Your Signs by Birth Month When It is African Astrology

Too much of star signs? Go Back to Basics with African Astrology

By Aey
Your Signs by Birth Month When It is African Astrology

What is African Astrology?

We all know about our zodiac signs which come from Babylonian roots. But do we know how the study of the stars started? The first society to show an interest in studying the stars and other celestial bodies was an ancient African one. The study of astrology originates from this civilization and since they are the first ones to do it, their philosophy is considered the most accurate. It is based on the practice of fortune-telling by throwing a fistful of soil or some bones called geomancy. There are a total of twelve signs and all represent figures formed from this form of divination.

12 Signs of African Astrology

1. Baobab Tree

People born from January 4th to February 3rd make up the first sign. This species of trees were present on earth even before mankind over 200 million years ago. It can survive in tough and dry conditions where it is almost impossible for other plants to grow.

Individuals with this sign, similar to the tree that represents them, have a strong character. They are not easily made to quit. Baobab is sturdy and resilient. They can handle a lot.

It symbolizes intelligence and survival. You will usually be the last man standing. It is expected that people with this sign lead to successful and prosperous lives. Their element is air.

2. The Wealth of Amber and Silver

If you were born between the 4th of February and the 5th of March, you fall under this sign. You have a sensitive nervous system, so you are hyper-aware of your surroundings. You have an intense disposition and personality, although many times you are anxious and on edge.
A positive trait of this sign is that it is very difficult to lure them. They refuse to give in to temptation and have no issue in saying no to what they perceive wrong. Wealth, power, and glamour attract them. It is their weakness. So, be careful about this. Other than that, this sign is very much a witty one, and this benefits various fields of their life. Their element is also air like the previous sign.

3. Family

The family includes the group of individuals born from 6th March to 4th April. The most apparent quality of this sign is their caring nature.

They want to help the people around them and maintain a peaceful and loving environment in their communities. Human connection is very important to them. They hate secrets and pettiness.

If you have this sign, you are known for your selflessness and nurturing attitude. It is also predicted that you will achieve grand success once in your life. This does not mean you will experience success only this one time, but it is almost guaranteed that something big will be achieved by you. This is a land sign.

4. Small Services to the Neighborhood

This sign is made up of people whose birthdays are between the 5th of April and the 4th of May. As the name of this sign suggests you are the helper of the group. You are always there when someone needs your assistance.

Whenever there is an emergency, you always know what to do. People born under this sign are resourceful and quick problem solvers.

People come to you for your wisdom and practical solutions. Beware of parasites though. Some people may pretend to care for you but are just benefitting from your skills. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of. Your element is earth.

5. The Market

Born between 5th May and 4th June? Your African sign is the Market.

This sign experiences a life of contrasts and opposites. Generally being attracted to a peaceful lifestyle you can also have some dark corners in your otherwise happy existence. There is a balance between light and dark in your life.

You are susceptible to wasting your time and energy on people who do not deserve you. Often you can find yourself stuck in a dead-end situation.

This is your weakness, but it can never cause much harm because you are drawn to positive energy. You won’t let yourself go astray.
The element for this sign is fire.

6. The Ancestor

If you came into this world between 5th June and 4th July, you are assigned the Ancestor. This is the leader of all the signs. You have strong abilities to make things go your way. Many times people will not like you since you tend to give off a narcissistic or egotistical vibe. You have a lot of power and you are not afraid to harness it at all.

Misusing these abilities and manipulating the people around you is something you need to get rid of if you want to succeed and be revered.

You can go to big places. But you also tend to remain depressed, sad, and carry melancholic energy. Your element is water.

7. The Judge

From 5th July to 4th August we have the Judges. If you were born under this sign, you have a superpower of decision making. You do not hesitate and are certain of what you want to choose.
This sign displays great charisma. They have a vibrant and active imagination. They have the gift of creativity and often are the ones to take initiative for starting new projects. Your element is fire and your sense of touch is heightened.

8. The Kola Nut

Individuals born from 5th August to 3rd September make up the Kola Nut sign. This sign has an appetite for adrenaline. They enjoy things that make them feel excited and tend to chase that rush. They are known to be very sensual, taking pleasure in the intimate parts of life more than the other signs. This blind passion can lead them to fail sometimes. You could say they are party animals and only feel at home when they are highly stimulated by their external environments. The element for this sign is earth and they have explosive and chaotic energy.

9. The Travelers

Between 4th September and 3rd October, there are Travelers. Dealing with your inner emotions is not your strong suit. You struggle with managing your feelings and are usually perceived to be an overly sensitive person. You will actively seek out and distract yourself with the outside world to avoid acknowledging what is happening in your head and your heart. Your element is air.

10. The Distance

People whose birthdays fall between 4th October and 3rd November are called the Distances. These individuals are high achievers. They have a great imagination. They are usually blessed with a strong intuition. They can read what their gut is telling them and are not reluctant in following it. This sign also includes a quality of dreaminess. You are more likely to be an artistic person. You have big goals and fast-paced life. A negative characteristic of yours is that you struggle with impatience. Your element is water.

11. The Child of the World

The second last sign is between the dates of 4th November and 3rd December. This sign as it is named represents a childlike personality. The people born under this are often innocent and naïve souls. A good virtue of this category of people is their liveliness and honesty. They are quick to voice what is on their mind just like a child. They are radiant and full of life. People love to have them around. They are loved wherever they go. It is very hard for a person of this sign to find people that do not like them. These are social butterflies and thrive in communities that encourage their vibrancy. You love life with a passion. Their element is fire and they have an unusually good sense of taste.

12. The Harvest in the Granary

Finally, we have people born in between 4th December and 3rd January. People of this sign tend to experience hesitation. But African astrology says that they should not be doubtful of themselves. They are promised great success. They will only be able to attain it if they can let go of the doubts they feel about their instincts. This is the last of the signs and possibly the one that has been blessed with luck the most. There is prosperity that awaits you. Trust yourself. The element of this sign is water and their skin and bones are the most sensitive parts of their body.

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With all the talk and the hype around the Babylonian zodiac signs as they have become the most popular in the modern world, we sometimes tend to forget the roots of a study. Predicting the nature of people based on the time at which they were born has been going on for centuries. I hope you found it fascinating to learn your astrological sign and its qualities in the context of African civilization.