10 Free Powerful and Proven Love Spells That Work In Minutes

Learn about love spells that use meditation, chants, and sage

By Annabel Crystal
10 Free Powerful and Proven Love Spells That Work In Minutes

Free and Powerful, Proven Love Spells That Works

Have you ever felt like you want someone and you want them now? Not just physically, mentally but also emotionally? You want them to be there, not just with you, but FOR you 24/7, 365 of the year. Try these love spells to get them so hooked onto you:

1. Love Spells That Makes You Think Hard About Someone!

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Start by trying to think really hard about your dream person in particular. Once you're completely focused on the face of this person, ask the love gods to have them show up wherever you are. Most of the time you can tell that if you mentally put your energy towards something, things 'magically' begin to happen, but it’s not about the magic, it’s about the energy. Energy is constantly moving to make it move in the direction you want it to! It can be tricky because you want to make sure you stay positive when working with energy because if you don't you can easily and accidentally release bad energy out into the world. When you release bad energy out into the world, it will come back to you but in a not so good way, (aka karma!). This one works instantly! Hav you start picturing them in your mind yet? Do so now!

2. Wear an Intoxicating Fragrance

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Another proven love spell for beginners that works in minutes, almost instantly, is to wear an intoxicating fragrance. If you are a male or yes, even female - wear a musky scent. Both sexes love this tantalizing scent because it reminds them of the obvious: sex. The term sexy is most used when describing musk. Musk is generally warm and inviting and is reminiscent of power. Power can be very sexy! Are you in Power yet? Smelling great and unique could be alluring, it will definitely remind him or her, this scent belongs to you. And you will be in their thoughts all day long.

3. Pray to the Love Gods

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Another easy and proven love spells works in a minute is to pray to the Love Gods. The Love God Venus, better known as Aphrodite is a mythical Greek goddess that can help you bring your love to you. Begin by meditating & thinking of your loved one. If the time is right, Aphrodite will make it happen, especially if you aren’t thinking about it so much. This one works almost instantly, but if you are praying the night before it will happen the next morning or afternoon. Love will come to you.

4. Imagine Yourself with this Person

A free and powerful, proven love spell, that works in minutes, is to imagine yourself with this person. Trust the energy system, and they will suddenly appear. Imagine yourself very specifically with this person - they say once you think of someone in your mind, it is actually occurring in another universe. We are all connected don’t be afraid to ask or imagine the things you want. They will always come true.

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5. Light Some Sage

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Try to light some sage and think strongly about this person. Begin by lighting some sage, and then walk around your home while thinking of this person. Sage is a cleansing fragrance and will free up bad energy in your space for good energy - in particular, love. Which you have been desiring to receive from your dream person.

6. Meditate Strong about a Person

Another way to make them fall in love with you is to meditate strong about a person. Meditation is powerful because it helps to sync people’s minds together. If you ever have a strange experience - where you are thinking of someone, and they suddenly call - then that is it! That’s how it works. And this one almost always works instantly! Try it, you will be very surprised!

7. Write their Name in a Journal

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Repeatedly write their name down over and over in a journal. Be specific. Write down your intention with this person, whether it be sex or love. Leave the notebook open in a space where it will get sunshine or moonshine. The energies of the world will pick up on it and make it happen for you.

8. Use Mind Tricks

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Use mind tricks when you are speaking to this person and get them locked into you! This one takes a lot of practice - a lot. But once you have it down, you're set forever. There are certain ways of looking at someone or touching someone that can get you to take control over their actions. This is difficult to work on some people, but if the person is not as experienced as you then you should be able to take over. You can easily get someone to agree with you or get them to think about you by putting your hand on them while speaking and nodding your head often. They will begin imitating your moves, and you will instantly be connected!

9. Attempt to get your Love Potion on that Person's Skin

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Attempt to get your love potion on the persons skin - one way of doing this is to wear it on your hand and then try to shake the hand of the one that you love. You may even want to touch their shoulder when saying 'Hi!'. They'll smell it later and hopefully think of you or they might get a whiff of it while walking around but not realize what it was that got them thinking of you.

10. Say a Chant

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Lastly, say a chant, preferably out loud if you can (stronger), but internally works as well, right before you see this person. This method will help to level set you energy levels. If will get you synced up to their mindset which will in turn help you to connect with them mentally more strongly as well.

Now, equipped with these easy love spells to get them falling head over heels for you, what else are you waiting for? 

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