Full Moon During Halloween: What Does It Really Mean?

The full moon magic and how to best harness the power of the moon

By Kazuko Otsuka
Full Moon During Halloween: What Does It Really Mean?

Significance of a Full Moon

A full moon is a sight worth seeing. This is the time when the sun’s rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. The moon, having no light of its own, is unable to shine on its own. In one year, we can behold this phenomenon 13 times in total. That’s 11 months with one full moon and one month with two full moons. You can’t help but stop and stare into the sky when you spot a full moon. The radiating light illuminates the dark streets and alleys and brings life to a still night.

The moon symbolizes numerous things and gives meaning to different occasions. For centuries, humans have lived alongside this lunar cycle. In itself, the moon itself represents our “inner world.” Our secret emotions, desires, fears, and worries- all of these are represented in the moon. Each lunar phase of the moon corresponds to different symbolism with a full moon holding the height of the cycle. Just like Jacob, the werewolf in the film, Twilight, gains significant strength during a full moon, so do we achieve heightened emotions, feelings, and even amplified dreams.

When you picture a full moon what event or occasion comes to mind? Just like hearts and chocolates corresponds to Valentine’s Day and gifts and Santa Clause remind us of Christmas, full moons are usually seen in representations of Halloween. Illustrations of this day usually have a full moon on the background. Picture a graveyard and zombies. What do you see in the sky? Yup, you’re correct. It’s a full moon.

How Special is a Full Moon During Halloween

Candies, ghosts, costumes, and trick-or-treating- all of these remind us of Halloween. Every year on October 31, Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, is celebrated all over the world. This is the time when kids put on their scariest or cutest costumes and parade through the streets, begging for candies. However, this is also the time when deeper and darker ceremonies take place in places you don’t even want to imagine.

It is believed that the spirit of the dead wanders around the streets during this day. A full moon during Halloween is a rare occasion. The last full moons were in 2001 and 1955. When is the next full moon on Halloween going to be you may ask? Look no further because it will be this year, in 2020. This is a special and rare occasion that many communities are anticipating. After this year’s full moon on Halloween, the next one will be in 2039.

Ever heard of the saying, “Once in a Blue Moon?” This saying means that something happens rarely, and you don’t see it quite often occurring in a lifetime. This year, 2020, not only will we be blessed with a full moon on Thursday, October 1st, but also again on Saturday, October 31st, or on Halloween. A second full moon in one month is called a “Blue Moon.” Mark your calendars, for it is a spooky occasion you should not miss.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, looking at a full moon on Halloween night doesn’t mean the moon will appear blue, but rather you’ll be looking at something uncommon. This phenomenon, called a Metonic Cycle, only happens every 19 years and this year we are fortunate enough to experience it.

How to Harness the Power of a Full Moon

There is always something magical and majestic about a full moon. You feel emotions stir up inside of you just by looking at one. You then think to yourself, “Is there something I can do to make use of this special occasion?” It doesn’t take rocket science to harness the power of a full moon. You also don’t need to be a NASA scientist to follow these simple steps.

Here are some easy and simple steps you can do to make use of this special occasion.

Full Moon Ritual # 1: Reevaluate your emotions

As mentioned before, your emotions are at its peak during a full moon. This heightened and magnified state makes a perfect time for evaluating one’s emotional and mental state. Take a step back and look at where you’re at in life. Should you be letting go of unnecessary negative thoughts? Now is the time to do it. Is there something nagging you in the back of your head telling you to love yourself more before giving and giving? This is the perfect time to listen.

A full moon is a perfect time to journal your emotions and current life affairs. Pay attention to what your heart is telling you and embrace your emotions.

Full Moon Ritual # 2: Take a moon bath

Another great activity you can do to harness a full moon’s power is to take a moon bath. No, this doesn’t mean waltzing around the streets buck naked. Moon bathing simply means to sit under the light of the moon and meditate; put your worries aside and enjoy the magical moment by yourself or with your loved one beside you.

You can take a midnight stroll and absorb the moon’s energies or you can pull up a chair in your balcony and enjoy the moon’s brilliance from there.

Full Moon Ritual # 3: Jot down your dreams

Have you ever felt extra creative and excited to tackle a new task during a full moon? If yes, then you’ve already experienced the creative powers a full moon brings. Another good way to harness a full moon’s power is by jotting down your goals and ambitions in life. As your creativity flows, so will your goals and intentions. Make use of this moment and let your imagination run wild.

Full Moon Ritual # 4: Let it go the Elsa way

Let it go, let it go…” Just like Elsa sang her lungs out that one cold winter night in the middle of nowhere, so shall you. A full moon is the best time to let go and start a clean slate. You can let go of many things. Let go of that job that is weighing you down. Let go of that toxic relationship. Let go of anything and everything that brings you down. With the help of a full moon, you have the power to achieve the impossible.

Join These Communities Who Are into Full Moon

Still don’t know how to spend the coming blue moon on Halloween? We’ve got you covered. A great way to experience the beauty of a full moon is to experience it with like-minded individuals. With the power of the Internet and social media, joining niche communities has become easier than ever before. All it takes is one search in Google and voila you have yourself a group of individuals who share the same interests as you.

The popular social app Meetup allows you to connect with people who share the same hobbies and interests as you. It is not a surprise that they even have social gatherings celebrating a full moon. These ceremonies are held all over the world, and each event has different goals. Some include meditating during a full moon to performing rituals and prayers.


To learn more about these groups, and what they have to offer, check out the link below.

Find out what's happening in Full Moon Ceremony Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you.

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The full moon magic is a rare occasion that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Whichever way you decide to spend it, you won’t regret it. Don’t forget that this coming Halloween will be a full moon. Mark your calendars because this is once in a blue moon.