Pisces: Why Are They So Difficult and Defensive?

Learn how to communicate with the most misunderstood zodiac sign

By Aey
Pisces: Why Are They So Difficult and Defensive?

Pisces: Difficult and Defensive Characteristics

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With the Sun being the closest and largest celestial body to the Earth, your Sun sign has the strongest influence on your personality. It determines not just one aspect but forms your entire character. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Their element is water and they are a mutable sign. Mutable signs are known to be flexible and adaptive to their surroundings. A Pisces is very much in tune with their feelings and emotions. This makes them an empathetic sign as well as a very lovable one. However, certain qualities may make them a challenge to admire.

Why Pisces Are The Most Misunderstood Zodiac Sign

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Among the twelve zodiac signs, individuals who belong to the last sign i.e. Pisces, are often the most misunderstood. If you know a Pisces, you probably associate them with drama. And, indeed, a Pisces can often be a big drama queen. But remember that it is never intentional. There is a depth to the personality of a Pisces that not everyone can wrap their heads around. Take your time getting to know a Pisces and they might just become one of the most valued friends. Once you get on the good side of a Pisces, they will go to extreme lengths just for your happiness and comfort.

11 Ways To Communicate Effectively With A Pisces

1. Explain your feelings

The twelfth sign is very emotion-driven. If you get in an argument, remember to lead with feelings when trying to solve it. The Pisces is excellent at understanding human emotions. They are one of the most empathetic signs. When you let them know where you coming from, it will be much easier for them to understand your perspective.

2. Be Attentive

A Pisces hates to be ignored but often is someone who is left out. Make sure to keep them in the loop and include them in your activities. Let them know they are special and have your undivided attention. Listen to them whenever they speak to you as this can hurt a Pisces. If they feel they are not being heard, a Pisces will start to feel unwanted even if that was not your intention. The more attentively you hear them out the better you will be able to understand them.

3. Don’t just use your words

Affection and love are expressed in many forms. Every zodiac has a unique style of affection i.e. a separate love language. This water sign is immensely intuitive and great at reading energies. Therefore, to communicate with them you may not always need to use your words. Perhaps go for a bit of physical affection instead, such as a warm hug. Yet another way you can show a Pisces how much they mean to you is by getting them a present. Even if it is a tiny inconsequential thing, it communicates care and love. A Pisces will value that.

4. Ask them their perspective

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The easiest way to understand a Pisces is, well, to just ask them. I know it seems like a very obvious solution but surprisingly, it can be overlooked. When a Pisces acts defensive, it means they are hurt in some way. This may or may not be a result of something you did. They will try to hide why they are acting out in fear of being seen as overly dramatic and their feelings being invalidated. Keep asking them what’s going on and they will eventually give in and tell you the reason for their behavior.

5. Never make fun of them

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People born under this zodiac sign are not the best at handling criticism. Especially in the form of a joke, as this to them feels crueler than a serious insult. According to the perspective of a Pisces, making fun of them equates to not taking them seriously. Keep in mind that this water sign feels hatred and sadness just as deeply as the happiness and love that they are known for.

6. Keep things fresh

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This is a sign that can easily get bored. There is a duality to them, which is why they can seem like escapists. They have a vivid strong imagination. Play around with their creative side and find new ways to express how you feel. This will also convince them of the authenticity of your words, as sometimes words just aren’t convincing enough. Plan a spontaneous trip or take them somewhere they’ve never been before.

7. Make them laugh

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By all standards, this is a wonderful and effective method to communicate with someone. It can lighten the atmosphere and make your partner/friend loosen up. Laughter creates a bond like no other and instantly promotes feelings of trust. Is your Pisces friend just not ready to talk despite your efforts? Bring some humor into the conversation and they are surely going to let some of that tension go.

8. Be Straightforward

Try to be clear in what message you are trying to get across. If you speak in riddles and are vague about what you want to say. This can be misinterpreted by someone with a Pisces Sun sign. With the immense amount, if empathy a Pisces has, there is not going to be a lot of judgment. Be honest and get your point delivered to the other person.

9. Know their insecurities

It can be very useful to be aware of the things that a Pisces is insecure about. Try your best to steer clear of these topics. A Pisces is not someone afraid to be vulnerable and will likely be very open. Just be conscious of what triggers their difficult and defensive behavior. Hence, you can avoid these topics or provide reassurance. Either way, keep in mind the cause of their defensiveness.

10. Allow yourself to be vulnerable

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It is not difficult for a Pisces to see through your mask of toughness. Open communication can only be possible if both parties are willing to be a little unguarded. It will go a long way and this mutable sign will appreciate your genuineness.

11. Practice patience

No matter the situation, with a bit of patience in handling a sign as sensitive as a Pisces you will succeed in establishing a good communicative relationship. Give them some tight. Their mood swings usually do not last a long time. Do not worry they will come around.

Handling a Pisces in your life

Now that you know there is more to a Pisces than what the surface level suggests, here is how to deal with a Pisces. Whether it may be in a platonic sense or a romantic one, Pisceans make terrific partners.

As your partner

When in love, Pisces is very giving and generous to their partner. They are flexible, so it is no big issue for them to make compromises. They can bring out the vulnerable side of even the toughest of people. But a Pisces is prone to get hurt in relationships and this bumpy past can result in them developing trust issues. It is important to reassure a Pisces that you love and care about them. They can get stuck in a spiral of overthinking and convince themselves you never cared for them. Remember to treat them with as much empathy as they treat you.

As a friend or colleague

Meeting a Pisces, you will at once feel a positive energy. They are friendly beings that will most likely make you feel comfortable and not judged. Something that makes this water sign feel unsure of your friendship, is if you make fun of them. A Pisces does not like to be the butt of the joke. Since they feel everything so intensely, it is not wise to insult them even in the slightest. It can damage their self-esteem and they may start to avoid your company. Be supportive and listen to them when they want to vent. Reciprocating the same energy that a Pisces presents you with, will get you a loyal and enthusiastic friend.

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No doubt, it can be hard being friends or lovers with a Pisces. But this is not someone you want to let go of. Full of compassion and love, this is a water sign you can count on to be there for you. Treat a Pisces right and they will be ready to give you the world. Munia Khan, whilst appreciating the strengths of a Pisces said:


“We Pisceans know how to swim without water.”