Want To Rock The Blonde Asian Look? Here's How

Who says only Americans can be blondes? Asians too can rock the blonde look. Here is a complete guide to rock the blonde Asian look.

By Amanda Palmer
Want To Rock The Blonde Asian Look? Here's How

Going Blonde

These days we are coming across a lot of Asians sporting blonde hair in music videos or popular magazine covers. This trend has yet to come to the streets of Asia. Many young fashionistas are trying to follow their favorite celebrities. The trend is not exactly alien right now as it was two years back.

Many of these young women tend to create major fashion blunders on going blonde. There is some science and there some rules which can make you rock the Asian blonde look like a pro. 

Contrary to the myth that only fair-skinned people can rock blonde hair, blonde hair looks equally good on tanned skin too. An Asian woman needs to choose her blonde shade according to her skin tone. A light shade of blonde looks amazing on an Asian's warm skin tone. Many jet-haired beauties and now shifting their focus to bleach and they have a lot of options to choose from. From an icy grayish blue shade to a warmer, caramel hue, blonde options are many.

Penned down below are some guidelines for all those who are thinking about going blonde:

Be Prepared About Your Blonde Asian Avatar

Before you plunge into this decision, you have got some homework to do. Firstly, you need to find out a good colorist. Do not go by glossy advertisements; instead, stalk a salon on its social media page to read reviews about past experiences. Secondly, you need to browse through many magazines to come to your favorite shade of blonde. Remember to take that page to your hair colorist. 

Thirdly, you have got to be prepared for many bleaching sessions. You cannot get blonde hair color in just one session. As most Asians have jet-black or dark brown hair, your initial bleaching sessions could give you orange or light pink. You will need multiple layers of bleach and toners to get your required shade. 

You might also not like the effect after the end process. Remember, it takes a while to get used to seeing yourself in light-hair. Once you go light-haired, you can always dye your hair darker if you are not satisfied with the blonde hair.

Either Go Slow or Go Wild

Before you go for your major turnover, it is advisable to test the hair color on a small surface to see whether it would suit you and also to allow yourself some time to ease yourself slowly into the color. 

You could start with a muted or subtle base color with blonde highlights. Make sure you get plenty of blonde highlights from a good hair colorist that blend easily into each other. Also allow your original hair color to peek through your strands, mostly from the roots to give you a natural look. 

Gradually, with each visit to the salon, you can lighten your hair more and more. This way, not only you but people around you will also get used to seeing you with lighter hair. With each lighter shade of hair color, you will be able to determine whether cool or warm shades suit you and you can get it done in your next salon visit. 

If you are determined to go for a wild or a full blonde look during your first attempt, then make sure that the shade would suit your skin tone. You can take some expert advice about this and get your skin tone and undertone determined. You definitely would not want to waste your precious money on a shade of blonde only to realize that it does not suit your skin tone.

You Can Start With Ombre or Sombre Hair

During your 'virgin blonde experience,' it is better if you start with 'sombre' hair color. 'Sombre' hair color is quintessentially an ombre shade with a subtler look. This shade lets you play with various blonde shades, and you do not have to worry about growing out your original dark roots.

Rock the Asian Blonde Look According to Your Skin Tone

Going blonde can be quite intimidating especially if you choose a wrong shade of blonde. Instead of rocking a blonde Asian look, you can efficiently manage to make a fashion disaster. Here are some tips on choosing your blonde shade according to your skin tone.

1. Fair skin with pink undertone

An Asian blonde celebrity who looks like a natural blonde is Korean celebrity, Taeyeon. She dyed her roots silver and sparked the trend of silver-gold ombre hair.
A fair person should opt for a subtle shade of blondes such as honey or butterscotch. Warm shades will always help to balance the coolness in the skin.


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2. Porcelain Skin

Asian model, So Jo, sported a blonde look with her pale skin. She opted for platinum blonde. The cool shade complemented her skin tone perfectly.

3. Fair skin with yellow undertones

Asian celebrity Nana dyed her roots dark and bleached her hair blonde. She could pull off her Ash Blonde or Reverse Ombre shade perfectly because she tried a darker shade of blonde hair color with dark brown ombre tips.
She has a yellow undertone, and blonde also falls in the yellow category. Yellow on yellow can be quite tricky to pull off and hence she decided to draw the attention to her darker roots. 

4. Fair skin with blue-green undertones

Asian celebrity CL has fair skin with blue-green undertones. She carries her blonde look perfectly. She selected a beige or an Ash Blonde shade to complement her skin tone perfectly.

5. Tanned skin

Asian celebrity Hyorin chose a slight reverse ombre with brown roots. She chose a light shade of blonde which is almost near-white to create a stunning contrast with her olive skin. 

Pretty Shades of Blonde rocked by Asian Celebrities

Many Asian men and women are ready to ditch their dark hair color and experiment with various shades of blonde. Asian celebrities have always known to go overboard with their hair and makeup.
Bleaching dark colored hair to a shade of blonde has become the latest fashion fad in South Asia. You can easily create a faux pas in this process as there are specific rules you must adhere to. 

Below is a list of famous Asian celebrities who have rocked shades of blonde effortlessly.

1. Blonde Ombre - Asian Hair

Blond ombre hair color is a subtle and safe choice if going blonde scares you. In this shade, you can retain the top half of your hair in its natural color and dye the bottom half of your hair. You can opt for a soft ombre or a bold ombre shade as you prefer. A brown to blonde ombre also looks great.
Celebrity CL from Kpop group, 2NE1 rocks this shade fabulously. Celebrity Hyolyn sports a double ombre with brown roots shade. Japanese artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tried the multi-colored ombre shade which looked great too.

2. Asian Strawberry Blonde Hair

Many Asians opt for a strawberry blonde shade. Every Korean drama on TV has at least one celebrity rocking a strawberry blonde hair color.
Japanese singer Kana Nishino from 4Minute and celebrity Irene from Red Velvet sports a strawberry blonde hair color.

3. Asian Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde is also a popular choice amongst Asians. This one is a cool blonde shade which has elements of blonde and grey.
Celebrities Amber An and Taeyeon have been spotted with ash blonde hair.

4. Dark Platinum Hair

Those you are bold enough and are not afraid of going over the top, then dark platinum blonde hair color is just for you.
Be a trendsetter just like Soo Joo Park and Krystal Jung who rock this bright blonde shade with a lot of swag and oomph.

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5. Blonde Highlights on Asian Hair

Up your style quotient by getting yourself blonde highlights on Asian hair quite similar to ombre hair. This one is a safer choice for the newbies.
Celebrities like Koda Kumi and Jamie Chung have been nailing this hairstyle wonderfully. Celebrity Jessica from SNSD changed this look further by going more blonde than black.

6. Blonde Asian Hair with Pastel Highlights

A bold choice, this one would raise your swag quotient like never before. You will look like a magical fairy sporting pastel colored highlights on blonde hair.
Soo Joo Park and Seulgi from Red Velvet have been spotted sporting lilac, mint and peach highlights on their blonde bleached hair.

7. Honey Blonde Asian Hair

Honey blonde Asian hair color is undoubtedly the best hair color option for Asian skin. Most Asian women and men have yellow undertones in their skin, and this warm shade is a perfect choice for them.
Celebrity CL and Japanese music artist Ayumi look flawless in this look. To differ slightly, you can also opt for caramel instead of honey.

Asian Men With Blonde Hair

Many Asian men have also started bleaching their hair blonde. They are not afraid to experiment with different variations to this shade just like their women. 

Below are some Asian celebrities who rock the blonde hair look effortlessly.

1. Black Blonde Hair

Asian men are commonly seen with dark, black roots with their lighter blonde hair. It is a cool look and celebrities like Kim Hyun Joong and L from Infinite pull off the shade easily.

2. Blonde Asian Hair with Colorful Highlights

Colorful highlights on blonde hair are not only for women. Asian men like Oh Sehun and Tae Yang from Jpop group are seen these days rocking this hairdo effortlessly.
This funky hairstyle looks cool on Asian skin. Try pretty pastel highlights such as lavender, mint, and pink.

3. Platinum Blonde Asian Hair

The Asian males are seen rocking a lighter shade of Platinum Blond when compared to their women.
Celebrities like G-Dragon and T.O.P from Big Bang carry off this look pretty well.

If You Are Not Happy With Your Shade of Blonde

Blonde hair color when not chosen according to your skin tone can result in you looking duller, outdated and even unbalanced. The best way to figure out whether a particular shade of blonde suits you or not is by doing a color analysis or seeking expert opinion from a color professional. 

Sometimes, even after much thought process, you end up with a shade that you do not like. At that time, you must remember that it is a drastic change and that your eyes will need time to get used to seeing yourself like that. 

Next, you must counter the negative impacts of the color by wearing makeup, clothes, and accessories which compliment your hair color. 

Many people also do not give much importance to a suitable hairstyle. You might need to change your hairstyle after bleaching your hair. 

Lastly, if you do not like the light shade, you can consider getting lots of highlights in a subdued color to counter the vibrancy of your appearance.

Your Hairstyle Should be Great Too

Great blonde hair color can look trashy if you do not get a suitable hairstyle along with it. Shades like light blonde or platinum blonde look really ugly and unkempt if not styled with a proper hairstyle.


A sleek and tousled hairstyle looks best on platinum hair for women. Men who sport a platinum blond hair color should also carry a younger hairstyle instead of a neatly combed hairdo.

Change Your Hair Products for After-Care

After bleaching and coloring your hair to a shade a blonde, you might also need to change your hair products. Purple shampoo is available in the market to manage your color-treated blonde hair. It is recommended that you use it after every second wash. 

Along with a purple shampoo, you will also need a proper restorative hair conditioner. A protective hair mask is just as essential as a conditioner for color-treated hair. Too much of bleaching and heat-styling can damage your hair, and you absolutely need to revamp your toiletries. Consider them a part of the expenditure for coloring your hair blonde.

You Will Need to Change Your Makeup

Changing your hair color also needs you to change your makeup. Your hairstyle and makeup should complement your blonde hair and so should your clothes. You can easily make mistakes with your bronzer, foundation, lipstick and eye makeup. You can browse through various magazines to check to make up for blonde hair. You have to keep in mind your skin tone.


Warmer skin tones with blonde hair need a different makeup than cooler skin tone with blonde hair. You can even consult a beauty professional to give you some useful tips.

DIY to Bleach Your Asian Hair into Blonde

If you want to color and bleach your hair into blonde at home, you can follow the below listed easy DIY guide. Remember, if you are bleaching your hair for the first time, you might need some expert hair colorist to do it for you.

If you are a pro in hair coloring and also want to save on your precious money, then the below guide is a step by step tutorial for dyeing your hair blonde.

Women often crave to transform their looks. Black or dark brown hair can get you feeling confined with your look and going blonde is a great way to get a new look totally.

Get Your Hair Ready

Before you begin to apply loads and loads of bleach into your hair, you must understand its functioning. Bleach works by penetrating through the hair shaft and oxidizing your natural hair pigment responsible for your hair color. This process is very harsh and can cause hair damage. Your hair needs to be in a healthy condition before you bleach it. 

Make sure your hair is healthy and shiny. If it is damaged, then you must nurse it back to health for a month or two and then apply bleach. The following steps will help you nourish your hair two weeks before you bleach it:

* You need to work with Virgin Hair:

Now, this doesn't mean that you cannot bleach your hair again if you have done it before too. Virgin hair means hair that has not been chemically treated for at least three months. If you do not wait for three months, your hair can easily get damaged. 

* Stop Styling your hair using heat stylers:

Now that you have decided to bleach your hair, you have to give your hair a break atleast for a month from heat-styling. Do not use crimpers, straightners, curlers or any other heat-styling device as these rip off the moisture from the hair. 

* Proper Conditioning:

Two weeks prior to bleaching, you must indulge in a thorough conditioning process. Essential oil massages and home made hair masks should be included in your conditioning regimen. Make sure you oil your hair before shampooing. Also, always use an intense hair conditioner after every shampoo wash.

* Massage your hair with coconut oil:

The night before you plan to bleach, soak your hair in virgin coconut oil. It is your hair's best friend. It will form a protective layer over your hair and does not let the hair lose moisture.

Gather all Essentials

You can now begin. You need to gather all the essential ingredients that you will need for bleaching:

* Bleach powder

It is best to buy a bleach powder from a reputed brand. You cannot buy a skin bleaching powder. There are separate bleaching powders available for the hair.

* Developer/Peroxide

A peroxide is required to activate your bleach to lighten the hair. It is available in different volumes of 10, 20, 30 and 40. The volumes indicated the strength of the peroxide. Volume 10 is ideal for light fading hair, and it is only useful for lightening one or two levels of hair color. This does not work on dark hair. Volume 20 is ideal for light brown hair. Volume 30 is used to lift the hair color level three to four times, and it should not be left on the scalp too long as it may cause skin irritation. For a light blonde shade, volume 30 can be used over two to three sessions. Volume 40 can give a real light shade but it is also very damaging for the hair. Do not use it for than 10 to 15 minutes on the hair. 

* Tinting Brush:

It helps in a better application. Do not use your fingers even after wearing gloves.

* Clips for making sections in the hair:

You will need these very much. You will need to clip locks of hair after parting them into sections. 

* Plastic/Latex gloves:
Do not apply bleach with bare hands as you may spoil your skin and stain it too. 

* A mixing bowl:

Make sure you take a plastic bowl so that there is no reaction with the bowl material and the chemical of the dye. 

* Shower cap:

Wear this cap after you have applied the bleach to create some heat inside. Bleach works faster this way.

* Shampoo and conditioner:

Wash your hair with a shampoo recommended for blonde hair and also condition it after shampooing.


Now that you have gathered the essentials, it is time to begin. Sit in a well-ventilated room in front of a full-length mirror. Make sure you have ample lighting and a bathroom with running water close by.

* Wear old clothes and put on your gloves as you might drip some chemical on your clothes and spoil them permanently. 
* Make sections in your hair and secure them with clips. Start with the back of the hair first because they are hard to reach later.
* Next, mix the bleach powder and the developer. Mostly, you are required to add two parts of peroxide to one part of the bleach powder. Mix it well ensuring that no lumps remain. 
* Start applying the bleach now one by one in all the sections starting from the mid-length and working your way down the length of the hair. You can leave out the roots at first because they take less time in changing color. After you have applied bleach on the sections, you can now apply the bleach on the roots and cover the hair with a shower cap.
*  Let the bleach sit for 20 minutes in the least but make sure you do not leave it for more than 30 to 45 minutes. 
* Your hair might start turning orange but do not worry as this is your first session only.
* Wash your hair now with a good blonde hair color shampoo and apply a protein balancing conditioner next. 
* You can even bleach your hair with a toner if you do not want warm tones in your blonde hair color. Using a toner is completely optional. If you want a cool shade of blonde, then you can simply replace your bleach with a toner and follow the same instructions as mentioned above. 
* Depending upon the color you get, you might need another session or two to get the desired hair color.


Bleaching your dark hair into a very light shade might take a couple of sessions. If such is the case with you, it is advised to space out your sessions else you will end up damaging your hair with too much chemical used at once or too quickly. Bleaching also works better on virgin hair. Wait for at least three to four months before you color your hair again. 

If your hair texture is fine and straight or manageable, then you can easily DIY at home but if your hair texture is very thick, heavily processed, colored, permed, curly or kinky, you must get your hair colored by a professional as you will not get the desired results.

Hopefully, this article has solved all your queries of bleaching your Asian black hair into blonde. Rock your Asian blonde hair with style and be a trendsetter!

No matter what shade you decide to color your hair, seek the help of a professional first if you are unsure. Be brave and remember 'blondes have more fun' or so they say!