7 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

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7 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

What is the Relationship of the Universe and You

Lots of people take spiritual stuff to their heart, for a pretty good reason. Sometimes things happen that you can't explain with science or logic, but things have to happen for a reason, right? Maybe it's the universe calling for you.

Missing someone creates very strong energy. You have heard of people saying they can feel their lost loved ones' energy because of the intense energy. Missing someone not from the beyond also creates strong energy that the universe can sense. And the universe gives you little signs and hints that you are being missed.

We are all a part of this universe and have influence over it. Know that whether or not you realize what you are creating, by thinking about someone or by being missed, the universe already has captured the signal and will shoot it back to you somehow. 

7 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

1. Involuntary eye spasms

Surprisingly, involuntary eye spasms almost have a meaning in every culture. In some, it's considered a good sign when you left eye twitches while in some other, it's the opposite. The most common belief in the West is that twitches in the left eye mean someone is thinking fondly of you while twitches on the right eye mean someone is talking shit behind your back or very possibly doing something bad to harm you.

People consider eye spasms a signal from the universe to tell you in an easy yet direct way that you are being missed. After all, you can't really dismiss an eye spasm.

Note that if you have constant involuntary eye spasms or that it's painful, unusual, seek medical help immediately. It may be a physical sign that you need medical attention and not a sign from the universe in that case. We are only talking about involuntary eye spasms when they can't be explained by medical conditions.

2. Dreaming of someone

Our dream is an alternate universe our mind constructs for us, which highly visualizes our fears and our wishes, among a lot of things that we can't explain. Humans are the most vulnerable when sleeping. Our senses aren't heightened like other predatory animals. Some of us could sleep through a storm even.

Our lowered senses during sleep make us more susceptible to signals from the universe, especially at night. When someone is thinking about us, we are able to receive the signals in our dream. Subconsciously that person or a form of that person appears in your dreams, even if it's like an apparition in the form of a ghost or some sort.

Dreams are unpredictable because the signals sent through from the universe can be messy. Just because you are having a nightmare doesn't mean the person you dreamt about hates you. Rather, they might be thinking of you so intensely that it appears to haunt you in your dreams.

3. A sense of being touched

Another sign that someone is keeping you in their mind. Budging through your mind is not always possible, especially when you are in a chaotic state of mind that makes you less capable of interacting with such energy. Sometimes, they appear in physical form, although you can't see them.

Occasionally you would feel a slight stroke down your arm, a warm grip on your shoulder, or even a sneaky pat on the butt cheek. This form of physical, or non-physical, interaction is a sign that someone is thinking of you. The reason why this energy manifests in this form is unknown. Most likely it's due to the fact that our minds could reject any forms of spiritual interactions like dreams and such, hence the form of physical interaction happens.

4. A sudden shiver up your spine and feeling cold

Now, this sounds scary but understand that this surge in energy actually shows someone is missing you dearly. They are thinking of you so much suddenly you receive this surge of energy and you feel the temperature drops. How do you tell this from a regular shiver due to the cold?

It's easy. If you are just chilling at home or at work and your body shivers up for a moment for no reason, it may be that someone is thinking of you. Of course, there could be medical reasons behind what you need to look out for. Other than that, next time you feel it, think about who is your mysterious crush.

5. Your feel their mood without knowing it

Empathy is a strong proof that someone is missing you so much that they pass down their emotions to you as well. Sometimes you feel a sudden sadness crawling over your body and you can't seem to explain why. Later you found out your partner or whoever it might be, someone that cares and loves you was going through a hard time right when you felt the moment of sadness.

Humans are all capable of being empaths if the emotions are strong enough. One channels their emotions without realizing when they think of someone else. Just like you feel that someone is missing you, you also feel it when the other person is going through a hard time. Usually, this empathic feeling suggests that you are also missing the person who misses you.

6. You think about them for no reason during their day

Sometimes the image of him and a random conversation you had with him just pop up in your mind when you're on the bus or whatnot. There's seems to be no trigger for this. As if they just camp in your head, waiting to come out during any time of the day.

There may not be an apparent reason why you are thinking of him from your side. But for him, he has been thinking so much about you that the universe is simply letting you know.

Next time you feel someone pops out in your mind for a weirdly large amount of time. Ask yourself if it's possible that he may be having a crush on you.

7. Blushing on the cheek and a burning sensation

Blushing on the cheek usually means you are shy in front of your crush or you are put in a rather uncomfortable situation. The same feeling could happen when you are being thought of by someone else. You feel the burning sensation on your cheek and your face would be blushing badly.

This is a good sign because it suggests that whoever you are missing, mostly your crush, is thinking about you as well.

How to Pursue This Signs and Find Out Who is Thinking of You?

Understanding the cosmic structure is hard and nearly impossible. You probably will never know why the universe sends you a signal on one of your secret love but not another. There might never be a good reason to answer that. But, if you are lucky enough to be blessed by the universe to let you know who is thinking of you, there might be other ways to find out who is having a secret crush on you.

When we are talking about receiving energy from the universe, crystals are extremely good conduits to boost up the signal. Get several crystals depending on your needs and aims. Each type of crystals has its own functions and manifests in different ways. Talk to your local seller specifically about what would suit you based on your situation.

After you have gotten your crystals, turn off the lights at night and put the crystals around you. Light up a few candles as well. Such a peaceful and calm environment allows signals transmitted by the universe to come through rather easily.

Then, you will either start having someone's image popping up in your brain or you will feel a sensation relating to him, like a smell of the cologne he uses, a warmth of hug that he gives you, and such. However the feeling is being sent, you will somehow know that it's him, even if you can't explain it.

Don't be upset even if you can't see a clear picture during the session. It can sometimes take a while for the form to come across. That night, you will most likely have a dream in a setting that relates to him or you will wake up in the middle seeing a text from him.

A lot have found that with crystals, the portal to the universe seems to be easier to access and they often wake up at 3:33 am for no reason just to see a text from their potential crush or their lover. This is another solid evidence that this is something sent from the above.

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Understanding the universe can be hard and most of the time you won't get a definitive answer. At the end of the day, go with your gut instinct. The universe is sending you a hint but you won't pick it up if you refuse to believe. The most important thing is to be open-minded and let the hints come through.