What Exactly is a Moon Dust: A Scientific and Fad Rundown

Uncovering whether moon dust is from the real moon or not

By Kimmy
What Exactly is a Moon Dust: A Scientific and Fad Rundown

What the real moon dust is made of

Moondust, academically known as lunar soil, commonly refers to any fine fraction of regolith on the surface of the moon. Its form and texture may vary, depending on its location on the moon. Moondust is mesmerizing because it's such fine and small particles on the mysterious moon.

Astronaut Harrison Schmitt from the Apollo 17 mission took samples of moon dust in 1972 and people have been obsessed with this beautiful soil millions of lightyears away.

There are things you need to know about the real lunar soil. It's often magnetic as there're iron particles present. You can't breathe it in because it can be really toxic for your body. Any prolonged exposure to moon dust can cause severe damage to human lungs.

Moondust pretty much equals glass as it's mainly very fine silicon dioxide glass particles. Since the particles are so fine, they can wear them through spacesuits. Astronauts have claimed to have smelled moon dust and that it smelled like gunpowders. It's quite dangerous as not only are the particles toxic, they can also cut through your lungs if its in a large amount. 

Various types of particles can be found in lunar soil, including rock fragments, monoaminergic fragments, diverse spectrum of glasses such as agglutinate particles, volcanic and impact spherules.

The process takes thousands and thousands of years, known as space weathering. Knowing what moon dust is made out of has a tremendous impact on our world. The composition of moon dust offers an insight into the potential construction of structures, ground transportation networks, waste disposal systems, and many many more.

Scientists have been working on real-world experimental data with samples collected from spacecraft and astronauts for decades, to analyze moon dust and the values it may hold. All the results provided stepping stones for the Astro-science to take its next level.

As much as moon dust isn't fit for human consumption in any direct way, it provides an insight to us on the construction of the cosmic world, and also how we can build our world.

It's hard to think about how this has any potential to turn commercial right? Indeed, you may be surprised how irrelevant the commercial moon dust powder seems, yet I guarantee you it's very relevant.

The Commercial Version of Moon Dust Powder

As magical and romantic as the real moon dust sounds, it's highly toxic to breathe in or to consume. Lucky for you, there has been the commercial version of moon dust on the market these days, following the frenzy over the moon dust craze.

The commercial version of the moondust might be different than you'd think. It basically does not have anything to do with the real moon dust, but rather the poetic meaning of it.

Moondust is a powdered blend of adaptogens. Moondust powders are usually sold in jars, made with different ingredients to target specific things, to help with multiple issues of your body, including stress, anxiety, tiredness, mood swings, paranoia, etc.

It's rather unclear when moon dust powders officially gained popularity or when those "healing and soothing" powders were given the name moon dust powder. Moondust powders were probably first sold in the market as early as the 1980s, without the name "moon dust powders" attached to it.

People became very fond of the fine powders that take your stress away and the burden of your shoulders. Gradually, the name moon dust powders were given due to its fine texture, similar to the real moon dust.

Moondust powders contain various herbs and ingredients, mostly organic, to soothe your nerves and have a calming effect. That's why moon dust powders don't really have a specific definition. Anything herbs and natural ingredients in the form of fine powders that contain the soothing effect can be called moon dust powders.

As glamorous as moon dust powders are, they're not cheap to come by. Generally, a jar of moon dust powders cost about 30USD as the starting price, those with fancier ingredients or more complex purposes can be sold for 100USD per jar.

Whether you think the price is worth it is really very subjective, one thing is for sure, you can definitely make it yourself at a much lower cost! Check out our DIY moon dust recipes below!

DIY Moon Dust Recipes

1. Green Tea Mountain Rose Herbs

Moondust powders are supposed to wake you up and pump in energy to your body so you feel alive and well for the whole day. With this recipe, you are recommended to have it in the morning, together with your coffee!

These are the ingredients you will need:
- 1/4 cup astragalus root
- 1/4 cup Rhodiola root
- 3 medium-size ginseng root knobs
- 1/4 cup of eleuthero root powder

These ingredients are usually readily available at local stores that sell herbs. These aren't uncommon herbs so you will most likely find them without too much trouble, just ask around!

2. Coffee cup

1. Gently blend each herb separately, except the eleuthero root powder, until it becomes fine powders, just like the real moon dust. Remember, you are having this moon dust powders for a little ease of mind so there is no need to force it to be quick. Take your time and enjoy the process as well. Some herbs take longer than others to blend. Don't rush. Get those fine powders out. If you're lucky, you may be able to find the herbs in the forms of powders already at the store, but that all depends on which store you go to and if it's available in your area

2. Mix all herbs together in an airtight container

3. Add the eleuthero root powder to the mix, mix all the powders well again so the portion will not be uneven when you scoop some out. 

4. It's ready! Take a teaspoon of it every time you want to add it to your drink. The ratio highly depends on personal preferences, if you like the taste or not, so try it out until you find the good mix for yourself!

3. Your to-go smoothie essential powder

These ingredients are really healthy to keep your skin glowing and help you sleep at night. They even do a good job at keeping your hair sleeky.

- Astragulus
- Goji berries
- Reishi
- Maitake
- Ashwaganda

1. As before, blend out each herb individually until it becomes the finest powders on its own
2.Get one tablespoon of each powders and mic them together in a bowl
3. You're very ready to go! Isn't it the easiest? Now you can add the powder to your coffee or anywhere you want!

4. Keeping yourself youthful essentials

- Schisandra
- Amla
- Ashwagandha
- Rehmannia
- Goji
- Pearl powder

1. Like always, blend each herb separately until it turns into the fine powder you desire
2. Take one tablespoon of each herb and add it into the big mixing bowl
3. Mix all the herbs together until it's even
4. Just take as much as you like and blend it with your drinks!

All the ingredients above are amazing at targeting all the anti-aging signs such as wrinkles, skin deterioration, oxidation etc. The ingredients reverse the process and keep you looking youthful at all times. Besides, all ingredients are natural and healthy so you definitely don't want to miss out on that on your drink!

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From a breakthrough in the astrophysics science to an everyday boost-up commercial powder, moon dust is surely always mysterious and fun. We are always curious about outer space and what it holds that we continue to look for things on the moon, in the end, we found moon dust which is so fine and soft that we almost forget it's also highly toxic.

Then came the moon dust powder, our everyday essentials in brewing a refreshing cup of coffee. Different herbs have different functions and heal different parts of your body. Now, moondust powders on the market may be a bit too expensive for us, the ordinary people to afford, but now you can follow our DIY recipes and make it on your own! What's interesting is that you can also create your own moon dust recipes with herbs and ingredients that you like! Isn't it fantastic! Make your own moon dust today and see how it goes!