7 Telling Signs You Have Found Your Sexual Soulmate

Your sexual soulmate is more than just the steamy part

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7 Telling Signs You Have Found Your Sexual Soulmate

What is Sexual Soulmate?

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Sex is one of the most intimate experiences that humans share. Two individuals come together in a display of vulnerability and affection. An amalgam of giving and receiving pleasure that forms a connection between the couple. We all fantasize about finding ‘The One’ but what about the ideal partner in bed?

Sometimes you come across a person so well suited to your sexual taste and preferences that they can be given the title of your sexual soulmate. I know it may sound strange, but it is a thing. A sexual soulmate is the perfect sexual partner that fulfills all your erotic desires. The two of you share a harmony in your sensual and physical wants. You may even find more than one sexual soulmate in your lifetime.

How Do I Find My Sexual Soulmate?

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Crossing paths with the perfect sexual partner is, unfortunately, very rare. Once you have the concept of a sexual soulmate in your head, your mind may start focusing on comparing your current partner to your ideal standards instead of experiencing the act in itself. You can drive yourself to a toxic idea about intimacy.

The key to finding your sexual soulmate is giving your all to the experience and being present when you indulge in lovemaking. Leave your judgments and constraints out the door. Be communicative and open to each other’s fantasies. Don’t shy away from letting your lover know what you want. This will, in general, improve your sex life and help you find that special individual.

How is Sexual Chemistry Different From Sexual Compatibility?

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Have you ever met someone that you instantaneously are attracted to? Sexual chemistry is experienced when two people share this immediate connection. This bond transcends words or gestures and often you just don’t know how to describe it. It feels like there are palpable energy and tension between the two of you. This tension usually builds up over a few days and ends in a passionate hookup.

Sexual chemistry usually comes to an end after the first few times that the two of you link up. It is not a feeling that lasts after the mystery of a person is revealed. On the other hand, sexual compatibility refers to long term good sexual relations. When both parties are flexible and enthusiastic about each other’s physical needs, that’s when the magic happens. You can keep things fresh, exciting, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

7 Telling Signs You Have Found Your Sexual Soulmate

1. There is no awkwardness

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Mishaps and fumbles are a natural part of sexual relations. Even the most put-together person can seem clumsy. It is a messy and primal act and your sexual soulmate will never make you feel ashamed about any of it. You feel confident and comfortable with this person because you know there is nothing that can happen which you can’t just laugh off. They will make you feel safe about your body and its needs. One of the ways a sexual soulmate helps you come out of your shell is by complimenting you. And it will always be just the right kind of praise.

2. They help you learn more about yourself

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So many people, especially women, struggle to accept and be proud of their sexuality. Erotic desires are natural and normal. With sex being a taboo in many cultures, people are often very reserved in these matters. It is not uncommon for adult women to not be in touch with their dirty side due to society’s judgment and misconceptions around female pleasure. All that aside whatever your gender may be a sexual soulmate will aid you in finding new parts of yourself. You will become aware of new things that you didn’t even know you liked in the past.

3. You aren’t afraid to experiment

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A sexual soulmate is someone who makes you feel so comfortable in your skin that for the time where you are engaging in sexual activity, you will forget about every insecurity that you may have about your body. You will want to give them pleasure just as much as you wish to receive pleasure from their body. Trying new things will come easy and even if you decide you don’t enjoy it, the experiment will be worth it. They make you feel willing and enthusiastic about exploring both of your sexualities.

4. There is a change in your energy

Heard of the after-sex glow? Well, it is legit. When your body goes through these encounters, it releases happy hormones, like dopamine and serotonin. You feel cheerful and so your energy is much more positive. Your cheeks tend to naturally be rosier and your face emits an inexplicable glow. NARS even released a blush powder that claims to recreate the flushed pigment of your face after sex. Apart from bodily changes, your friends will be able to detect a shift in your vibe. You’ll know you have found your sexual soulmate when even those around you can sense the radiant energy.

5. You recognize each other’s scent

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Sex should ideally be a treat for all five senses. Touch and visual are the most essential but the key to making the experience phenomenal is the involvement of all your senses. Auditory stimulation is also very powerful. Your sexual soulmate will start to have a distinct body odor that only you can seem to pick up on. It isn’t a perfume or a cologne. It is the natural scent of that individual; a mixture of the products that they use and their innate scent. Sometimes you may even get aroused by the mere smell of your sexual soulmate.

6. It feels spiritual

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Your bodies interact with each other and it feels like electricity coursing through your veins. A simple touch from the right person can send chills down your spine. With your sexual soulmate, intimacy surpasses just your private parts. You enter a state of complete and utter euphoria and bliss. They don’t just please your body, they give you the experience of a lifetime. A sexual soulmate will not just be focused on making you climax as quickly as possible. They recognize that the journey to that release is equally important.

7. You don’t need words

It feels like the most natural thing ever when you are vulnerable in front of your sexual soulmate. You understand each other’s bodies well. Neither of the partners is selfish about their needs. There is a beautiful harmony created between your bodies where you serve each other to the best of your ability. You can communicate without using words. Your partner can pick up on small body clues. They are hyperaware of every subtle physical change. Intimacy with a sexual soulmate will feel instinctive and you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other. This is what makes them such passionate lovers.

Can My Sexual Soulmate Be My Soulmate And Vice Versa?

What if you find a passionate lover, and your sex life is better than it has ever been before? But outside of the bedroom, you do not have much in common with them. You can connect phenomenally on a physical level, but your emotional needs are just not fulfilled.

Or on the contrary, your partner is supportive and caring and you are very happy with them but when things get dirty it just doesn’t work out. In a completely realistic approach, it is quite unlikely that you will find someone who is both your soulmate as well as a sexual soulmate. But it is not entirely impossible. Keep an open mind and an open heart to welcome whoever comes your way.

How Do I Know If It’s a Soulmate or a Sexual Soulmate?

A soulmate is an all-encompassing lover who is compatible with you in all aspects of life. This does not mean it is impossible to have arguments with them or disagree and get on each other’s nerves from time to time. What truly makes someone your soulmate is the ability to forgive and look past mistakes. It is the overwhelming love and care that overthrows every other obstacle.

Usually, your relationship with a sexual soulmate may be very short-lived. They can even just be a one-night stand. A sexual soulmate will probably lack something in your emotional requirements. With a soulmate, you just know that they are the ones for you.

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Research shows that chasing your sexual soulmate will only drive you away from the fantastical passion you are searching for. Avoid being rigid. Open up your body and mind to new experiences. Good things will come to you. In the words of Ranata Suzuki:

“True intimacy is a state in which nothing exists between two people; no space, no inhibitions, and no lies.”