List Of Birthstones, Their Meaning And Accuracy

Detailed Explanation for April, June and September inside!

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List Of Birthstones, Their Meaning And Accuracy

Birthstones, zodiac traits, and their meanings have also been a topic that separates the people into two groups, the one that believes in them and the one that doesn’t. If you’re reading this article, you’re definitely part of the former group. I've summarized a list below for all the months and have written in details on April, June and September. Keep on reading for some interesting insights :D

The Birthstones List And Their Meanings

Birthstones are gems that are associated with each month of the year and each stone has a different meaning and its own significance. Birthstones are often embedded in jewelry like bracelets, necklaces or rings. Birthstones have specific meaning as well and each month or each zodiac sign has a separate birthstone. To summarize the main birthstones of each month and what they, I have drafted this table below.















Strength and courage






Love and empathy



















April Birthstones And Their Meanings

Diamond-The symbol of love

The month of April is divided into two zodiac signs; Aeries and Taurus. The main birthstone for April is diamond which symbolizes love, strength, and courage. Diamond is considered to be one of the hardest natural substances to ever been found. It is a stone that is often used to show eternal love as diamond is the stone often used for wedding rings and precious gifts. Diamond is also considered to be the king of all birthstones hence if you are someone born in April, know that wearing diamond will bring you more happiness and success. Moreover, it symbolizes how you are rare as well as precious. Diamond is in different colors and shades. Ranging from red, pink, green, blue and yellow to different shades of faint to vivid, diamonds are found in all these colors. The most expensive diamonds are bright and sparkling but don’t doubt the fact that all the diamonds are beautiful!

Key traits for the people having the Diamond birthstone

Diamond being the key birthstone for the month of April symbolizes love as well as strength. As this is also one of the hardest substances to cut which is similar to the common trait of people born in April are usually very stubborn and determined. They will follow their hearts and will never give up unless they have achieved what they wanted to. Moreover, these people are also very tough and strong and nothing can slow them down. The people born in April are made to shine and stand out just like a diamond.

Additional birthstones for the month of April

Apart from diamond, other additional birthstones for the month of April are Opal, Topaz, Sapphire, Bloodstone, Coral, Emerald and Amber.

June birthstones and their meanings

June is the only month which has over three birthstones associated with it, giving the people born in June a choice. The two zodiac signs for the month of June are Gemini and Cancer.


Pearl is the only stone in the world that is made up of living creatures. Original pearls are rare as most pearls sold in the market today are farmed by implanting a piece of the shell in pearl oysters. Original pearls are soft, delicate and fragile in nature and are also extremely susceptible to heat. Pearl symbolizes love, innocence and purity hence this is why it is also worn by the brides on their wedding day. This is a birthstone for the month of June symbolizing modest and chastity. People born in June are of two types, the Gemini's are the more intelligent ones whereas the cancers are more emotional and sensitive ones which is why this birthstone fits with both the zodiac signs associated with the month of June.


This is a unique birthstone which changes color from green to red. This is also one of the rarest and unique gemstones and is even more valuable than diamonds and rubies. Alexandrite is associated with continuous learning and concentration. As the people born in June are more imaginative, romantic and creative, this gemstone will boost creativity and imagination.


Moonstone is the third birthstone for the month of June. It is made up of feldspar layers that disperse light and make it glow. It comes in different colors of yellow, blue, gray, green, pink, peach and champagne. This is also considered to be a traveler's stone as it protects travelers, especially at night. Moreover, this gemstone is also highly beneficial in treating insomnia. It has soothing and relaxing properties due to which it is also considered to be a healing stone that helps to heal high blood sugar and skin problems.

July birthstones and their meanings


One of the main birthstones for the month of July is a ruby. The month of July consists of the zodiac signs of cancer and Leo. Ruby is a beautiful gemstone in red color. The value of ruby will increase with its size; the larger the ruby the more expensive will it be. Ruby is associated with passion and power with reference to the Hindu culture. If you are someone born in July, wearing this stone will bring you success in life and a great love life. Moreover, this stone represents confidence, leadership, and courage. It also gives emotional support to whoever wears this stone. People born in July are passionate and determined thus this birthstone signifies that. It will bring you good luck and will also bring you, good friends. Furthermore, this stone also signifies the importance of love and romance. Ruby people are very loving and committed. They believe in long term relationships and commitments. Apart from this, ruby people are also witty, honest, sympathetic and secretive. One of the many traits of people born in July is that they will forgive you easily but never forget how you made them feel and Ruby matched that trait being the bold characteristics it has.


Apart from ruby, carnelian is also considered to be a birthstone for the month of July. It comes in yellow, red, orange and brown color. It is a symbol of creativity, passion, and confidence. This is mostly the birthstone for the zodiac sign cancer. It has healing properties which heal the reproductive areas as well as other lower body organs such as gall bladder, liver, and kidneys. Moreover, this stone will also bring you inner peace and harmony and will help you let go of any fears or feeling of enviousness.

September birthstones and their meanings


Sapphire is the birthstone for the people born in the month of September. Sapphire is associated with wisdom, truthfulness, faithfulness, and nobility. Sapphire comes in many different colors however the rich blue variety is the most popular one. It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world. People having sapphire as their birthstone are mostly intelligent as well as cool tempered. However, they often have trust issues and do not open up about themselves very easily. Moreover, they are also calm headed, kind, caring and compassionate people. They are attracted to genuine and natural people and often maintain distance with anyone who is fake or insincere. September people are always fun to be around as they are genuine but also choosy. Sapphire also has healing properties and prevents problems like hearing issues, inflammations, and prevention as well as healing of cancer and burns.


Sapphire is the main birthstone for the month of September however apart from sapphire; Zircon is also an ideal birthstone for people born in September. This stone is especially ideal for people having the zodiac sign of Virgo. Zircon is believed to bring peace of mind and prosperity.


This is a birthstone for both people born in September as well as people born in March. This comes in a number of different colors including green, red, black, yellow and white. This stone will balance your negative and positive thoughts and will help in bringing out your spiritual side.

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