Third Eye Kiss: A Magical and Healing Kiss on the Soul

The goodness of a third eye kiss can be traced back to physiology

By Fred S.
Third Eye Kiss: A Magical and Healing Kiss on the Soul

What is a “third eye kiss”?

As we lead our lives stuck in the clutches of modernity, most of us often find ourselves floating aimlessly from one romantic or even platonic relationship to the next one. As we turn to the internet for yet another horrible Tinder date, with people who share zero connection with our true essence, it seems as though the prospect of falling in love and sharing a deeper intimacy with someone that goes beyond lust, might just be entirely fictitious.

Although not believing in true love might just be our generation’s way of coping with the pain that just comes naturally once, you have been on a gazillion bad tinder dates- whether we want to accept it or not, there is still a lot of tenderness that the world has to offer to you. If you have ever received a gentle peck on the forehead, which is sometimes referred to as the place where your ‘third eye’ resides- you might just know exactly what we’re talking about.

For the most part, however, pinpointing the exact reason behind why a third eye kiss feels so special is actually quite difficult- all we know for a fact is that a tender kiss on the third eye center, which is situated right between the eyebrows feels as if someone has hugged the most broken parts of your soul. Whether you are on the receiving end or on the giving one- a third eye kiss from the right person is the perfect nudge you need to once again believe in the healing power of love.

How to Do the Third Eye Kiss?

The overwhelming outpour of love and affection that gushes through your body when somebody places a simple third eye kiss right in between your eyebrows might just feel like a gift from beyond our plane of existence. And yes- although that might seem a bit far- fetched to some of our more cynical readers, how else are you supposed to explain the mind-bogglingly powerful and calming effect produced by such a simple gesture? For the longest time, we have found ourselves completely stupefied by the complexity of the third eye kiss, and whether or not there were some unknown forces at play, or if it just depended on the person that you are receiving a kiss from?


If you’ve been unfamiliar with the concept of the third eye in spirituality, you might be a tad bit confused about the reason why a third eye kiss feels so special. To put it simply, a third eye is usually representative of a link to our inner self. Although we will get into more details about this later, appreciating the beauty of the third eye kiss from a spiritual standpoint allows us to see the beautiful gesture as connected to something much bigger than ourselves.

If you wish to communicate affection and love towards a romantic partner, a loved relative, or a friend, you can bestow upon them the gentle gift of a third eye kiss, by merely kissing the center of their forehead, just slightly above the meeting point of the eyebrows. Since the third eye provides a physical connection to our innermost self, placing a third eye kiss will convey every ounce of compassion and true love that you have for the other person.

How is it different from other types of kisses?


Typically, whenever we think of the word ‘kiss,’ the first thought that enters into our smutty minds is one revolving around a steamy make-out session, which leads to you spending the night with the object of your desire. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with kisses that lead both the body and mind elsewhere, the third eye kiss sets itself apart from these different types of kisses. It offers us a unique way to express our love and affection for the other person.

By placing a kiss on the center of the forehead, just a tad bit above the center of their eyebrows, you can instill within the other person, as well as yourself, a sense of security and safety- which can’t exactly be said about the other forms of kisses. Although wide varieties of kisses are used to convey an arsenal of varying emotions, the tender gesture of a third eye kiss brings to the receiver a strange sense of calm and belonging. Needless to say, few things bring as much joy as a third eye kiss, which produces a sensation that can’t exactly be described into words, but carries within itself an other-worldliness that is both platonic and romantic expression of love there is.  

Although some individuals might not share the belief in the healing power of a third eye kiss, there is no way to prove otherwise unless they try it for themselves. Perhaps the most divine form of touch out there, which has made its appearance known in several ancient scriptures as well, a third eye kiss might just be the most magical experience that we can find here on Earth!

What is the physiology behind third eye kisses?

Although there is no definite reason as to why a third eye kiss produces the magical effect that it does, delving into the physiology of a third eye kiss might just enlighten our understanding of this beautiful gesture. As we have already mentioned, since the third eye is situated just slightly above the center of the eyebrows, placing a tender kiss on that specific part of the forehead activates both the pineal and pituitary glands of the other individual- which plays a massive role in ensuring that the person feels safe and secure.


With that being said, however, although the exact physiological function of the pineal gland isn’t clearly known, there have been several mystical accounts, which link this particular part of the human brain to have connections with the spiritual realms. Furthermore, the pineal gland is also said to be capable of ‘piezochromism,’ a phenomenon that refers to the ability to generate any possible color. Since the pineal gland carries water and crystals, which contain particular color generating properties- the simple gesture of a third, eye kiss can enable us to see beyond our physical realm!

Healing Benefits of Third Eye Kisses

Until this point, we have only skimmed over the monumental benefits that a third eye kiss has. Along with enlightening, both the participants in this kind and simple gesture, the third eye kiss allows individuals to be connected with each other in a spiritual manner. Similar to kissing another person’s soul, since the third eye is situated between the eyebrows and is usually believed to be spiritually dormant, it activates itself upon receiving a third eye kiss.


Once you receive a third eye kiss, the kiss itself activates, or even wakes up or stimulates your third eye, which forces it to release melatonin and DMT. Moreover, the tender gesture of a third eye kiss activates and heightens your insight, intuition, and connection to your higher self. All in all, not only will you benefit from a good night’s sleep and a deeper state of consciousness, but a third eye kiss will also make you feel a rush of love and genuine, unfiltered affection with and from the person who gave the third eye kiss.

With that being said, next time the universe grants you with an opportunity to give a third eye kiss to a friend or family member or a romantic partner that you love and care for, don’t hesitate to bestow upon them a third eye kiss. The more regularly that you participate in a third eye kiss the more often that you will see results right down in your soul!
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Hopefully, by the end of the article, you have realized the beautiful potential that hides behind the simple gesture of a third eye kiss. With that being said, it is no coincidence that researchers are conducting extensive surveys examining the hypothesis that kissing actually strengthens loved ones’ bonds with each other. Moreover, what’s worth mentioning is that this just may be the surface of the incredible power of a kiss, especially the much subtle third eye kiss. However, if you need any more convincing, just kiss your significant other on the forehead today and every day, see how it wonderfully uplifts and enriches your life together, and enables you to enjoy a beautiful life together!