What Type Of Powers Do Witches Have? Do You Have Any?

Witch 101 and how to become one and develop your magic

By Michele
What Type Of Powers Do Witches Have? Do You Have Any?

Let’s have a look at what witchcraft basically is: traditionally witchcraft was carried out to exercise supernatural powers in order to control different practices, events, and even people. Magic and sorcery were extensively involved. It was much of a dark business, which is present until now. That certainly does not mean that witchcraft is only associated with evil practices.   

Witchcraft, in the dark times, was a practice mostly adopted by old woman, who was apparently quite horrible. A group of crones used to gather past midnight and got indulged in orgiastic rites cannibalism in the company of Satan. This was the method commonly used to perform black magic. Though there are several folklores associated with this ancient tradition, it cannot be said that witchcraft or witches never existed. 

So here you had a brief history of witchcraft and now we will move forward to What Type Of Powers Do Witches Have? Do You Have Any? Let’s see if you have an inner witch or not! 

Type of Witches and their Powers

Witches are categorized into two categories: protective and destructive witches. Witchdoctors are popular in different parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe and people hire them to stay protected from any sort of evils. The reason being, they trust these witches have supernatural powers and that their positive charisma can bring good luck. Let’s have a look at the different types of witches and their supernatural powers. 

1. Traditional Witch

Traditional Witches have a strong link with the ancient witchcraft. For all their practices, they adopt a traditional approach with the help of magic spells obtained from ancestors and other authentic and helpful folklore. They possess all the strong supernatural powers: like they can control minds and even change the course of different events through their spells. 

2. Alexandrian Witch

An Alexandrian Witch is basically an English derivative of witchcraft and Wicca. This category mostly includes the practice of ceremonial magic along with qabalah. It can be described as a purely eclectic form of magic. To exercise the supernatural powers, a witch needs to pass several degrees to reach an advanced stage. Mostly they meet during a full moon or new moon to cast their spells. 

3. Gardnerian Witch

This category was established by Gerald Gardner, who is also described as the founder of Wicca. Gardnerian Witches have a strong connection with nature and often challenge societal norms. Like An Alexandrian Witch, a GarAmerican Witch also needs to pass through a properly structured system in order to get hold of proper witchcraft practices. 

4. Sea Witch

As per the name, a Sea Witch is associated with water and uses this element in different witchcraft practices. She makes use of her supernatural powers by involving ocean water, shells, sand, wood, or any other element associated with the sea.  Sea Witches possess the power to rework, hamper, or reregulate the natural ocean mechanism according to their intent. 

5. Hedge Witch

They are known as Hedge Witches because they can easily venture out of this world and connect with the otherworld. They have the power, through their practice, to establish a connection with the spiritual world through witchcraft messages. Hedge Witch makes use of earthly magic, certain herbs, and astral projection to cross the barrier and reach the spiritual world. 

6. Cosmic Witch

We can also call them the modern witches, as they work around astronomy, astrology, and cosmos and certain patterns of celestial energy to cast their spells. A cosmic witch highly depends on the alignment of stars and planets and makes use of supernatural powers according to personal observation. 

7. Secular Witch

Secular witches cast spells with the help of candles, oils, herbs, and even crystals. But the interesting thing is that they do not have any sort of spiritual element connected with their practice. Their magic is totally non-religious, as they do not believe in any unforeseen power that works behind a source of energy. Though their work is of nonspiritual nature, a secular which can be spiritual. 

How to Know if You Are a Witch?

You are either gifted with supernatural powers or you choose to become a witch. Let’s look at some points that will help you out for sure. 

1.    You believe in magic and that it can be used to help or harm someone. 

2.    You have great self worldly elements and how they can be manipulated for different reasons. 

3.    You strongly believe that you can easily bind someone to do something for you; it can be good or bad. 

4.    You also believe that chanting certain spells and drawing shapes and figures can influence someone in a negative or positive manner. 

5.    You are using witchcraft like Wicca to strengthen your powers. 

6.    You pray to place belief according to the concepts put forward by ancient witch crafters. 

How to Develop Magical Powers

It is actually a step by step procedure. That needs to be defined in a comprehensive manner so that you can possess the right magical powers. 

1.    Define the use of your magic and how it can be fueled to get the desired magical abilities.

2.    Locate the users of the type of magic that you are interested in. Identify your magical powers whether they are learned, obtained, gifted, or inherited. Can you use magic easily or it is meant for exclusive magicians?

3.    What are the limitations of the magic type that you are interested in? Can you steal the magic and what effect it will lend on the user? What are the chances of facing a defeat in any sort of spell? 

4.    To develop magical powers, you will also need to analyze the dangers associated with it. Is it going to cause any sort of harm to you or the people linked? 

These are the simple steps of identification that can help develop the right magic powers. Remember nothing happens overnight, you will need to explore and study and practice a lot to get perfect. 

Resources for more reading (Writer: YouTube, books, blogs are okay)

1.    Lionroar.com
In this blog, the writer has discussed in detail the steps that you need to take before embarking on the journey of gathering superpowers. Give it a careful read, highly recommended! 

2.    tmhome.com
Another helpful blog! It discusses in detail the connection present between superpowers and meditation experts and spiritual practitioners. You definitely need to practice meditation and spirituality to possess superpowers.   

3.    exemplore.com
This blog has been beautifully put together to help potential witches realize and identify their magical powers. You might be able to relate to a couple of indicators put forward. 

4.    YouTube
It is basically a short video that will help you in initiating a proper spell. There are other series of videos too, of the same nature, that focus on the depth of magic. As the author says, these spells can really work for you too. So why don’t you give it a try?

5.    YouTube
Romania is described, as the homeland of several superstitions. Witchcraft is extremely popular in this region of Europe. This video gives an insight into this practice that how witches cast evil or good spells and can cure diseases and even predict the future. Quite an interesting short video! 

There are hundreds of different resources, present over social media, which can help you gain information about the witchcraft. As you are a beginner, I highly recommend reading and practicing as much as possible. It is important to have ample information about what you are planning to do and how you intend to progress with witchcraft. 

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To be honest there are no easy means by which, you can easily possess witch powers. For that, you will need to practice a lot, some special spells, and have a better understanding of the history of magic. There are many people, who do want to possess witch powers but lack direction.

You must be familiar with What Type Of Powers Do Witches Have? Do You Have Any? And somewhat excited too, to start your journey. Witchcraft is a special talent or I must say it is a supernatural power that needs to be exercised or projected with caution. There are several incidents in which these spells have worked in an unfavorable manner to create some sort of adverse scenario. 

More and more people have started believing in witchcraft practices. Do not worry if you do not have a belief in these casts or spells. You can always have fun by learning this craft. So what are you waiting for? Get geared up and make yourself capable enough to cast some stimulating spells. Let the magic work!