9 Signs You Have Negative Energy Following You

Find out if you have a spiral of negative energy following you

By Sid
9 Signs You Have Negative Energy Following You

What is Negative Energy?

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Many different types of energies exist around us. These include negative and positive energies which can affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Energies affect the way we act. They also play a significant role in the actions we take and the way we behave. Negative energy can be even more toxic for us if we aren’t aware of it. This is the reason it is so important to study your behavior and that of the people around you so that you are well aware of the energies surrounding you. Clearing negative energy from your body and soul is very important for your physical and mental well being.

9 signs you have negative energy following you

1. You are unable to control your emotions

When we continuously go through many bad experiences, it makes us keep our guard up all the time. This may be helpful in some situations but this also makes it harder for us to approach people and vice versa. If you are thinking with your heart and not with your brain, meaning you are letting your emotions get the best of you and aren’t thinking logically, it may be a sign that there is negative energy present around you. This energy makes you think emotionally and that will have a bad effect on your personal as well as professional life. The best way to remove this negative energy is to let the past go and cut off any toxic friends from your life.

2. You compare yourself to others

It is human nature to compare yourself to other people. But when you start doing it all the time and let it affect your work and personal life, it causes problems for you. So, if you are constantly comparing yourself to a successful friend or colleague, chances are that you are surrounded by negative energy that is making you feel and act this way. This is bound to make you feel worse about yourself. Remember that life is not a race. You are allowed to go at your own pace. Remind yourself that the person you're comparing yourself is human too and they aren’t perfect either. Allow yourself to enjoy things. Comparing yourself to others won’t make you happy or successful but only allow negative energy around you.  

3. You aren’t making time for yourself

Life is busy, we all know that. But nothing is more important than your own physical and mental well being. When you are working long hours the whole week and not taking time out for yourself or your family that is a sign that you are surrounded by negative energy.  It is very important to take a few days off and rest. Give yourself some peace of mind. Our brain isn’t a machine and it also gets tired from all the continuous hard work. Everyone is in a race to be the best in life but that should not come at the cost of your well being or happiness. Giving your mind and your body the rest it needs is the best way to remove this type of negative energy.

4. You criticize yourself way too much

Most of the time, when we’re doing a task, there is a voice in our head. This voice either cheers us up or makes us sad. This depends on the energy you're surrounded by. Remember that we control our brain, it does not control us. So whenever the voice in your head is telling you that you're a loser who hasn’t achieved anything, ignore it. If you won’t say such rude stuff to another person, then why are you saying it to yourself? The way we act towards ourselves plays a big role in our behavior and actions. Don’t let the voice in your mind make you feel unworthy. Rather, stand in front of the mirror and give compliments to yourself.  Reward yourself for doing the smallest of tasks. This is the best way to remove the negative energy around you.

5. You are addicted to social media

This is another big sign that you are affected by negative energy. You are checking your phone every two seconds to see if there is a new message or notification. You spend most of your time on social media. You randomly keep scrolling through Facebook or Instagram even though you have important work to do. Or you're using social media as an escape or a coping mechanism. What we see on social media isn’t real and when you start spending too much time on these apps it creates a different image of the world in your head and you start comparing your own life to that of influencers or celebrities. This causes you to feel bad about yourself. Limit your time on your phone and remove this negative energy from your life.

6. You don’t let go of your past

To move on, we must let go of our past mistakes and failures. If we’re stuck in the past, it would be impossible for us to live in the present. So, let go of your past mistakes. Remember that you are a changed person now with different goals and aspirations. Clear your mind of your past and move on. This negative energy will lead you nowhere better.

7. You're too hard on yourself

Negative energy makes you feel bad about yourself which in turn makes you think that you should overwork yourself and be productive all the time. This type of thinking is wrong as we can do a certain amount of work before our body gives up and reaches its limit. Don’t be too hard on yourself and allow yourself to take breaks. Go for a walk in the park or watch a T.V show. This will take your mind off of stuff and fill your body with positive energy.

8. You constantly blame others

Whenever something goes wrong in your life, you immediately blame another person without even analyzing the situation. This means that your mind is affected by negative energy and you are projecting that energy on other people. Learn from your past mistakes instead of blaming other people for them and this will help you achieve peace of mind.

9. You always see the bad in other people

We act accordingly to our environment and the people present around us. So if you always look for the worst in others and are quick to jump to conclusions, it means that you are surrounded by people who have negative energy and you are mirroring their actions. It might be your attitude that needs changing. So, don’t jump to conclusions and always check in with yourself.

How to break clear of your negative energy

The best way to break clear of your negative energy is by taking proper care of your physical and mental well being. The easiest way to do this is to be aware of your surroundings.

1) Physically

Taking a walk in the park and exercising regularly will make your body feel fresh and alive. Nature alone is the best cure for removing for negative thoughts and energy. Other than that, take good care of your diet and don’t overwork yourself.

2) Mentally

Meditating and performing yoga regularly will make you feel calm and at peace. Your mind will feel fresh and it will help cleanse your mind off bad thoughts and negativity.

3) Spiritually

Taking a salt bath is one of the most effective methods for removing negative energy. Purity is has deep connection with water. Take this bath to purify your spiritual self from negativity. You’ll feel the difference yourself.


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Positive and negative energies exist all around us and in different forms. A person should be well aware of their environment and should keep checking in with themselves. If you notice a sudden change in your behavior, it is best to cleanse yourself from the negative energy that is causing this behavior. Meditating and exercising regularly will decrease the chances of negative energy affecting your everyday life. Remain cautious of the people around you and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Make time for yourself and your loved ones. Talk to someone whenever you're feeling low and be positive. That is the best way to remove negative energy and enjoy life.