Characteristics Of Aquarius Women: Physical Appearance, Attractiveness & More

Women born in specific months of the year are believed to have different attributes. Here are facts you need to know about an Aquarius​​ woman's appearance.

By Auntrone89
Characteristics Of Aquarius Women: Physical Appearance, Attractiveness & More

General facts about an Aquarius woman's appearance

Aquarius women are not only physically attractive but are also unique for a good number of amazing, scintillating attributes. And just like it is the case with women from different zodiac signs, you can use these uniquely sparkling qualities to identify an Aquarius from the lot. For instance, most Aquarius women are known for their independence in both thoughts as well as their general lifestyles.

But despite having a knack for following their gut and having a mind of their own, Aquarius women are also famous for being very open minded and others find this attribute to be very accommodative. For this reason, you can very much disagree with an Aquarius woman without hatred or judgment involved. An Aquarius woman loves every single bit of life.

These are just but a handful of the many dazzling qualities of these eye candies which is beside their plausible beauty.  It is also important to note that while most Aquarius women exhibit all these special qualities, others won’t. Therefore, if you ever find yourself suspecting that a woman is indeed an Aquarius but aren’t completely sure about it, how about you just ask her.

Who knows, you might end up squeezing an unforgettable conversation out of the whole encounter, especially if she happens to be an Aquarius. Without further ado, here are some popular traits of the Aquarius woman:

1. An Aquarius woman is unpredictable

One of the most enchanting characteristics of an Aquarius woman is unpredictability. Men and other human beings, in general, find unpredictability to be rather intriguing, which explains why falling for an Aquarius woman is easy.

It will be difficult to figure her out because she doesn’t follow any patterns. From her day to day decisions all the way to her general appearance, an Aquarius woman will always manage to raise eyebrows every single day. And because she is open-minded, the Aquarius woman will never shy away from trying new things and doing so on a regular basis.

And because she looks hella sexy without even trying, always expect unpredictability to look good on her, always. Apart from her appearance as well as plans, you should also expect unpredictability when it comes to the flawlessly beautiful Aquarius woman’s moods. She’ll be sad when everyone else expects her to be happy and vice versa.

And because of this, it is always important for you to tread carefully around your Aquarius woman – or any Aquarius woman for that matter! Be sure to examine her current mood before engaging her because your approach can easily backfire in your face especially if she’s not in the mood.

2. Her appearance is that of a rebel

When dealing with an Aquarius woman, don’t let her attractive physical appearance fool you at any given point. Despite looking all cute and harmless, this eye candy will not entertain any disrespect and will always rise to the occasion especially when the need arises. For instance, if you say something she disagrees with, she will make her disapproval known without a moment’s hesitation.

The rebel in her makes her build and ready for conflict and will not shy away from having a different opinion as all the others. This attribute will also be shown or reflected in her outfits, believes, arguments as well as her way of life in general. It is a tad difficult to find an Aquarius beauty joining the bandwagon.

And even when she agrees with the majority, then it’ll be simply because the majority is right – which is rarely the case. In other words, the Aquarius woman is a rebel with a course, which makes living life on her own terms her modus operandi.

Most Aquarius women are well-read, meaning they always know what they are talking about. This makes her only stand up for things she fully understands and not just because she wants to fit in or look cool. With that in mind, you might want to tread very carefully especially when you feel the urge to challenge an Aquarius woman.

3. She embraces change in thought & appearance

Among the many adorable characteristics of an Aquarius woman, her flexibility is arguably the most attractive of them all. Despite the fact that she firmly stands up for her believes, it is not peculiar to see an Aquarius woman either changing her mind or adopting a new set of beliefs.

This is because she understands that change is inevitable and those who embrace it gracefully will not only survive but thrive. She understands how important it is for her to stay on top of her game and the only ways she can do so is by learning new things and changing when she has to.

For instance, if her favorite look or appearance either become outdated or she gets tired of it, then switching it all up will not be an uphill task for her. The same applies to when she finds out that she is wrong about something. She will make a point of admitting and moving forward without dwelling on it.

In other words, an Aquarius woman neither has the time dwell in the past nor beating herself up. She knows she is better off doing all in her power to learn new things than defending herself when she is wrong.

4. An Aquarius woman is independent

Most people who believe in the dogmatic cliché that an attractive woman doesn’t have to work a day in her life has clearly never crossed paths with an Aquarius woman. To her, her attractive physical appearance is just but a bonus. Don’t get it twisted, an Aquarius woman knows that she can use her charm to get what she wants. But she instead chooses to work extra hard and earn everything she has.

It is for this reason that most Aquarius eye candies happen to be both books smart as well as street smart. And this attribute alone makes them thrive in whichever industry they are in which makes them undeniably beautiful. That said, never make, tell or insinuate that an Aquarius woman’s beauty is the reason she is successful, that is, unless you want to be in her bad books.

The Aquarius woman is aware of the fact that she is highly likely to be misunderstood and is pretty much okay with that. But that doesn’t mean you have a right to confront her with your far-fetched conclusions about her life unless you want to risk a nasty confrontation.

Independence is the main reason why it’s always easy to find beautiful, Aquarius women doing so well in a predominantly male environment or industry. An Aquarius woman isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. And that alone makes her the perfect fit for just about any job or work that she puts her mind to doing.

5. Her appearance doesn’t allow her to show emotion

Contrary to popular belief, an Aquarius woman happens to be very emotional. But since she is strong and independent, an Aquarius woman will do just about anything to maintaining a strong, independent appearance or front. As earlier stated, she cries, laughs and goes through all sorts of mood swings just like it’s the case with all the other women.

But unlike all the other women, an Aquarius woman is an expert when it comes to hiding her emotions. And this explains why it is quite difficult to read an Aquarius woman. In the event that she is overwhelmed by emotion, just like it happens to the best of us, then she will distance herself from the crowd and work on herself.

And when she goes into an “emotional hibernation”, the Aquarius woman will do it so well that no one will notice that something is amiss save for those who are keen enough. When she is overwhelmed by emotion, it is important to keep your distance unless of course, she asks for help. It is therefore important to note that despite her current situation, being strong and independent is and will always be her MO.

6. An Aquarius woman avoids egocentric people

If you have an inflated ego and are attracted to an attractive Aquarius woman, then, by all means, work on losing your overbearing personality before making a move on her. Why? Because overblown egos turned off Aquarius women. And apart from humbling yourself before approaching an Aquarius beauty, you’ll also need to avoid gloating about your achievements.

As earlier mentioned, an Aquarius takes pride in her independent and is indeed a rebel. Therefore, adopting the simple, humble person will get you in her good books and she’ll even want to know more about you. But if you don’t get rid of the gloating, then you will not like your encounter.

This is usually the case because an Aquarius woman wants to know all about you as a person as opposed to what you have. Again, she is independent and can get it on her own. Also, over-complimenting her physical appearance or beauty isn’t going to help your course. I am not saying that you shouldn’t complement an Aquarius woman - just don’t dwell on it.

7. Sarcastic women are very, very sarcastic

Sarcasm, as all intelligent beings will admit, is a very attractive attribute especially when a beautiful woman dons it. It’s indeed one of those characteristics that reveal both the intelligent and fun side of a woman as effortlessly as possible. This explains why an Aquarius woman will become automatically attracted to a person or people who not only understand but appreciate good sarcasm.

Unfortunately, the public is usually quick to dismiss their wicked sense of humor as either weird or arrogant. Thankfully, not everyone in society fails to nab the humor and wit in their sarcastic sentiments. If you are lucky enough to belong to the “chosen collective” that gets the Aquarius woman, then you’ll always find her a tad intriguing irrespective of her appearance and/or how society has chosen to perceive her.

In short, the Aquarius woman will never stop being sarcastic. She’ll most certainly use any opportunity she gets to enjoy her sarcasm. And if you don’t like it, well, that’s on you, not her. Whether sad, happy or agitated, the Aquarius woman will always find a way to squeeze in some sarcastic comments to light up the moment.

8. An Aquarius woman overthinks

Overthinking, according to psychologists, is a dangerous, unattractive behavior that the Aquarius eye candies are known for. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing they can do stop overthinking as it is part of their genetic constitution.

The overthinking is brought about partly because these women are naturally intelligent, meaning they can’t stop thinking even if they wanted to. And apart from having big, ever-working brains, the Aquarius woman loves being very prepared. And that means a lot of thinking and preparation.

Unfortunately, the overthinking almost always ends up hurting them as well as their relationships. Their affinity to always want to analyze just about anything and everything can be exhausting to both their lovers, folks, and friends. Overthinking also leads to the Aquarius woman emotionally and physically drained.

9. Their lives revolve around good music

Ask any Aquarius woman about her favorite music and she’ll effortlessly engage you for an eternity. It is because of this undying passion for music that makes them fall in love with everything that has a musical connotation. It is also for this very reason that you are likely to find these beautiful souls embedded in every aspect of music. You’ll find them from music production, singing all the way to playing instruments.

One of the many fascinating characteristics of the beautiful Aquarius woman, as I previously cited, is perfectly concealing her emotions. But if you ever feel the need to make her reveal her emotions, then all you need to do is play her favorite music, kick back and watch the magic unfold.

Her undying love of music will also be reflected in her day to day beliefs as well as her general appearance. For instance, when an Aquarius woman is a devout metal head, then her wardrobe will not be deemed complete without some bold, gothic outfits.

10. An Aquarius woman sucks at lying

Their inability to lie is another reason why people find Aquarius women attractive. No matter how hard they try to lie, they just can’t go through with it. And even before they manage to lie, the discomfort in their physical manifestations will be so obvious that no one will believe them even for a single bit.

In short, you have a better chance teaching a dog how to talk than teaching an Aquarius eye candy to lie effortlessly. To them, telling the truth is much easier than lying because of their unflustered nature and have a solemn belief that the truth will set them free. With this in mind, if you are ever in need of a good wife, look no further than an Aquarius beauty.


If your goal is getting along with an Aquarius woman, as well as women from other zodiac signs, then the first thing you need to do is knowing all about their unique characteristics. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways of doing so especially if you want to identify and get along with an Aquarius woman.

For instance, if you guess that she is an Aquarius using her independence or honesty, then feel free to use her general rebel-like appearance or open-mindedness. Note that just because Aquarius women behave in a certain way doesn’t mean that women from other zodiac signs don’t possess the same qualities.

This simply shows that these qualities are more pronounced with the Aquarius than any other zodiac signs and should, therefore, be taken with a pinch of salt. Also, as mentioned earlier, there are certain Aquarius women who exhibit more of the above-mentioned signs than others.

This means that the most accurate way of telling whether or not a woman is an Aquarius is by simply asking. Last but not least, always use the above-mentioned attributes in a bid to treat the Aquarius woman perfectly. Doing so will not only make them happy but also make the world a much better place when all is said and done.