7 Tell-Tale Signs an Angel is Watching Over You

Your guardian angel might not just be another bedtime story!

By Aey
7 Tell-Tale Signs an Angel is Watching Over You

What Are The Common Superstition/Beliefs About Angels/Guardian Angels?

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When times are rough, and the battles of life start to get you down, something almost all people turn to is divine help. Even individuals who are not religious or steadfast in any belief system may look toward holy consolation as a last resort. Religion and spirituality should ideally not be treated as a last resort or only given importance in times of crisis. Yet it is understandable that when all good seems lost, we need nothing more than a sliver of hope. That hope may come to us in the form of a divine presence.

When you think of angels, you imagine a feminine creature in white or fair clothing with huge wings. All of these are just myths, and the only real thing we know regarding the appearance of an angel is that where they go, there is light, which is why some people with a heightened sense of the divine report having seen orbs of light in their peripheral vision. A large number of people believe that angels are their loved ones in the next life. It is thought that when someone you care deeply about passes away and you miss them intensely, they may visit you in the form of an angel.

What Are Angels, And What Do They Usually Do Or Represent?

Angels are creatures of the divine and were created by God as his messengers and servants. They are perceived to be beings of peace and light. Different angels carry out different tasks for the Almighty. Angels are a part of the belief system of most of the common religions. It is a belief that people belonging to Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other religions have in common.

7 Tell-Tale Signs An Angel Is Watching Over You

1. Look Out for A White Feather

One of the most common signs that an angel is present in your surroundings or has visited you is a white feather. Now, you may just find one, and it could have no connection to angelic activity. Thus, the true way of knowing that this is a spiritual sign is if the feather’s presence does not have a valid explanation. Finding a white feather along an open beach might just be a coincidence, but seeing one in your car or in a room where the window was closed means something more. Think of it like an angel leaving behind small clues of its presence. After all, conventionally angels are thought to be winged creatures of light and are associated with the color white.

2. Notice the behavior of pets and toddlers

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Animals and babies are both beings that cannot communicate with adult humans in an orthodox way. Therefore, they are said to have a sort of heightened intelligence when it comes to encounters of the spiritual kind. You may notice an infant staring at nothing in particular and smiling. Or perhaps your cat seems to keep gazing at a particular spot that, to you, seems uninteresting. The change in behavior or strange looks of pets and babies are an indication of the presence of an angel or spirit. You must be careful with this sign as it does not guarantee that the spirit is an angel or a friendly one at all for that matter.

3. Recurring number patterns

Possibly the most common and significant sign is spotting the same number over and over again. You may see it in price tags or shipment codes, in cellphone numbers or license plates. Anywhere you come across a series of numbers observe if there is a repeated occurrence in the numbers you see in day to day life. Many people tend to see the same number repeated—for example, 777 or 4444. You may also find that when you check the time, it is something like 11:11 or similar. But keep in mind that a repeated pattern is not the only one that is significant. Perhaps you see a pattern with no repeated numbers, yet it somehow keeps showing up! This is a telling sign that a spirit is trying to contact you.

4. Butterflies

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Most insects don’t immediately spark feelings of joy or amusement within us. In fact, a lot of them even tend to disgust or frighten us. Butterflies invoke no such feelings. For centuries their vibrant colors and non-threatening anatomy have made humans grow quite fond of the insect. So, if you find yourself in a perturbed or upset mood and suddenly a butterfly comes close to you, it may be an indication of a guardian angel. Looking at a butterfly in real life will immediately take your mind off of whatever it is that disturbed you, if only for a moment. And that is the precise purpose of a guardian angel; to protect and comfort you in times of distress.

5. Inexplicable Scent

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Ever detected an oddly familiar smell in the air and you just can’t figure out where it’s coming from? Perhaps a deity is trying to communicate and send you a message. Many individuals report smelling the scent of a loved one that’s passed away in places that they had never even been. The smell does not have to be related to a late loved one. It can be anything that is familiar yet does not have a detectable source. Angels can contact you through all of your senses. So, if not a smell, maybe it’s a phantom touch or a peculiar sound.

6. Goosebumps

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When a spirit is present in your surroundings, it is possible to feel a chill go down your spine or feel the hair on your arms suddenly rise up. These subtle but notable body changes come from a change in temperature. It is obvious if someone switches on the air conditioning, you feel a bit chilly and get goosebumps. So, don’t look so deeply into every shiver or chill but notice when there is no logical explanation for it. Angels are creatures of light and therefore have different energy and aura as compared to humans. Watch out for their temperature signature. Along with a sudden drop in temperature, it is also possible to experience a subtle rise.

7. You have a sense of being watched

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Do you feel like you are not alone even when there is no one else beside you? Despite being at a lower level of consciousness than spiritual creatures, humans have the powers of intuition and a sixth sense. If you feel like you are not alone, maybe you really aren’t. This statement may seem scary but remember, and these are indications of a guardian angel. They mean no harm and only offer consolation and security. You have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Can These Signs Be Misleading?

People who do not have strong faith may just think there is no concrete evidence, and therefore, these signs have no true meaning to them. But what they fail to see is that when you believe you do not need concrete proof. The definition of faith is to trust, and when you put your trust in the ways of God, things will begin to become clearer. Something to keep in mind is that all of these signs occur in day to day life.

So, seeing a white feather one time or checking the clock when it says 11:11 is not enough of an indication. These can just be coincidences. The difference lies in the repetition of the occurrences and the time or place in which they take place. So be sure to gather all the signs before coming to a conclusion based on a few coincidences.

Can You Ask Angels For A Sign? How?

It is not only permitted to ask the angels for a sign of their presence; in fact, it is highly encouraged. The most important thing to know in this regard is that there are no set down rules when calling upon an angel. Make sure that you set a clear intention and simply ask. This may be in the form of silent prayer or perhaps a small welcoming gesture to spiritual guidance. The universe is aware of your vibration, and by simply desiring the guide of an angel, you can manifest one coming your way. Remember the signs may vary, so be ready for anything.

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Whether you have been experiencing some of these signs or are trying to call to the angels above for some guidance, we hope this article was helpful. Being in touch with your spiritual side and your guardian angel can provide healing in ways we never expected. Be open to the positive energy these spirits carry, and you will surely feel their presence. The one thing you must take away from all this is to have faith; faith that you are cared for and protected, faith that there is still hope and things will soon get better. Keep your eyes and hearts open, and experience true contentment.