Uncover Your Soul Symbol Based On Your Birthday

Find out if your soul symbols by birthday

By Aey
Uncover Your Soul Symbol Based On Your Birthday

What are Soul Symbols?

Many people believe in the fact that the way that we understand certain experiences has a lot to do with how we reflect the world with our minds. It is presumed that there is a part of our mind which is linked with our soul it is our soul. However, these subjects fall into heavy speculation and debate due to the lack of scientific information surrounding it. Nonetheless, many people believe that the kind of soul one possesses directly influences their personality. This is where soul symbols come in handy – soul symbols are related to one’s birth month and equate certain qualities to it. If one knows their birth month and its corresponding soul symbol, one can easily analyze their personality.

Soul Symbols Based on Your Birthday

1. January – Dragon

Just like how other months follow your birth month, everyone likes to follow you. You are strongminded and possess the unique ability to cross any obstacle that hinders your path. However, you tend to get a bit haughty at times and so you should keep a check on your temper.

2. February – Phoenix

Just like how a phoenix rises in times of doubt and uncertainty, you possess the unique ability to arise stronger and more powerful than before. You symbolize potency, revolution, and rejuvenation. Even if you get burnt into ashes like your soul symbol, you only rise to be from the ashes of who you were into the marvelous being you were always meant to be.

3. March – Yin-Yang

You tend to balance everything out and hence can see the good and bad in everything this world possesses. Nevertheless, you tend to look at the positive side of life and the various situations it can put one in. However, you should know that not everyone is capable of having positivity in themselves – some situations and people are too good to be true.

4. April – Lion

Like your soul symbol – you are intense, fearless, and daring. You don’t hesitate when it comes to tackling complicated challenges life throws towards you. You feel it a sense of duty and responsibility to protect your loved ones and you’d risk your life to protect your ‘pride’.

5. May – Wolf

You are the leader of the pack and leaders sometimes prefer solitude and silence to make the wisest decisions for their clan. Thus, you expect people to respect your privacy and at times, you tend to stay in the shadows. However, you’re always there for your loved ones when they require help.

6. June – Fish

The never-ending ocean is what has been and will be your home forever. You appreciate the sense of freedom you are gifted with and you make sure you don’t get trapped in life’s ‘congested nets’. Like fish, you trust your instincts and instantly sense danger along the way.

7. July – Fire

Fire symbolizes passion, purification, destruction, and regeneration. If you set your mind to something and consider it important, you never look back – whether it has something to do with career, relationships, or finance, you are equally passionate about it. However, you need to ensure that your passions don’t turn into obsessions.

8. August – Horse

You are free-spirited like your soul symbol. You value your freedom and enjoy running in the wild and embarking on adventures. You value your work ethics as well and organize everything beforehand to avoid disturbances in the future. The only advice we can give you is to have faith in yourself gallop over any obstacle life throws at you.

9. September – Flower

Flowers symbolize beauty, tranquility, and peace. Like your soul symbol, you color this mundane world with your never-ending beauty. The magnificence you radiate stops people halfway just to admire the way you stand out from everyone else. You provide people with a sense of hope, the ‘nectar’ of a promising future which eventually makes you unforgettable to those who you’ve inspired.

10. October – Star

You’re the one who lost sailors look up to when they’re lost. You’re the one who washes away the darkness from the evening sky. You lead the way to everyone who chooses to be led to guidance. Your definition of success has little to do with you and more to do with how you help others. However, you need to value yourself and practice self-love – we can’t afford to see you burnt out.

11. November – Tree

You hold everything in place. Your stabilizing influence inspires many to be just like you. You’re the number one support system for your family and friends and provide them with shelter and serenity on a ‘hot day’. However, you deserve to be pampered and watered now and then too, don’t put on excess weight on yourself – we don’t want your branches drooping.

12. December – Water

Like your soul symbol, you can be unpredictable at times. Different situations cause you to behave differently – sometimes that can be dangerous. You may be calm one second, but a tsunami the other. Your volatile personality may force some people to back away, but just remember – the one’s who’re truly worth it see what lies underneath your waves.

Is It Accurate and Should I Believe It?

Whether or not you wish to believe in soul symbols or not relies heavily on the degree of spirituality you value and possess. If you value spiritual knowledge and are willing to know more about yourself, soul symbols can be considered a useful way to pave the path. However, like any other human ideology, the concept of soul symbols is also prone to error but their mere existence relies heavily on the fact that they are accounts from people born in specific birth months – their records have been accumulated and each month hosts the records which are identical or match with attributes from millions of people who’ve been born in the same birth month. Hence, it would be wrong to consider soul symbols as a hoax and a mere myth. However, the power of the decision to believe or not to believe lies with no one other than you.

How to Use Your Soul Symbols to Your Advantages

Soul symbols are significant when it comes to our spiritual life. Here are three ways you may use your soul symbols to your advantage:

Enhances your qualities

Your soul symbol may help you better understand yourself and help you focus on both the good and bad sides of your personality. They help in stimulating and aligning one’s reflections and emotions to one’s benefit since their understanding can provoke and awake the deeper mind. The purpose of the study and understanding of soul symbols is to go beyond written interpretations and discover a level of intellect and knowledge that can only be felt. Such an understanding of one’s unique qualities and abilities transforms one inside out and alters the way one views the world and themselves for the better.

Helps you Explore

Soul symbols activate the part of the mind that is used for imagination. By identifying and understanding the unique abilities of your soul symbol, you would be able to stimulate various aspects of your mind and soul which were previously unknown to you. Soul symbols can be viewed as hidden attributes people have but are largely unaware of them. Once you study, explore, and understand your soul symbol, you may be surprised to find out the unique capabilities you possess but never acknowledged. They help in stirring your imagination for you to ‘visualize’ yourself as your symbol and hence provide a simpler explanation of your mere existence.

Spiritual Roots & Identity

Soul symbols are hidden pathways within us that lead us back to who we were and towards who we are meant to be. With a proper understanding of one’s soul symbol, one may be able to go back to their spiritual roots and better understand the purpose of their existence and contribution they can bring about to change their world, if not anyone else’s for the better. Once you can trace back your spiritual roots, you’d be surprised by the deeper understanding you’d possess of your spiritual identity and its significance in both the micro and macro world.

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Over the decades, from the Bronze Age, up till the early modern period, astrology and astronomy have linked together to form a vast study of not just stars and the cosmos, but their relationship with us humans as well. The cycle of life, the twelve months and their corresponding astrological significances have helped astrologers uncover hidden secrets from the depth of human existence. We now know that our personalities heavily rely on the month we were born in and that the people born in the same month share similar attributes. The quest to search for one’s soul has inspired many in uncovering the secrets of the universe and humanity at large – when you discover who you are, everything else falls into place.