Matching Candle Colors With Prayers For Love And Prosperity

What color to use to accentuate your prayers for manifestation

By Diana Nadim
Matching Candle Colors With Prayers For Love And Prosperity

What Is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is practically burning candles as part of a ritual to accomplish a particular goal. The use of candles is inexpensive and straightforward therefore making it easy to achieve your intentions.  Understanding the aspect of candle magic spells and colors may be wearisome. However, it is essential to understand the element of magic spells with candle colors to cast spells correctly. The success of your spell hinges on the correct color choice that you make.

All you need is just a candle, lighter, and an intention for the same. It means that you can easily match your prayers with candle colors so long as you have an aim. You should not blow the candles but instead, let them burn until they go off by themselves. Blowing the candle is believed to be a way of blowing away your intentions. Candle magic can also be used to set off any purpose and raise the energy you want.

Candle Colors To Use For Spell Casting

There are different colors available that can be used to cast spells. With each color comes a specific interest. The colors range from red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown, gold, copper, silver, just to name a few.

Candles of different colors have a distinct power to attract desired emotions, material wealth, or karma. To adequately address your situation, choosing a candle color using the color chart is very important.

These candles are mainly used in the Wiccan religion, and it is essential to focus on the main reason you select a particular candle color. Each color comes a specific general meaning to guide you in choosing a perfect color for your intentions.

Candle Colors And Prayer

In the Christian religion, lighting a candle in prayer is believed to help in proper prayer focusing. The candle frames exude light that symbolizes your expression of faith. It’s the color of the candle that you choose that brings the energy you need around you.

When matching color candles with prayers, always ensure that your concentration on the goal you have in mind is paramount. It helps you to visualize the target as you continue with your prayer session.

Candle Colors For Money

Burning the right candle color associated with money attracts the prosperity and wealth you pray. There are also money prayers that involve using powerful essential oils for them to be fast effective. Candle colors fit for money spells gold colors.

Gold colors attract wealth and fortune as it’s believed that the golden color houses the sun's energy and can effortlessly attract money. With money, you may also need some security or grounding mechanism. The black color would be ideal as it has protection energies and can also act as blockage busters. Black candles are also useful in spell reversal to unblock obstacles to your property. For effectiveness, follow the following steps only after you have visualized an image of what you wish.

  • Smudging the room is the first step, and this is to clear all negative energies in the room that can hamper your prayers.


  • Carving your candle to assume the amount of money you wish to attract.


  • Pour oils into the bowl and mix them and then anoint your candle.


  • Dress your candle by dipping your finger in the oiled brown and smear all-round the candle.


  • Visualize your goal, including your reaction once you receive the money and the influence it will have on your life. After the strong complete visualization, you can now light the candle. 


  • Once the candle is lit, chant your prayers and afterward leave the candle to extinguishes itself.

Matching this candle colors for money with prayers can also be used to secure your money in the bag. Additionally, you can use the prayers to overcome any financial blockages that are bringing difficulties in you attracting money.

Pink Candles For Love

Pink candles are mostly associated with love. It could be promoting self-love or friendships. Matching the pink candle color with prayers will have your passion stabilizing even without you noticing it. It can also be that you want to attract love. In that case, you have to conduct your prayers with a positive attitude, pure intentions, and an open heart. 

Pink is regarded as a symbol of friendship as it's believed to raise positive vibrations. With pink candles, you will attract love or bond with a person of your desire. Additionally, the pink candles cast spells to form partnerships, peace, and finding unconditional love.

Matching prayers with the pink candle color for love is also ideal for weddings and any emotional unions. It helps to bind the lovers and also promote love between them. Always ensure that you sit in a peaceful spot, choose a new pink candle then use the following steps to conduct your prayers. The appropriate day for love ritual performance is on a Friday night.

  • On a piece of paper, write your first name and last name of your intended love.


  • Draw a circle around both names then close your eyes to visualize you two together.


  • Continue to visualize the life you wish for with your loved one.


  • Now keep watch over your candle for at least 15 minutes or until it extinguishes itself.


  • If using a bigger candle, you can repeat the spell for seven consecutive nights.

Candle Colors For Fertility

Green candles represent fertility as they are a symbol of nature and new beginnings. Fertility prayers using candles are quick and easy to cast and get fair results. Spells on productivity are cast during the new moon as it marks new beginnings; therefore, this should be done within the first three days.

Fertility spells are majorly used for women trying to get pregnant and somewhat looking for a magical boost. The brown color is also used when you are trying to get pregnant, attracting a sexual partner, arouse passion, and help in sexual fidelity. Therefore, it is useful in fertility spells. 

You must have in mind the gender of the baby you wish for before anything else. Meet your unborn baby in your dreams as you visualize the best for him or her. On the first day of the new moon, use the following steps for fertility spells.

  • First, collect all the supplies that you will require for the ritual that includes the green-colored candle, fireproof bow, essential oils, and other necessary equipment.


  • Carve the candle, write your name on one side of the candle, and the name of the father on the other side. Between the two titles at the center now draw a fertility symbol of your choice.


  • Dress the candle using olive oil and place it on a candle holder.


  • On a small piece of white paper and write a brief, heartfelt message to your unborn baby using a green ink pen. On the paper, add a drop of the lady’s mantle flower essence and then place the paper flat in the bowl. 


  • Now light the candle hold the rose quartz on your left hand and focus on the flame calling out to your unborn baby to come to your life.


  • At this point, you can pick the piece of paper and light it on one corner, then place it in the bowl and allow it to burn completely.


  • Focus on the candle and rose quartz as you send positive energy and love to your baby.


  • Allow the candle to burn completely, and in case of any remaining wax, put that in a small glass together with ashes and bury the same within the three new moon days.


  • Keep the quartz heart and often hold it, think of your unborn baby and send love. Ensure that you do this in a pure heart and very positive, and your child should answer your call to join in the next moon.

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Matching candle colors with payers is one way to get things done effectively. However, if you want to get effective results, you have to put in as much energy as the one you wish to get a result. Once you approach prayer with sincerity and surety, you will surprisingly find that the spell works. Ensure that you put all your faith and pour your heart into the act to avoid disappointments.

You can, therefore, easily attract love, money for prosperity, and gain fertility. Prayers with colored candles are intense and fast working; therefore, always be careful about what you wish for as you can get it quickly.