20 Money Rituals And Spells To Attract Wealth & Be Rich

In order to beseech the universe and attract money into your life, you're required to learn a few money rituals. Here are the top twenty rituals you can use.

By Auntrone89
20 Money Rituals And Spells To Attract Wealth & Be Rich

Money spells and rituals that actually work

We can pretend all we want. But at the end of the day, everyone, including the richest man in the world, wants to have more money than they already have. Thankfully, there are a lot of money spells and rituals that one can use to achieve this particular goal. But first, you’ll be required to practice because, well, practice makes perfect. Note that there are certain money rituals that work instantly while others take time. In the event that you are casting a money ritual that takes time. If this happens to be the case, then patience should be your forte. And without further ado, here are the top 20, highly recommended money rituals you can carry out today.

1. The famous mint money rituals

The mint money rituals are famous because they are very simple to carry out. And to make matters even better, they have been proven time and again that they work within the shortest time possible. And it’s because of these two reasons that most people prefer them over many other money rituals. Therefore, the fact that its core ingredients are readily available is just icing on the already sweetened cake. The ingredients for these rituals include mint, warm wax and a fireplace. And if you don’t have a fireplace, feel free to light a small fire that can easily be contained. When you have all the ingredients, light up the fire right before throwing the mint in it, letting it burn to ashes. Collect the mint ash and burn a candle over it. Then pick a coin and put in your wallet while imagining that awesome feeling of coming into lots of money. This spell is simple and doesn’t feel satanic at any point. Therefore, feel free to try it out because it works perfectly!

2. The instant money rituals

If you’ve done sufficient research online, then I am confident that you’ve already come across the instant money rituals or spells. Chances are that most spiritually aware people who want money have already tried this one out. And if they did it correctly, then they most likely ripped the benefits instantly or after a short while. The only ingredient you need for these money rituals is a green candle. As well all know, green is the color of the dollar bill – which is the exact thing you need in order to be rich. Start by lighting up the candle and believing you are about to get lots of money from lots of different channels. Then write the figure down on a piece of paper and you can chant in order to reinforce the effect.

3. The energy money rituals

All money rituals require the power of the universe to come full circle. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea for you to practice then get your hands on the required ingredients. And speaking of ingredients, you’ll need a silver bowl, a handful of coins and two green candles. Arrange the coins in the bowl right before putting the candles around it. In order to channel the right kind of energy, drop the coins into the bowl in a clockwise manner. You can chant while working on your money rituals to strengthen it.

4. The money mojo bag rituals

Apart from being super easy to carry out, the money mojo bag rituals have instantaneous results. And it is for this very reason that I highly recommend it for all beginners. For ingredients, you’ll need a silver coin, a bowl of water and your wallet. The full moon makes the money mojo bag rituals more powerful thanks to the lunar energy. Begin by putting the shiny silver coin into the bowl. Hold the bowl with your left hand while circling it with your right. Then, ask the goddess of the moon to respectfully fill your pockets and wallet with nothing but shiny, silver coins. Again, this is not one of those eerie satanic rituals.

5. The lunar money rituals

Always feel free to carry out personal research online on just how powerful lunar energy is. And once you do that, you’ll recognize the importance of channeling during a full moon. This explains why many spell castors - both amateurs and gurus - always seek to use the moon to give them exactly what they want. And this includes those who just wanna be rich. You’ll start by closing your eyes and imagining lots of gold and silver in your possession. Feel free to chant and reinforce the vibrations you are sending to the universe.

6. The money in your wallet incantation

For this incantation, you’ll need to find a wallet that is either orange, green, gold, red, brown, black or yellow. The color scheme of your wallet is key because it will determine whether or not money will be attracted to it. Therefore, choose the color wisely because these colors symbolize precious metals. Thankfully, it is a very easy and simple thing to do. Apart from the specific colors, make sure your wallet is expensive. Then, put some money into your wallet and visualize it multiplying to the point that your wallet can’t hold it any longer. Focus on your mind’s eyes or else your wishes will never come true. That means learning how to trust and believe in the power of the money rituals - or any other spells for that matter.

7. The bay leaf money invocation

The green pigmentation on the bay leaf symbolizes money. But that’s not the only thing making this rather simple money enchantment work instantly. To complete the charm, you’ll need a few banknotes, a flower pot, and a jar. A positive mindset is also required if your spell is to work effectively. Start by placing seven banknotes into the jar using your right hand. Then chant about how much you need the money, saying “Money shine and the money ring” every now and then. And to channel the right kind of energy from the universe, always stand by every word you chant. Make sure it’s all coming from the heart. After chanting, write your name on the bay leaf before throwing it in the jar. Right after tossing the bay leaf into the jar, place the lid on it. Finally, write the amount of money you wish to come by and bury it in the flower pot. Feel free to put a banknote every other time you pass by the jar while going about your business.

8. The money attraction ritual

There is nothing satanic about the money attraction ritual because it relies predominantly on the power one’s mind. For instance, if you want money, all you’ll be required to do is think about having it. What you wish is what you get, ever heard about this? I bet you have. Therefore, if you don’t comprehend the power behind attraction, feel free to carry out an in-depth research online. Thankfully, surfing the internet is free and if you do it right, you can end up with a lot of valuable knowledge on the money attraction rituals.

9. The lottery money spells and rituals

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If you ever wish for your lucky numbers to one day win you the lottery, then you’ll need to, first of all, learn how these spells work. Depending on the effectiveness of your chanting, you might end up winning, either instantly or in due course. The trick is believing in the power of your mind and chanting. Do that and you’ll be successful in whatever you do and not just cast spells for money. But before embarking on the chanting, you’ll need to collect 6 coins and a green candle. You’ll need a green candle as it symbolizes money. Then, arrange the coins around the green candle before lighting it up. Then beseech the universe to let the money flow, let the money grow, let the money shine and finally, let all the money be yours!

10. Money into pockets incantations

The two ingredients required is your mind and your sheer willpower. Remember, self-doubt will only hurt your spells, making them weaker in the process. Once you’ve set your mind on attracting lots of money and making you rich, then you can commence with the rituals. First off, close your eyes and visualize tons of money flowing into the bank, your wallet, and home safe. But instead of picturing yourself living and spending lavishly at the expense of others, try focusing on the money coming and piling up. On top of casting this spell, try coming up with a fitting budget to check your overspending.

11. Practice gratitude

I began this money spell again yesterday during the Jupiter hour. I had already run through it before the previous Thursday but 1) I couldn’t hold my positive thoughts and 2) I kept having dreams showing me where I hadn’t cleared my blocks. Spellwork is using the energy of a Higher Power (whatever that may be for you), planetary energies, color and herbal energies and your personal power and intention to manifest a desired outcome. The key is BELIEVING it to be true-and so it is or so mote it be. You have to align your energy with what you desire and not let the blocks get in your way. Make your desires stronger than your fears and excuses. Make your desires so strong that they can’t help but to come true. That is what magick is about. And if you miss the mark the first time, regroup and try again. #moneymagic #manifestation #magicismanifestationwithprops #moneycandles #havecauldronwilltravel #moneyspells #tryagain #dontgiveupyet

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Practicing gratitude is arguably the most powerful spell for attracting good fortunes despite being ignored by most people. All you need is listing all the little things you are grateful for and watch all your other dreams come to fruition without you breaking a sweat. Also, you don’t need to perform any satanic rituals as long as you’ve perfected the art of gratitude. Learn to be grateful on a daily basis and you’ll attract tons of money into your life. Practicing gratitude will also leave you feeling happy, motivated and most importantly, stress-free. And since practicing gratitude is free of charge, you decide to start from the get-go and witness a change in your life.

12. The make it rain money ritual

In my opinion, this is the best money ritual as it has a way of making you feel rich while performing it. You also don’t need to carry out expensive research online in order to learn how it’s done. All you need is a copier and a hundred-dollar bill. If you don’t have a copier at your disposal, you can use the one at the office and print out as many hundred dollar bills. Then, toss the dollar bills in the air and enjoy the feeling as though real dollar bills were falling on you. It is that sudden burst of positive energy flowing through your body into the universe that will attract money into your life.

13. The prosperity perimeter money spell

For this ritual to work effectively, you’ll need to find four convenient places in your home and plant four shiny coins. Then, proceed to sprinkle salt along the coins, creating a form of force field or money perimeter. And while you are sprinkling the salt, keep on chanting while imagining a lot of money being attracted into the force field. This ritual will affect everyone who lives within the perimeter which is more or less a good thing. This amazingly effective white magic spell works like a charm while being super easy to carry out. And that’s why it comes highly recommended.

14. Spend money to make money

In spite not being instantaneous, the ‘spend money to make money’ incantation has been proven to work beyond the reasonable doubt. This also explains why many experts will tell you to invest heavily if at all you want to make lots of money. The truth is, spending makes you feel good especially if you spend on something amazing. And in a bid to want to keep feeling that good, you’ll feel obliged to make more money. And that’s how you’ll end up attracting much more money without even noticing. Again, this simple spell casting ritual doesn’t involve satanic sacrifices. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to try it out.

15. The sweeper money-making ritual

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If you are looking for the perfect spell to free you from financial bondage, then this particular spell comes highly recommended by the guru spell castors. All you need to do is stay alert and follow all the instructions without skipping even a single one. First and foremost, get nine shiny coins and place them outside the door. Then using a broom, sweep all the coins into the house. After you’ve done so, proceed to pick all the coins up and put them in that one private place that you consider as “sacred”. Once you do this, the next thing you’ll need to do is believing you’re already rich. Feel free to carry yourself like you and Billy Gates are BFFs and even leave him messages online.

16. The written promise magic spell

A promise to oneself is a powerful way of attracting money. And with that in mind, learn how to strengthen your willpower to boost the likelihood of your money spells and rituals to work. For this money ritual, all you need is a piece of paper and a piece of paper. Scribble down that you are going to be rich very soon and by all means believe in it.

17. Chant into money candles

There is absolutely no need for you to worry if you aren’t good at conjuring magic because the money candles will always have you covered. All you need to do is order a green or golden candle then proceed to carve money denominations into it. Then as you burn the candle, imagine yourself coming into lots of money and enjoy it each and every step of the way. And in as much as this money spell doesn’t work instantly, it always does in the long run.

18. Attract money with the right tarot card

If you are familiar with fortune telling, then you must know all about tarot cards and the kind of power each of them yields. If not, then feel free to carry out extensive research online. In this money ritual, you’ll simply be channeling the power of tarot cards into making you rich. But first, you’ll have to get your hands on the specific tarot cards before you proceed. Once you’ve done so, arrange the cards in the following order; Put Wheel of Fortune card on the altar. Then, arrange the Wheel of Ace, The 10 of Pentacles, The Ace of Pentacles, The King of Pentacles and the 6 Of Pentacles cards all around it as carefully as possible. After doing this, imagine all sorts of opportunities the Ace is presented with and attract that kind of vibe in attracting money into your life.

19. Paying natures dues money rituals

For these kinds of money rituals and spells to work, you’ll need to find calm, satanic free zones and tap into the natural energy available. The less encroached the place is by humans, the more natural energy it has. After you’ve found the place, close your eyes and imagine lots of money flowing into your life. Right after sending the right thoughts into the universe with your mind, toss a handful of coins before humbly asking the “little ones” to go find money opportunities for you.

20. The road sweeper money spell ritual

This money spell can work instantly as long you are capable of doing it right. First, you’ll need to sweep dirt from all four sides of a crossroads. Once you are done, collect the dirt and use it to carefully draw a plus sign on the ground. And as you are drawing the plus sign, chant and beseech the forces of nature to bring prosperity into your life. It’s as simple as that! If you don’t believe how effective this enchantment, feel free to look it up online and be mesmerized!

The final word

If you ever want to be rich, you’ll, first of all, learn how to think and feel like a rich person. That’s the only way to attract money your way. Learning about the money rituals online is also encouraged as it will give your confidence a mega boost. Also, learning and practicing regularly is the only way you’ll get better at casting effect money spells in the long run.