Top 7 Reasons Why Water Highly Benefit Empaths

Being energy-sensitive, empaths may greatly benefit from water

By Hana O.
Top 7 Reasons Why Water Highly Benefit Empaths

There is something about being near or surrounded by a body of water that makes empaths and highly sensitive people feel relaxed, refreshed, and more alive. These types of people are naturally drawn to water, sometimes in ways that are not understandable for others. There is a connection between these two entities that would be explained more in detail.

What are our general notions or attitudes towards water?

When we think water, it's usually for refreshment, a necessity to quench thirst, or something used to clean something or someone. It's something that must be conserved, as not everyone has easy access to this life source.


The majority of a human body is made up of water, too, with up to 60 percent in adults. Furthermore, it's recommended that people drink up to two liters or eight cups of water a day to minimize dehydration. For many, that's what water is—a requirement or an essential part of life. 

How is water related to our energy, moods, or emotions?

We all know the importance of drinking water for sustenance, but did you know it directly affects so much more, like our energy levels, moods, or emotions? There have been studies conducted on the connection of water to one's mood.


One interesting study, in particular, tracked the participants' moods based on their intake of water. It was conducted in a way where participants went from a restricted (1 liter) to an elevated (2.5 liters) water intake. Those who went from limited to high levels experienced less fatigue, with improved brainpower, were less confused, and more awake.


Meanwhile, those that went on a downhill path felt a drop in their energy, motivation, and peacefulness levels. They also didn't feel all too positive. It could be deduced that our brains (which controls the rest of our bodies) rely on water to function optimally.


It could be as simple as experiencing fewer headaches just because you increased your water intake. With fewer headaches, you have more focus and energy to get things done. It's an uphill path from there.

How is water more beneficial than other stress relievers?

Let's talk about science for a while. The short version is that water reduces stress because when one is dehydrated, the body produces more cortisol – the stress hormone. This is the main reason why when you're really thirsty, it's hard to do anything else.


Now, compare water to other stress relievers. You have the good, bad, and those in between, such as supplements, exercise, smoking, petting an animal, drinking alcoholic beverages, listening to music, taking a nap, and the like.  When placed side by side with water, it's quite difficult for these stress relievers to win.

Exercise is great, right? But you need water to stay hydrated to go longer. Supplements are taken with water. The list goes on. On top of reducing stress levels, water cleanses the body of toxins, speeds up metabolisms, helps build muscle tone by acting as a lubricant around your muscle to prevent cramping, and so many more benefits.

What are empaths?

An empath is someone with a lot of empathy or the ability to discern and understand others' feelings as if their own. The experience is personal. It's like you're feeling what they're feeling from a personal point of view. It also applies to happiness and other positive emotions like excitement.


To better understand empaths, here are the main characteristics they portray.

Find intimacy difficult

With their ability to feel and discern other peoples' feelings, it is still difficult for them to get close and personal. This is a reason why romantic relationships are challenging for empaths. It's stressful or overwhelming for empaths to connect or be vulnerable with a potential partner continuously.


With that said, empaths usually maintain a small number of really close friends who understand their character and have learned how to handle the relationship.

Have accurate intuition

An empath's intuition or gut feel is so accurate it could be considered a superpower. Someone may be sharing something with an empath, yet he or she would know that something is off and that person is lying or skipping out on some details. They feel when something is a good idea or perhaps avoid a particular activity altogether.

Are introverts

It goes without saying that empaths don't do too well being the center of attention or when placed in crowded places. They prefer to be alone and could even lead to isolation. By not having the spotlight on them, empaths could do what they do best: observe and sense those around them.

Have difficulty not feeling

Because feeling and sensing come naturally to empaths, it isn't easy to turn that response off. When a friend is hurting, an empath is hurting too. They want to help, the care – always. However, when someone needs to go through a phase or challenge alone, this could disappoint an empath.

Are magnets to confessions

Because they're such excellent listeners and have limitless wise advice to give, empaths are usually people's go-to person to rant, vent, or share their problems with. Empaths know how to respond, whether to stay quiet, lend a crying shoulder, or give a piece of advice. Empaths could become "emotion dumpsters," which could be too overwhelming or toxic in the long run.

Sensitive to sensations

Empaths could also be more sensitive to scents, touch, and sounds, which trigger them emotionally. Their increased sensitivity is not limited to emotions but could affect physical sensations as well.

Dislike conflict

Arguments, heated discussions, disagreements, conflicts, and fights cause empaths much distress. They try to avoid these things actively. One reason is their sensitive nature, which makes it easy for an empath to get hurt. To avoid this situation, they steer away from any budding conflict.

What are the top 7 reasons why water is highly beneficial for empaths?

To tie the points of this article together, water and empaths have a strong link to share. Here are seven reasons why this element is highly beneficial for highly sensitive individuals.

Water is cleansing

Not only does water literally cleanse someone, but for empaths, it cleanses their energies as well. As they submerge in water, they feel negative energies dissipate, bringing back harmony and balance.

They are water

We already know that our bodies are made up of a lot of water. Empaths, who are more aware of their bodies, know this fact in a deeper sense and, therefore, crave or yearn to be near or in water. They go to the element for therapeutic or healing purposes, much like two magnets drawn to one another.

The sound is relaxing

Remember empaths being more sensitive to sensations such as sounds? Well, the sound of bodies of water has a relaxing effect on empaths.

Water is balancing

As an empath goes through their day, absorbing the energies of those around them, they could end up overburdened and feel unbalanced. As they experience water flow, they feel their chakras return to balance and flow more freely.

Saltwater detox

Empaths who live near oceans could use the saltwater to detox. This process mimics our bodies' way of detoxing through sweat or tears and uses the salt to shower away whatever negativity is stuck on one's aura.

Connection to nature

Because empaths love to be close to nature, often finding themselves lost within themselves while outdoors, being near a body of water makes them feel more connected to Mother Nature.

Water is air

Water is air

Empaths could get the detox from the salt soak, relaxation from the sound, and balancing from the flow. Lastly, there's the air. By being close to water, empaths are provided with the freshest air, a perfect opportunity to breathe in oxygen and positive energy, and breathe out negativity.

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Who knew water had so many benefits for all types of individuals. Empaths, in particular, gain so much from this element that we often don't give a second consideration. Whether it's being in water, drinking water, or breathing in near water, just being surrounded by it yields only the good stuff.