Capricorn Man Traits & Characteristics: All You Need To Know

The Capricorn man is such a rare breed to come about. He has a lot of traits and characteristics that set him aside from other Zodiac signs.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Capricorn Man Traits & Characteristics: All You Need To Know

Who Is A Capricorn Man?

The 10th house as it is fondly called, Capricorn is one of the twelve Zodiac signs, and it is governed by the planet Saturn which is the second largest planet after Jupiter. Saturn is reputed to have 62 moons and being the governing planet for this Zodiac sign, Capricorn men seem to take after it by being able to handle many things at a time.

Capricorns are typically born between December 22 and January 19 and of the over 6 billion people estimated to be inhabiting the surface of this earth, only about 4.8 percent are Capricorns. Out of this percentage, about half are men. That is 2.4 percent.

What this implies is that Capricorn men are rare to come by. And just like the Saturn which exhumes great energy, a Capricorn man displays unparalleled zeal and energy both in daily activities and also in bed. He doesn't get exhausted or tired easily and if you are not accustomed to this great energy of his, you may soon feel worn out by your association with him.

As part of his characteristics, a Capricorn man has an amazing memory. He can pick as much information as it is available and then store them in his memory for a long time. Whenever there is a need to use any of these pieces of information, a Capricorn man can recall with exactitude what the issue is all about.

This Zodiac sign definitely has some negative characteristics too; so, to get a balanced view of it, we shall briefly list out some of the identified positive and negative characteristics of a Capricorn man. However, we shall be considering these things in form of merits and demerits rather than tagging them negative or positive characteristics.

Merits Of A Capricorn Man

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1. A Capricorn man can be very loyal. He is not quick to enter into a commitment or relationship but when he does, he stays loyal to it.

2. A Capricorn man has a charming personality that attracts people to himself.

3. He is very patient. If you are looking for a man that takes his time and is composed, go for a Capricorn.

4. With the weak, a Capricorn man becomes weak, and with the bereaved, he shares in their woes. He is just compassionate.

5. A Capricorn man can be very resourceful. He knows how to work with his hands as well as his brain.

6. He can work without supervision and is highly intuitive. He knows the next thing to do without being told and that's why observers see a Capricorn man as being independent.

7. Trust a Capricorn man to work very hard. It is more or less his insignia.

Demerits Of A Capricorn Man

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1. A Capricorn man can be very demanding even in bed! Of course, that can be traced to his energy and zeal.

2. He has a problem believing or trusting others and that's a great negative trait.

3. His self-confidence and self-esteem can sometimes metamorphose into arrogance.

4. A Capricorn man has difficulties performing well when in groups. His best is seen when he works alone.

5. Another negative call for a Capricorn is worry or anxiety. A Capricorn man often worries about so many things many of which are still in the future.

Capricorn Man In Love

A Capricorn man has a very unique ability to love and make others fall deeply in love with him. Of course, this would have to depend on the prevailing circumstance but generally, if a Capricorn man wants a romance with a woman, he knows how best to go about it.

The capacity of a Capricorn man to elicit romance from almost any woman is based in part on his zeal and perhaps also on his intuition and wisdom as well. He knows how to go deep into a woman's psyche and touch those areas that men of other Zodiac signs often overlook.

The Capricorn man is all-inclusive and self-motivated for success. He displays a great sense of professionalism in what he does and this also contributes to his romance life. When he wants to woo a woman, he does so "professionally" and leaves no stone unturned.

The Capricorn man is the right man to go for if you are looking for a committed romance partner. Although very slow in making love commitment and often becomes discouraged when his first attempt at getting a woman is refused, the Capricorn man rarely changes his partner once he has committed to one. He can be very loyal to a marriage partner.

Capricorn Man In Bed

The Capricorn man, first of all, takes his time to understand what works for him and his partner in bed before he can be a good sexual partner. It is hard for him to give a satisfying sex unless an emotional connection is first established between him and his partner.

However, when this hurdle has been crossed, the Capricorn man's stamina in bed is second to none. He goes all the way to explore all options available to get a great sexual experience and what's more? He doesn't get tired easily. As such, a woman looking for a man to satisfy her in bed has a perfect fit for a Capricorn man.

What About A Capricorn In A Relationship?

How a Capricorn man reacts or behaves in a love relationship depends on the extent of connection he has with the partner. If he is truly connected, that is, in love, he becomes easy to deal with and probably to control too. You can ask a Capricorn man who sincerely loves you to stay in bed all day and he wouldn't refuse.

However, if he has not found a basis for his relationship with you, this Saturn-governed earth sign can be very rigid and possessively stubborn. He appears to not have an understanding spirit for a woman he isn't deeply in love with. As such, it becomes a great joy on the part of a would-be partner for a Capricorn woman to see that her man is deeply committed in love to her.

To please a Capricorn man you are in a relationship with, you should try not to forget historical or monumental moments of his life such as his graduation dates, birthday, traditional events, and other significant events in his life. Ensure that you present a thoughtful gift that depicts these events in their true sense and you may just be on the path to win the heart of the earth signed man.

Before he gets comfortable with you in a relationship, you shouldn't try to be too unconventional. Yes, he is open to ideas and new things but introducing such as the outset of a relationship can quickly piss a Capricorn man off.

The Capricorn Man And Love Compatibility

The compatibility matches are quite a handful but three of them stand out. These are Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces. It should be noted that when speaking of compatibility of Zodiac signs, there is no such thing as a bad match. What we really see if put correctly is a difficult match.

That means that a Capricorn man with any of the other Zodiac signs aside from these three is not a bad compatibility match but a difficult one. That said, let's take a brief look at these compatibility matches and see why a Capricorn man can fare best in them.

Starting with the compatibility of a Capricorn man with a Taurus woman, both seem to have similar needs and common traits. Naturally, Taurus women don't want to gamble into a romance with anyone and would do everything possible to ensure that they land in a safe and stable home.

Furthermore, both Zodiac signs are very intuitive in their feelings and they know what to do and when to do it. They are both able to show and give empathy and that makes communication between a Taurus woman and a Capricorn man great.

The compatibility of a Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman is predicated on their shared stubborn tendencies. This stubbornness is not always negative as it reveals their never-say-die nature that doesn't get exhausted or tired easily. They both want, show, and give respect and security in a relationship.

The imaginative prowess of a Scorpio woman plus her intuition enables her to introduce some sensuality into the relationship. This is in turn complemented by the firmness and intelligence or logic of the Capricorn man. Since both signs elevate loyalty plus commitment in their relationships, they make up a pair that has the capacity to be together for life.

The third zodiac sign that has a great compatibility chance with a Capricorn man is a Pisces woman. Granted, these two Zodiac signs differ in certain traits but these differences seem to be complementary rather than negating their compatibility. While a Capricorn man would like to see sense in everything that he does, a Pisces woman loves romance and fanciful things. Bringing these two traits together can form a great match.

The spiritual tendencies of a Pisces woman make her oriented to meeting the needs of a Capricorn man and despite the seeming contrasting traits, the Capricorn man finds a basis to love the woman. Pisces women are emotional and easily wins the support and empathy of a Capricorn man whose nature it is to give such.

The Capricorn Man And Career

Talk about a Zodiac sign that is dedicated to its career and life ambitions and you're surely talking about the Capricorns. The Capricorn man cannot negotiate excellence in a career or education for anything. And sometimes, his exceptional attention to duty can earn him a negative appellation from his colleagues or workers.

The Capricorn man is, no doubt, very intelligent. He is not the type that engages in business with his heart; rather he uses his brain and intuition in business. As such, one way to be a friend of this earth sign is to love or embrace professionalism in what you do.

Traits Of A Capricorn Man

It is good to itemize the personality traits of this very rare but noble Zodiac sign so it is not misconstrued. Already, there are a lot of myths about it which we shall later debunk but before then, are some powerful ten traits of a Capricorn man

Capricorn Man Traits #1: Charisma

The Capricorn man walks and talks elegantly, much like a king in majesty. This carriage, of course, is heightened by a demanding situation. But generally, he appears to be choosy in what he wears and the kind of image he projects to the outside world.

If you don't understand this sign well enough, it would be easy to conclude that the Capricorn man is just being proud. Whereas, in reality, the reason behind this habit is the self-distrust that he has for himself. This self-distrust pushes him to want to appear well hoping to be able to counteract any criticism.

That aside, the Capricorn man knows that some degrees of honor and respect accompany a majestic carriage. And he loves this respect so much, he has no option than to pay the price. His charisma is comparable to that of a horse.

Capricorn Man Traits #2: Industrious

Hard work is one of the traits of a Capricorn man that sets him aside. He gives no room for laziness and whatever line of duty he has committed himself into, he gives his all to it. If a Capricorn man is your boss, you cannot be in his good records by indulging in laziness.

No wonder this earth sign is famously depicted by a goat. A goat can indeed be very hardworking. Not only are they hard working, Capricorns are able to keep the end in sight without losing focus. And much more than being hard workers, Capricorn men cannot be cornered just the same way a goat cannot actually be cornered.

Capricorn Man Traits #3: Playfulness

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Perhaps it should not be surprising that a Capricorn man can be very playful. Anyone that works very hard as a Capricorn does deserves to unwind and relax otherwise they may just break down.

Astrologers have always likened the playfulness of a Capricorn man to that of the Sea Otters. These animals are reputed for their playfulness. So, if you wonder how a Capricorn man is still able to carry on despite his always busy schedule, this is it.

Capricorn Man Traits #4: Smartness

Among the distinguishing characteristics of Capricorn men is smartness, and this feature sets it apart in the world of business. Before you can swindle a Capricorn man in business, you would have to a beast. He isn't moved to take hasty decisions and would rather be sure of where he is heading to before entering into any business deal at all.

Observers and many astrologers have equated the smartness of this Zodiac sign to that of dolphins who have also been named to be one of the most intelligent aquatic animals ever discovered. The Capricorn man takes his smartness even to his romance life as he also takes his time before making any commitment.

Capricorn Man Traits #5: Sexuality

You should give it to the Capricorn man when it comes to bedroom matters. He may be slow in initiating romance but when it comes to being thorough in bed, the Capricorn man knows how best to go about this. He loves to breed and for this, this Zodiac sign has been likened to the rabbit.

This sexual power of a Capricorn man which some astrologers love to call his "Rabbit power" reaches its peak in the winter period  The Capricorn dictates and controls the wind during this period.

Capricorn Man Traits #6: Slowness

The Capricorn man's slowness is more of a positive trait than a negative one. He believes in taking his time and following due process in all things. The animal that fits this slow trait or nature of a Capricorn man is the turtle. The turtle symbolizes patience and unwillingness to take a decision without first thinking it through.

With this supposed slowness on the part of a Capricorn man, he is still able to achieve all his goals. So, it is difficult to list this as part of his negative characteristics or traits.

Capricorn Man Traits #7: Agility

As you think about the stamina of the Capricorn man, think also about the gazelle. It is an animal known for its speed and agility. Capricorn, being one of the cardinal signs, champions transformation and change. Of course, such a role requires nothing less than speed and strength, and the Capricorn man has exactly that trait.

The speed isn't just a physical one in which a person can run very fast; it includes possessing the solution to a problem almost as soon as it is discovered. And trust a Capricorn man to play this role well.

Capricorn Man Traits #8: Independence

This one of the amazing traits of the Capricorn man. He, like the eagle, can live independently with or without leaning on anyone. Apart from physical freedom, their minds too are not held hostage by anyone whatsoever.

Capricorn men live and think independently. No wonder they are compared to the eagle who apparently needs does not need to rely on anyone for its survival.

Capricorn Man Traits #9: Wisdom

The wisdom of the jugular is the wisdom of the Capricorn man. While not unduly arrogating some mystical powers to his intelligence, the Capricorn male can intuitively analyze and foresee a challenge or problem before it actually manifests.

More than that, let's say there is a chaos in the workplace or society, the Capricorn man knows how to restore calm and stability in such situations. He looks deep into what the problem is and the proffer a lasting solution to it.

Capricorn Man Traits #10: Not Emotional

A Capricorn feels the pains and joys of people around him and does everything within his power to ameliorate such; however, his responses to issues are not moved by sentiments or emotional sensation.

He seeks for the facts of a matter and acts based on that. Eventually, the Capricorn man seems to always be right in his judgment. His intuition never fails him.

Some Myths About The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is perhaps the most misunderstood person. Not very many people seem to understand this Zodiac sign too and because of this, a lot of unfounded positions have been making the rounds about him. Here are a few of them.

1. That a Capricorn man performs woefully in bed
2. That a Capricorn man is controlling
3. That a Capricorn man is uninteresting and boring to be with
4. That a Capricorn man cannot match with another Capricorn
5. That a Capricorn man always makes a good business partner
6. That a Capricorn man is exceptionally endowed. He is just as human as other Zodiacs
7. That a Capricorn man resists change.

Please be aware that all these positions as regards a Capricorn man are far from the truth. The traits of a Capricorn man as discussed in this piece bear evidence to this. 

Finally On The Capricorn Man

Capricorns are rare and unique and that we have seen in many of their characteristics listed in this piece. Some of their traits are, of course, negative but many of them are positive enabling the Capricorn man to survive in whatever environment that he finds himself.

When you hear of the Capricorn man, these things should come to into your mind-independence, loyalty, love, and stability. These traits define the Capricorn man in a nutshell. Check out these following men for the traits we have discussed in this piece-Elvis Presley, Jared Leto, Steve Harvey, and Kevin Costner. They are all Capricorns.