A Quick Guide To 10 Of The Most Effective Healing Stones

How healing stones can lift you up physically and mentally

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A Quick Guide To 10 Of The Most Effective Healing Stones

Healing stones and their ancient healing powers

Many of us are unaware of the power that exists within stones extracted from the earth. Some of these are known as healing stones and play a vital role in helping humanity. Every day we face various problems relating to our physical and mental health. These range from a simple headache to serious internal disease and that can be cured according to their severity. It is however very uncommon for general people to be aware of these powers of healing stones. We would usually just conform to taking medicine or visiting a doctor. After reading this a lot of you will change your mind and shift towards taking aid from these stones that have proven to be a source of magical cure for many ailments.

10 Most Effective Healing Stones

There are many stones that the earth produces. A lot of them are commonly used as jewels or for any other decorative purpose. We rarely realize how some of them can be more than just a beautiful piece. These stones when attached to a human body play the role to extract any kind of negative energy. Some may believe they are magical ornaments or possess some sort of supernatural qualities. Whatever the story behind their powers may be, the important thing is that they work. If you aren’t a fan of allopathic or homeopathic way to achieve a cure, then this is must try. There are 10 popular healing stones that work to cure us of physical diseases and mental illnesses.

For Physical Ailments

1. Amber

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If you are recovering from an illness and need comfort, this is the stone for you. Carrying characteristics similar to the sun, it is warm and works for our wellbeing. It has immense nurturing qualities that help a person feel better after suffering from any illness or disease. It creates a protective shield around us that one can carry around like a ray of sunshine. People have been wearing it as a jewel for years as it is also a beautiful piece of accessory.

2. Heart Chakra Crystals

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The heart chakra is a part of the heart that is crucial for our wellbeing. If for any reason it becomes clogged, it may cause discomfort and pain to the person. Along with being painful it also makes a person uncomfortable in social surroundings making them avoid human interaction. There are a few heart chakra crystals which if worn help the heart breathe and make the chest expand. These also help improve and rebuild relationships. These crystals are green aventurine, pale green and olive peridot, rose quartz and aquamarine. All these create harmony and balance within our bodies and minds. Aquamarine, in particular, is also known to help with eye, teeth and digestive problems.

3. Garnet

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This is an automatic repellent to evil and bad karma. Anything might be attacking your body in the form of an illness or biological depreciation; garnet will stop it. It is known as a natural source of energy and boost to our bodies and wearing it helps us become active and lively.

4. Pearl

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A beautiful stone that comes from within an oyster and is commonly seen on girls as an accessory does way more than just beautification. In ancient times people would replace this as a treatment for fertility issues, digestive disruptions, and even heart problems. It comes in many sizes and colors and has the added advantage of looking stunning on whoever wears it. When one puts it on, a natural boost of confidence is born in that person.

5. Citrine

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If you are in perpetual body pain, have digestive or inflammatory problems then get your hands on citrine at the earliest. Wearing this helps cure these very common physical ailments found in humans. Along with that it creates positive feelings and promotes emotional well-being.

For Depression and Anxiety

6. Amethyst

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If you feel down and under-confident in any way then this is the stone for you. It instills a feeling of courage and strength once you wear it. Once it's on you it quickly becomes a repellent to any negative energy that may bring you down. Also, it transforms all particles of energy into a kind of positivity that brings out one’s creativity in the best way possible. It soothes any kind of mental discomfort by bringing peace and stability to our thoughts.

7. Moonstone

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Anyone suffering from depression, anxiety or insomnia? If yes, then moonstone is the magic wand that you need. The stone was widely used in ancient times especially on females to get rid of any evil coming their way. It promotes creativity and soothes the mind.

8. Agate

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While this stone is not as intense as other stones, but it does have the power to make a change that is long-lasting. What it does it creates a nourishing effect on the person making him or her more active and fresher physically. However, to enjoy its effects one needs to spend more time with it. Due to the lack of intensity, it takes rather long for its powers to come into play. Although when it finally starts to kick in it the makes a person more settled and grounded.

9. Jade

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Are you in need of something that provides you with wholesome nurturing energy? Is your heart not at peace and aching for some calm? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then don’t wait another minute and grab a jade stone for yourself immediately. If you have lost the will to function for no apparent reason, then wear a jade and get back on track. It brings prosperity to our mind, eliminates our resistance for love and care and makes us creative.

10. Black Tourmaline

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Being in a state of constant and stress can be really harmful to our mental and physical wellbeing. While there are ways many physical ways to relieve stress, a healing stone exists just to help us with this situation. Black tourmaline is a crystal that brings serenity to our emotions and feelings. It helps us calm down, sit back, pause, breathe and reflect on what is causing us stress. Wearing it makes these feelings and causes fly away leaving us in peace and tranquility.

How to use the stone properly

While we have read about the numerous positive effects that come with the healing stones, you all must be curious about how to use them in order to fully utilize them. There are various ways to make the best use of these magical instruments. First one must tell the stone what your intention is. This may sound silly, but you must say it out loud to the stone that you want from it after acquiring it.

Another very important way to use it is by wearing it. When you have it on you in a ring or a locket, it will stay on you all the time, or at least most of the time. Having it on you for the better part of the day will instill its magic more efficiently within you.

If wearing it seems difficult, then just carry it around in your bag or pocket. Having it close to you is very important for it to have any effect on you.

Along with keeping it with you, it is also important that you meditate with it. It is good to hold on to a source of positive energy while connecting with the higher power.

If you are using more than one stone, then you can also make a crystal layout. After waking up in the morning, place them in any order on your body and do some breathing exercises which will help collect and instill their energy in you.

You can also bath with your stones. Just immerse them in the water you are using to take a bath. However, not all stones can be thrown in the water, so make sure you put in the right one.

Sprinkling them or spreading them in your space can also help extract their powers. Whether at your home or where you work, these stones can be spread out and will help create a positive protective shield for your wellbeing.

Make sure to not be lazy about this and make use of these stones correctly for a better life.

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At the end of this text we see how there are many magical powers that our planet possesses and if properly investigated and explored, we can really change our lives for the better. The healing stones are an important creation of the earth that helps humans heal, be calm, recover and live a prosperous life.