Want to be a Goddess? Try Throwing Goddess Party

Your goddess party survival guide with all essentials covered

By Aey
Want to be a Goddess? Try Throwing Goddess Party

What is a Goddess Party?

If you’re hearing the term Goddess party for the first time, you’re not alone. I first heard the term when I was invited to one, and I showed up dressed as Athena. As cringe-worthy as that memory is for me in my head, it led to me finding something beautiful. With all the negativity going around, and incidents of sexism all over the media, a goddess party is what the world should learn about.

A goddess party is a way to celebrate women and womanhood. After all our ancestors' struggles to liberate us from the constraints of patriarchy, we owe it to them to celebrate ourselves once in a while. It is a party in which one celebrates women of all races, color, ethnicity, and sexuality. It sounds like an amazing thing to be a part of, right? It is. If you want to throw a goddess party, check it out for yourself because I can bet that you’ll get obsessed with it in no time. Keep reading to find explore more about this awesomeness in more detail.

7 Tip for Throwing a Goddess Party

1. Finalize a list well beforehand

Making a list of invited people is important for any gathering & it's crucial for a goddess party. Try to determine the people that have positive energy and put them on the invitation list. Know that the vibe is an integral part of the party, and you don't want everyone to feel bad because of one wrong choice.

Invite women who can lift others. Celebrating womanhood means celebrating every part of being a woman, so if you know that someone has a habit of pointing out flaws and riling conflict, try to keep them out of the loop. We, as women, get put down daily due to institutionalized sexism and deserve to get a day to be celebrated regardless of what's going around.

2. Work on the menu

Having a rich and fulfilling meal in peace is an unmatched feeling. Due to our fast-paced lives, we hardly get the time to sit down and eat in peace with a worry in the world, so that should be a big part of the party.  Try to incorporate things that the guests will like. You can go from a simple barbeque to a posh English teas session; just keep the guest's preferences in mind.

If it's hard for you to make so many things on your own, you can ask your guests to pool in. This way, it can be a fun activity for all of you, and none of you will have to face the burden on your own. One tip to keep in mind is that you should confirm if anyone has any allergies or has specific eating preferences.

3. An all-inclusive playlist

Music is an essential part of any party, and with singers producing music like “god is a woman” and “fight song” we owe it to them and ourselves to live up to those songs. However, before you make a playlist that consists of all your favorite songs, try asking around for others' opinions. Know that asking for opinions from other goddesses and valuing them is a gesture that shows respect. It will make everyone feel included and help ease your burden too.

4. Plan spiritual activities

Unlike other parties, spiritual activities are a significant part of Goddess parties. You can invite a mindfulness instructor, a tarot card reader, engage in meditation and healing sessions to emerge stronger as a group. Sharing this journey with the companions of your choosing can be a bond that lasts for a long time. Goddess parties promise women a safe space to explore their spirituality in a no-judgment zone. Spiritual activities are a great way to bond and develop a sisterhood.

5. Celebrate your bodies by dancing

Dancing is a way to celebrate your body. In the current world, we see the media propagating unrealistic body images which cause many women to not be comfortable in their skin. Dancing is a great way to let loose and celebrate every stretch mark, and every imperfection that you might have. Always know that it’s your imperfections that make you perfect. You don’t really have to get a professional dance floor if you can’t afford one. All you need to do is just make sure that the venue has enough space to dance and a groovy playlist.

6. Create a sacred place

To create a sacred space, you can add in an activity where the goddesses make a circle and one of them calls out each invited person’s name and encourage them to say a few things they admire about themselves and others in the room to infuse the positive energy into the surroundings. You have to cleanse and clear the auric field around the area. Some people use rose water, sage, incense, and crystals to do so. Once this is done and you honor each woman individually, you’ll see that the women in the room will feel celebrated which is the point of the party, to begin with.

7. Engage other goddesses

Last but not least, you should engage other goddesses. Know that not everyone is an extrovert and some people need prompts to open up while others take time. You need to appreciate everyone that joined in the first place. Remember to stay open to their differences and accept them for who they are.

3 Themes You Can Go For While Planning a Goddess Party

1. Celestial

One of the best themes you can go for is celestial. Imagine a room filled with the fiercest goddesses in history, there could be no better way to feel empowered. Try going for a golden theme for the décor and ask the guests to dress up as the goddess they think was fierce. You can also have props that aid the theme and crowns for everyone to choose from. If you want to go for something more inclusive rather than goddesses, you can dress as a group of Amazonian warriors. If the wonder women movie has taught us anything, it’s that women can conquer anything.

2. Celebrate sexuality

In the modern-day and age, sexuality has become a topic that is discussed in many circles. A great theme for a goddess party can also be a celebration of sexuality. You can go for the LGBTQ colors and dress up as the LGBTQ influencers that you admire the most. For example, you can have makeup can challenge and people to do their best attempt at drag. Have lots of color in the overall décor and plan games that go with the theme.

3. Celebrate historic figures

If you’re a nerd like me and have a book club of women who are interested in history, History itself is a theme! Go for women who made change possible and fought for the right for us to express ourselves. So, whether it’s Margaret Sanger, Amelia Mary Earhart, Susan B. Anthony or Frida Kahlo, you can choose anyone who speaks to you on a personal level and have a goddess party.

While many people think that goddess parties are all about clothes and flashy details, that is not the truth. It can be about anything you want it to be about. That’s the beauty of it. If you want to have a party in a small cozy place where you can sit and relax and engage then maybe that’s what you best. There are no hard and fast rules here.

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If you were new to the topic, I hope you got all the information you need and a few ideas you can try out yourself. Know that even though women have come a long way in the past 500 years, there are still many milestones we have to achieve. Women are struggling all over the world and need other strong independent women to lift them and show them the way to liberation and celebration of self.

A goddess party is a great way to meet and create a circle of strong women. While throwing the party, you need to stay true to the essence of it. Forgetting the reason behind it defeats the purpose. Remember to have fun, enjoy, love, and accept others just as they are.