Identify the Warning Signs From the Protective Angels

Find out how angels are trying to protect you with these signs

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Identify the Warning Signs From the Protective Angels

Angels and Their Protective Nature

We all have angels guiding and watching over us. Angels are said to be from our deepest desire. They can't directly influence our actions nor affect us in daily life. What they do is to send us signals and signs to guide us on the path we choose.

Our angels only want the best for us, or it's a combination of both our desire and our logical reasoning. We probably know what's the best decision to make but we struggle to make it because of our fear. That's when our angels come in and drop a sign.

It's up to us whether or not we want to take it. Angels won't be hurt even if we don't listen, they are there as a guide, not a commander. Find out what signs angels are giving you for you to live a better life.

21 Warning Signs that Angels are Giving You

1. Unexplained voices in your ears

First, make sure it's not physical or mental conditions that need medical attention. Once you rule that out, it's safe to say that it's your guardian angels sending you a signal. You may hear the voices saying "no", "think again" or something similar.

Angels are interesting because they rarely tell you what you should but they would let you know when you are doing something you will probably regret.

2. Electronic appliances failure

Unexplained sudden appliances failure such as not able to switch on the lights or TV switching off itself is a sign that you should start thinking. Other than the spooky part, the angels want you to think about decisions you've made along the way and if you're being truly happy.

3. Can't send texts on phone

Phone screen freezing, not able to send a text is a sign that the angels are trying to save you from doing something. You will still be able to send a text if you keep trying. As said before, angels have no power to stop you from doing something. They may deter you by such acts and allow you to think again. But in the end, it will be your decision to make.

4. Dreaming of an apparition

Dreaming of an apparition is a strong sign that the angels are trying to talk to you. You probably have been feeling alone and lost, not sure what to do about a situation. Angels would come in a form of physical apparition in your dream, guiding you through it and to let you know what might happen if you make a certain decision.

5. Dreaming of a conversation

If you are struggling if you want to get married, you may dream of a conversation between you and your dad per se. The conversation might actually have happened in real life long ago or it's a dream. Either way, angels would send a message through someone you are close to so you can see the bigger picture and understand yourself better. Usually, after such a dream you would feel relieved and have a clearer sense of what's right for you.

6. Sudden illnesses

Again, you have to rule out the possibility that it's a physical or mental condition that requires medical attention for this discussion to go further. Unexplained illnesses can be a warning sign that you're doing healthy. It can be sudden fatigue, a cold that won't seem to go away, etc. The only way to feel good again is to make changes in your life, healthy ones that you know you need to make. 

7. Sudden rain

Going out on a sunny day yet it turns into a pouring storm when the weather forecast said it should be sunny all week? Well, that's your angel telling you to stop and go home. Go figure yourself out or a trip won't make your day shine. Only when you are truly happy from within that you can still smile in a pouring storm.

8. Losing objects

You know you've put something in a place like you always have and yet you can't find it anymore. Angels sometimes take away your items to let you know they are trying to send you a message. You need to look deep into yourself to find what you need. Your angels are trying to let you know that.

9. Misplacing items

Angels don't always vanish without a trace with your items. Sometimes they leave them in places you don't expect. Maybe next to an old photo album in the attic to take you down memory lane so you can logically analyze why you started your job and if moving away for work is something your heart desires. 

10. Missing your alarm

If you are never the type to sleep through your alarm and this happened, other than your body being extremely tired, it could also mean your angels are trying to tell you something. All these sudden panics let you rethink the situation and come out with a better solution when you are struggling.

11. Tingling feeling in your stomach

Ruling out medical conditions, have you ever felt the little tingling feeling in your stomach that you don't understand what is causing it? Angels are our deepest desire so when we are stressed about a situation they can feel it and will send the signal to us to let us know our body is not handling the stress well so you should get help.

12. Calls from old friends

You are getting calls from friends you haven't spoken to in decades. It's a happy thing and it's a gift from your angels to cheer you up.

13. Unexplained delays

You have checked traffic several times yet when you go out there are still unexplained delays. Your angels want you to know that you aren't making the brightest decision and slowing you down might help you see it.

14. Feeling of being touched

Your angels are here to comfort you as well as to warn you that something sinister might be after you. Their physical touch is how they let you know they are watching over you but you should also be protecting yourself.

15. Items dropping in the house

Wines bottles dropping off the counter unexpectedly is a sign that something negative is in your house and is upsetting the balance. In most cases, the negative energy comes from you. If you are unhappy, your surroundings are also unhappy.

16. Showers turning extremely hot or cold

Temperatures in the shower changing drastically without explanation are your angels tempering it to signal you something is amiss. You need to check the signs carefully.

17. Car won't start

Why would the angels stop you from going to your destination? Is it something that you're about to do and you are not comfortable with it? So the angels are trying to stop you from going while giving you a proper excuse.

18. Accidentally calling someone

It's not a butt-dial. Yet your phone is calling someone when you aren't looking. It's a little gesture from the angels for you to talk to someone that can talk some sense into you.

19. Warnings from friends

Angels would send your friends your way when they know you might dismiss all the signs they send you. Your friend's intervention is a loving gesture from them and the angels above.

20. Random acts you can't explain

Sometimes we do things we can't even explain. Like going on a camping trip when you have never camped before. Acts out of the ordinary are the angel trying to take you on a soul-cleansing journey for your health. You will see it a lot during that trip.

21. Warnings from strangers

Ever had those conversations with a stranger in a coffee shop that makes you question yourself? A lot of times they are also sent by the angels to give you a concrete warning sign. Watch out for those conversations.

Ignore the Signs or Act on the Signs?

At the end of the day, angels are reflections of our deepest desire. They have no physical power to actually stop us from doing something. They can delay us but they can't stop us. It's our decision whether or not we want to listen.

Follow your heart. Your angels might want the best for you but even your angels can be wrong. You are the only one you should trust. Go for your gut feeling. However, if you have doubts and you see the warning signs. It's good to sit down and logically lay out all the pros and cons to know whether you should do something or not. Angels are our guiding lights but they don't control us. Do what your heart wants and what makes you comfortable.

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Our guardian angels will always be by our side. They will mostly come when we feel lonely or lost, to light up our paths. Take those warning signs from the angels with a grain of salt, evaluate each situation, and analyze it for yourself. Remember, your angels are kind-hearted consultants, not your boss. You are your own boss.