5 Moon Magic Rituals Easily Done at Home for Manifestation

Harness the moon power from the dark moon to full moon phases

By Madiha A.
5 Moon Magic Rituals Easily Done at Home for Manifestation

What Is Moon Magic?

The moon has always fascinated man. Several stories, myths, and rituals have been associated with this marvelous celestial body. Magic and its connection with the moon is not new. Every civilization, culture, religion, and society has believed in a mysterious connection between the moon and how it can affect the lives of people.

Moon Magic

Magic used to harness the powers of the moon is termed as the moon magic. The rituals are performed around various phases of the moon for different results and outcomes. The most powerful rituals are the ones performed on the night of the full moon. Neopagan and witchcraft systems such as Wicca used to practice these rituals in ancient times and are still practiced by believers. According to Greek and Roman scriptures, witches were accused of “harnessing the powers of the moon” or simply drawing down the moon by using strong magical spells. 

5 Moon Magic Rituals from Dark Moon to Full Moon

Not only does it look enchanting but the moon also has a special effect on tides as well as emotions. Drawing power from the moon is not limited to a specific culture or society. People from all over the world, from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, plan their lives, to some extent, according to lunar phases. They not only plan their lives but perform several rituals to bring calm, harmony, love, and success in their lives. 

Moon magic rituals are performed during the lunar phases. From the new moon to the full moon, different rituals are associated with the lunar phases for specific purposes. Here are 5 moon magic rituals from the dark moon to the full moon.

1. Moon magic ritual for dark moon

If the moon’s orbit is divided into 30 segments, the last phase which is a waning crescent moon is called the dark moon. The night of the dark moon is just before the birth of the new moon. Where some witches refrain from doing magic in the dark moon, others try to unleash the mysterious powers of the dark moon. The potential of the energy harnessed from the dark moon is of the destructive nature. 

Get Rid of Pain and Restore Vitality

The entire ritual, if possible, should be performed in the bathroom. The things you will need include: a written statement or intention of release, a black candle, a black scarf, some earthy incense (dragon’s blood) and walnut flower essence. 

  • Turn off the lights, light the black candle and declare the intent.
  • Hold the candle in your hand and walk counterclockwise in a circle; this will summon protective energies.
  • Sit in the center of the circle and start deep breathing till you get in a relaxing trance.
  • Light the incense and continue to breathe while repeating the invocation.
  • Now focus on your pain and how it has filled you with negativity. Once you feel that you are filled to the top with this heaviness of negativity, start to release it.
  • Keep repeating the statement of release and become receptive to the energy of the dark moon.
  • Be there as long as you want and do whatever you feel like doing. This is the process of release and the dark moon will guide you through it. ​​​​​​​

Take a black walnut bath afterward.
  • Fill your bathtub with warm water and pour a few drops of walnut flower essence in it.
  • Wrap your eyes with a black scarf and slip into the bath.
  • Release the remaining feelings of pain and heaviness while repeating sentences of release.
  • Stay in the water for as long as you need.
  • Drain the water, uncover the eyes, release the circle clockwise, blow the candle or let it burn down. 

The power of the dark moon will help you purge pain and restore vitality. 

2. New moon magic ritual to start a new romantic relationship

New moon and rituals associated with it are mostly for new beginnings. May it is for relationship or career, the new moon is believed to have powers to help you initiate new projects and achieve goals. 

  • Light three red candles.
  • Fill a pot with dirt and sow seeds (of your choice) in it.
  • Place a piece of rose quartz in the pot.

Like every moon magic ritual, the one for starting a new romantic relationship includes writing down the things you want in this new relationship. You can be very specific in names and attributes.
  • On the back side of the paper, write down the qualities you would like to bestow on this person. Put this paper in a red envelope. 
  • Put this envelope under your pillow and sleep on it until the seeds you have sown have turned into plants and are ready to be planted outside.
  • Now burn the red envelope and bury the ashes with the plant. Think about your wishes every time you pass by the plant. 

3. Unburden yourself – full moon ritual

The full moon is the most powerful of all and should be utilized for the most important goals. Unburdening yourself of negative thoughts, hardships and difficulties, people and their behaviors and unwanted habits can be achieved through this particular ritual. 

  • Fill a big silver bowl with water and place silver coins or crystals you wash to charge in it. 
  • Write whatever you wish to get rid of or let go of.
  • Light a white or silver candle and set your circle. 
  • Address the Moon goddess and announce your intent.
  • Burn your list in the flame of the candle.
  • Deep breathe and imagine breathing in the power of the goddess and expel what is no longer required.  Keep doing this until the candle extinguishes.
  • Leave the bowl of crystals overnight or for as long as you want.

4. Money spell – Waxing crescent ritual

Waxing crescent starts 3 days after the new moon. It is the representation of the Wiccan goddess for abundance. Performing a magical ritual during this phase will help in material gains. Here is a simple ritual that you can perform with a few ingredients.

You will require:  
1 green candle
Peppermint essence
Cinnamon powder
5 coins & 5 bills


  • Set a circle and set in the center with your coins and bills arranged around you in a circle.
  • Light the candle and incense in the circle.
  • Make a statement of intent and focus on all the details. 
  • When you are completely focused, sprinkle pinches of cinnamon on each coin and bill.
  • Chant the following spell 5 times: 
“I have all the money I could need, I am truly prosperous indeed”
  • Pick all the money moving clockwise in the circle and put it in your wallet and let the candle burn down completely. 
  • Spend this money in the days to come and the moon energy will flow along.

5. Make the unknown – known: Full moon ritual

The full moon has the most rituals associated with it because of its mystical powers. It increases emotional and psychic sensitivity and helps harness the powers to change our lives for better. The full moon has the power to unleash the hidden and shed light on the darkness. 

  • Take a piece of paper and write down all your feelings and thoughts. 
  • Don’t settle for the compromises and own the truths.
  • Face the unconscious and unveil the unknown.
  • Burn the paper and wash away the ashes.
  • Feel the lightness of relief.           

Books to Read on Moon Magic  

Magic allows you to harness the mystical powers of the moon to enhance the quality of life. It helps you get rid of negativity, pain and gives calm. There are several online resources on how to perform moon magic rituals but if you are more of a book person, here are a few good books on moon magic.

1. Moon magic: your complete guide to harnessing the mystical energy of the moon

Moon Magic: Your Complete Guide to Harnessing the Mystical Energy of the Moon

Written by Diane Ahlquist has everything you need to know about moon magic. The title says it is a complete guide to harness the mystical energy of the moon. The book describes moon phases and how they impact our moods and lives, Moon Lore, general guidelines about recipes and astrological considerations. 

2. Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles

Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles

Written by Yasmin Boland is another great book about how moon cycles affect our health, relationships, mood, and career. The book has some powerful rituals ceremonies to harness the powers of different moon phases. 

3. Moon power: lunar rituals for connecting with your Inner goddess

Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess

Written by Simone Butler describes new methods of the age-old moon magic rituals. It will help you reconnect with the primal, feminine, lunar powers of the inner goddess. You will also get to learn about the moon meanings of your zodiac signs.  

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Engage in new moon spells to bring new intentions and changes to your life including such things as love or even more money. The magic of the moon will aid in eliminating the dark things from your life that bring you down.


Rituals to harness energy from the moon have always been practiced, starting from the medieval to the modern ages. Well, who wouldn’t like a bit of happiness, peace, success, love, and money? It is a scientific reality that the moon’s gravitational pull disturbs the behavior of tides. It also does affect our moods and behaviors. Moon magic rituals were performed to benefit from the powers of the moon. The above-mentioned rituals can be easily performed at home with the littlest of ingredients and bigger benefits. Enjoy reading and performing them!