because it is easy to capture one and the angles can be set easily. But there is a lot more detail to that, which needs to be taken care of.

In this read, I will help you out capture the best selfie. I will include some basic and some technical aspects of taking a selfie in the right manner. I will also include common mistakes that people make while taking a selfie. So Take This Time to Learn How to Take a Good selfie and have the best profile picture for your Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, or any other social media app.

Selfies that Went Wrong

Sometimes the process of taking a selfie can go wrong, as a person gets easily distracted from the surroundings. There are several disastrous accounts of selfies gone wrong.

Here, I will share a few moments just to make you realize how important it is to stay safe and vigilant. Let common sense prevail and ignorance diminishes.

Call it a Camera Nervous Camel

It is perhaps one of the most popular selfies that went wrong. It can be seen that the camel did not fancy the woman coming near and taking a picture. Be careful whenever you take pictures around wild animals. They are not used to your presence and can attack as self-defense.

Looks Like Someone has Your Back

Some people are so much engulfed at the moment that they forget what others are doing at the back. This selfie is a prime example of why you need to watch your back before taking a selfie. Even if done for fun, it is a clear breach of privacy. Not everyone is in the position to get photographed.

When Death is Captured

This picture is one of the most alarming selfies that went wrong. It has been found that an American guy took this selfie while pointing a gun towards his skull. He accidentally pushed the trigger and blew his head. Be very careful with weapons. Do not ever use them for fun. They are meant for self-defense, not a meaningless death. This incident is not only one of its types, as several people have succumbed to death while taking selfies.

Death Selfie

Source: https://d5j1w8vb36q2v.cloudfront.net

Some people like living their life right at the edge. Here you can see a man taking a selfie with the ever-dangerous Indian cobra. Death is just a few seconds away from this man. Do not ever think of going this crazy. Even if you don’t die, you might receive permanent injuries.

Some Never Check before Uploading

Source: https://d5j1w8vb36q2v.cloudfront.net

This selfie is all lit until you notice what that girl is doing. Yes, she is using the toilet and making the best of her time. But she forgot while uploading the picture that a few details need to be cropped out. The embarrassment could have been avoided with a little consideration.

5 Reasons Improving Your Selfie Can Help You Greatly

Here, we will discuss improving selfies and how they can help you out.

1. They can Help You Feel Better

According to different researchers, a selfie is all about one's mood. They can make you feel happier, content, and confident. A nice selfie can earn considerable likes from friends and family and that can directly improve one’s mood. After all, we all like compliments and when someone praises our effort it ultimately boosts confidence too. I would highly recommend you to smile a little in your selfies instead of pouting. Let’s change the trend and make this adjustment.

2. They can Help You Capture Precious Moments

One of the best advantages of taking a selfie is that you do not need to ask anyone else for a perfect picture. It is all in your own hands. Taking a selfie, securely, while you skydive, rope jump or anything of that sort helps you save that experience. Our selfies can serve as our autobiographies and let others know about our interests. Let's improve the criteria for taking selfies.

3. Enhance and Project Your Best Features

A selfie can tell a lot about you. There is no need to go nude. Keep it timid. Let others see your beautiful face and body. Frame your position perfectly so that no detail is missed. Make sure you have good lighting, your lip gloss and eye makeup should be on point and your outfit also needs to be perfect.  Make yourself heard through your selfie and you will be soon popular. Let’s improve your selfie game so that you can get some decent feedback.

4. They can Help Get a Potential Catch

As I have told the importance of a good selfie, now it’s time that you put it to some good use. Choose the best selfie and use it for a dating website/app. It will help get a lot of messages and it is totally up to you how you respond. But a nice selfie like, captured while paragliding can help others know of your interests and potential. So, in the end, you will come across matches that are near to your interests. A perfect selfie can filter the process of finding the perfect date.  Let's use selfies for our good.

5. They can Help Get Good Followers

If you keep on posting well-captured selfies over your social media accounts it will eventually help in getting more followers. All you need to do is keep it simple and decent and full of life. Bright colors, a huge smile, and a happening selfie can help you out. You can even include pets, if you have any, in your selfies. Trust me that helps a lot. Let's play it clean and make it lively to earn follow backs.

9 Tips to Get a Good Selfie

You know how to improve your selfie game so that it can help you out. Now, let’s see what are the 9 essential tips that you do not need to miss

1. Lighting is Everything

For a nice selfie, you need plenty of light. Experts recommend taking a selfie beside a window that has plenty of sunlight pouring in.  If you are taking a picture at night time with indoor lighting place a clean white paper just right below your face to create a natural effect.

2. Invest in a Good Camera

Yes, buy a smartphone having a high powered lens. The front lens is important for nice selfies, as it makes it easy to see yourself before getting photographed.

3. Avoid Shadows

Having a right pose clouded with a dark shadow can immediately ruin your selfie. Make sure that you look directly at the source of light. You must have seen several people posting selfies of golden hour. Yes, that time is the best, as light is not that intense and it has a beautiful aura. Take a selfie while the sunsets. Trust me you will get some magical selfies.

4. Do Smile

As I have suggested earlier, you need to smile to bring life to your selfies. Let’s get rid of the meaningless lip pouting. Come up with a genuine smile and see how better your facial features will frame in the selfie. Practice, practice, and practice!

5. Experiment Angles

Most of us do not look good while staring right in the lens. Do not worry you can move your face a little to the left or right. But always keep the camera high and chin lower. That's a secret for getting the best selfies.

6. Do Not Edit

Yes, it is okay to use a simple filter but do not play with extra details. Do not mess up the quality of the picture by extensively disturbing light and colors. Keep it highly decent.

7. Check Your Background

Yes, background matters a lot for having the right selfie. Check if you got any photobombers around. It can be fun, but what if someone ruins a beautiful selfie. So always stay watchful.

8. Have Fun

Your selfies do not need to be simple all the time. It is okay to stick your tongue out for once and feel silly. Do not make your selfies look stressed or staged. Always get playful and do experiments with your poses.

9. Practice Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies are super cool. You can take amazing selfies by just looking in the mirror. Yet again, you need to do a couple of experiments to get the perfect one. Stand tall and maintain your posture.

Top 3 Apps to Get an Awesome Selfie

Apps that I would recommend to you for best selfies are:

  • Face Tune 2
  • AirBrush
  • Retrica

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As we know that a picture can speak thousands of words. That is the reason people snap photographs to express, connect, and share their precious moments. I hope that you will Take This Time to Learn How to Make a Good Selfie. So come on start clicking!