10 Things It Can Mean If You Get Attacked In Your Dream

Are you often attacked in dreams? Do you know that these stories in our sleep have interpretations? Here are 10 of what it can mean when you're being attacked.

By Neko Yama
10 Things It Can Mean If You Get Attacked In Your Dream

What Do the Attacks in Your Dreams Mean?

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According to some experts, when someone is asleep, the brain is still very much active hence why dreams occur. The dormant parts when we are awake are now functioning. However, it works slightly differently when the rest of our body is resting. Instead of thinking literally, we think symbolically—the reason why dreams are sometimes referred to as visions of the future, a sign in different aspects of life, or a message from our subconscious we should be aware of.

One of the most common types of dreams we usually have is when we’re being attacked or when someone beat you up either by monsters, dogs, someone who we’re close with, etc. and admit it, it’s pretty scary. But no worries, because just like what we mentioned above, these attacks in dreams don’t mean it’s literally happening to you but rather they are just symbolic messages on the current situation of your life.

Some also say that these attacks occurring in our dreams are interpretations of how we handle our life. You may think that you are in control of everything, but deep inside, your vulnerability is just there waiting to be triggered. And your dreams of you being attacked are raging wars between you and yourself.

Anyway, here are 10 interpretations of the attacks in your dreams.

Attacked in Dreams: Fighting Against Yourself

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When attacks keep occurring in your dreams, the questions you may want to ask yourself are:

Where am I being defensive in life?
Where am I hurting myself or someone else in real life?
Do I have habits or patterns that need to be stopped?

Why these questions? Because these attacks in dreams may mean that you’re still in fear or doubt. Maybe there are behaviors that you’ve already outgrown but you hold on to it because you’re used to it and getting rid of them may let you feel incomplete. Well, that’s not true. If it’s time to let go of something or even someone, let go to set yourself free.  

Attacked in Dreams: What Do the Weapons Mean?

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While these attacks happen in your dreams, you may want to consider your attacker’s weapon too. Just because you’re being attacked by a sword in your dreams doesn’t mean you’ll be literally attacked by the same weapon in real life.

1. Defeating someone with a sword in dreams means victory in real life; so if it’s the opposite, perhaps you’re losing a battle in real life and you’re unaware of it.

2. When you’re being burned in your dreams, it means you’re losing control of your temper and anger is the most dominant emotion in you as of now.

3. When someone attacks you in your dreams using a knife, it could mean that someone is taking control over your life.

4. Lastly, a gun in dreams represents aggression. So if you are attacked or killed in dreams using this weapon, someone has probably feelings of hatred towards you and your subconscious is trying to make you aware of it.

Attacked in Dreams: A Health Reminder

Another interpretation of attacks in dreams could be about your health issues. Perhaps, your subconscious is trying to tell you that your body is fighting against an infection. When such dreams occur, never ignore it. As they say, “listen to the whispers before them become shouts.” Your dreams may be a reminder that you need to de-stress and seek for medical attention.

Attacked in Dreams: Being Chased By Someone

One of the most common dreams we have is when we’re being chased. People who experience such occurrences share how they’re short of breath after waking up from dreams of being chased as if it really happened.

Being chased in dreams means you are avoiding someone in real life. Or if we’ll think metaphorically, it may be our emotions or a thing we fear that we are running away from.

It’s best if you’ll face these problems in real life because dreams of being chased may be your subconscious reminding you that running away from your issues may cause you more headache in the future.

Attacked in Dreams: When You're Being Tortured

When you’re being hurt in dreams, it’s normal that we don’t feel the pain. That would be awful! But even so, it’s still terrifying to experience it especially when we’re being tortured or when someone beat us up. But what does torturing in dreams mean?

If you are in an abusive relationship, it’s pretty apparent that it’s the reason why you’re subconscious tries to remind you using your dreams that you can’t do anything about it. But it could also be a hidden desire for masochistic acts.

Attacked in Dreams: Being Sexually Assaulted

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The most common and one of the serious occurrences in our dreams is when we are being sexually assaulted because it could mean a lot of things.

One of the most common sexual assaults in dreams that occur in women is paranormal entities harassing them and telling women to go with them in their fantasy world. There are even different documentaries of this happening and actually seeing these entities even when they’re awake. While it’s still a hot debate whether this is believable or not, it’s still one of the reasons.

However, if you are being sexually assaulted by a human in your dreams, it could mean that you’re in a current situation where you are being victimized but you are helpless.

It turns more serious when these dreams keep occurring because you were sexually assaulted in the past. It’s best if you could seek medical help because this means danger to your mental health.

Attacked in Dreams: Dogs Attacking You

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A dog is man’s best friend but it can also be your worst nightmare when a dog viciously attacks you even if it’s just occurring in our dreams. But what does the animal dog mean in dreams?

Dog represents our feelings in whatever aspect of our life where we’re emotionally protective. When someone dreams of an angry dog, it refers to one’s hidden anger towards other people or it could mean the other way too.

However, when the dog bit you in your dreams, it could mean that you are a victim of other people’s viciousness in real life.

Patients in a hospital could also dream about dogs attacking them which could refer to their unpleasant feeling of having medical treatment.

Attacked in Dreams: When People Yell At You

Assault through words is just as hurting as physical assault. So if we see people yelling at us in our dreams, what could it mean?

Such dreams may symbolize disappointments and regrets in real life that caused a lot of negative results. Unknowingly, you’re blaming yourself for all the troubles you and other people went through and these repressed emotions appear in your dreams as people angry and yelling at you.

Attacked in Dreams: When People Beat You Up

When you see people beat you up in dreams, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen literally. Sometimes, it refers to a battle between you and yourself.

In dreams, when it’s a faceless person who beats you up, it could represent self-criticism or judgment. If it’s members of the family who beat you up or friends you’re close with, it may be because of the lack of support you receive from them.

But then again, it could also mean something about the current situation you are in—perhaps there is an aspect in your life that you lost control of and your dreams are reminding you to pull yourself together.

Attacked in Dreams: Paranormal Entities

The most common attack in dreams that happen is when paranormal entities are surrounding us while we think we’re fully awake. Mentioned above, it could mean that entities are crushing on you but if we think scientifically, it is just our brains playing with us and what’s likely happening to us is sleep paralysis.

When this occurs, one still dreams, however they’re in the REM phase or the Rapid Eye Movement phase where your eyes move around while the rest of your body is still in rest mode to prevent hurting yourself from acting out your dreams.

Don’t worry because this is nothing that serious. After a few seconds, you will be able to move again and you’ll be awoken from such scary dreams.

Why Would These Attacks Occur In Your Dreams?

These are just some of the interpretations of the attacks in your dreams. There are many more and even after reading about them, you’ll still wonder why such dreams occur to you.

Dreams of being attacked may be triggered probably because you have an experience in the past of a likely similar incident—being physically or sexually assaulted when you were younger, or having lack of support from the people around you—and your subconscious is trying to tell you that you’re still dealing with it subconsciously.

Your hidden fears could also trigger attacks in dreams. You may think that you have everything under control in your waking life but you have that anxious feeling inside you and the “what if” questions if you ever lose control.

The best thing to do to lessen such dreams is face your fears in real life. Acknowledge your suppressed emotions because avoiding them would only cause you more terrifying nightmares.