Who Is Rowan Atkinsons, Daughter? Here Are 9 Facts About Her Life!

Best known as Mr. Bean, find out about his beautiful daughter

By Diana Nadim
Who Is Rowan Atkinsons, Daughter? Here Are 9 Facts About Her Life!

Rowan Atkinson In A Nutshell

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Rowan Atkinson is a renowned English comedian, actor, and writer. His parents were Eric Atkinson, and Ella may and had married in 1945. Coming from a family of 4 brothers, he is the youngest. Married to Sunterra Sastry in 1990, and they divorced in 2015 with 3 children from their successful marriage period. After a divorce with his first wife, Sastry, Rowan married Louise and together had a son Isla.

He has an excellent educational background as he received an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering before enrolling for a master’s program in 1975 at the queen’s college oxford. He is best known as Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean was born on January 6th, 1955, at Consett County Durham England.

Atkinson began a comedy show series for BBC radio 3 1979, and he named it Atkinson people. He was listed among the funniest actors in British comedy in 2005. Additionally, he has featured in several television films and shows. His unique characterMr. bean is evident in all films. Rowan created this character so that it can bring the funny feature in all languages without the need for any translations.

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Rowan Atkinson was intended to retire as Mr. Bean in 2012. According to the writers, they thought that Mr. bean was too childish, and acting so childish at such a late age was a sad thing. However, he refuted these statements, and later in 2016, he claimed that he would never retire the character, Mr. Bean. Since then, he has appeared in a series of tv adverts, Chinese film, among other tv appearances. In 2018, Mr. bean received a YouTube diamond play button as his channel had surpassed 10 million subscribers.

In 2014, he made a comeback to the tv with a new animated series. The first episode, which was teddy kings, was aired first in 2019 February with the animated Mr. bean voiced over by Atkinson. He began his film career officially with a supporting part in the James bond movie never say never again. At this time, he was still appearing in comedies bearing a supporting role in the same.

Mr Bean is best recognized for his physical comedy in that persona. One time when he was on a holiday trip to Kenya and his pilot on his private jet fainted. However, he managed to keep the plane in the air until his pilot had recovered, and they landed at Nairobi's Wilson airport. He was appointed commander of the order of the British empire during his 2013 birthday honors due to his drama and charity services.

Lily Sastry: 9 Facts About Her Life

1. She is a performer

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Just like her father, Lily is a performer but slightly different from what rowan does. Lily is a burlesque dancer and a cabaret singer. She first performed in a sold-out show at Pheasantry in 2016. She has ever since continued to perform in her show, known as the one-woman end show. She released a music video of her song in 2018 and was further released in full to the director’s channel. Despite her career differing from that of her fathers, both use motion skills, which makes them almost similar. You can quickly notice the remembrance of Lily’s moves to those of her father.

2. Her family

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Lily comes from a family of two, and her brother Ben is the first child. Her mother is Susan Sastry, who was a makeup artist on the Blackadder set. Benjamin Atkinson was accepted into the prestigious royal military academy in 2016. However, she also has a half-brother by the name Isla. Isla was born in December 2017 by Rowan and Louise Ford.

3. She is a British national

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Lily was raised by her parent in the countryside, and they had several homes, one in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. She went to a boarding school in Oundle, and her nationality is British by birth.

4. She loves music

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Apart from her career, she loves to listen to music. She is a big fan of R&B and pop music. She also likes to watch dance performances, probably to get new moves from these performances. Her love for singing must have prompted her enough since she writes her songs and also creates excellent melodies for them. Lily is also a fan of old school music, and she looks up to Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston. Apart from this, she records her songs and live-shows, which she later uploads on sound cloud.

5. She uses her mother’s name as the surname

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Lily was born in 1995, and she uses her mother’s name as the surname. The reasons why she uses her mother’s name are still unknown. However, there are speculations on this as she changed from Rowan's surname in October 2017 after Rowan announced that he was expecting a third child with his new partner Louise Ford. This may also not be true since she was seen on the red carpet with her father in 2018.

6. She lives a private life

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Despite being on the limelight, Lily tries as much as possible to keep her life private. This is backed up by the fact that she gives no explanation as to why she changed her surname but instead left the public to make their speculations. Additionally, nobody knows a thing about her dating life, which she has also keep from the public. In a nutshell, there is less information about Lily, and most of the data out to the public includes apparent things that she cannot hide, such as her career.

7. She takes after her dad

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While there is very little to say about Lily, it is evident that she gets a lot of support from her father. Rowan ensures that Lily writes, sings records, and uploads the songs on sound cloud.  It is reportedly said that Rowan supports her daughter financially, which dictates the great success in her singing and dancing career. Rowan being in the limelight must have been of high pressure to Lily so that she can be as successful as the dad, which she achieved.

8. She joined the showbiz at a young age

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Lily entered into show business at a very tender age. In 2014, she once played the character of a recruit in a children’s movie, the tooth. Lily also made minor appearances in movies, Mr. bean holiday in 2007. In the Jonny English reborn movie, she shared the screen with her famous dad in 2017. Her continued efforts for her passion has made her one of the famous British women.

9. Lily was a regular user of Instagram

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Like many millennials, she was an active member of social media, especially Instagram. She could upload pictures often. However, after her parents divorced, she deactivated her Instagram account to pursue a digital detox. Her twitter account is partially active, and she has ever since remained reserved about her life and next moves.

Lily Sastry And Her Family

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Lily comes from a family of two, and her brother Ben is the first child. Her mother is Susan Sastry, who was a makeup artist. Benjamin Atkinson was born in 1993. In 2016, he was accepted into the prestigious royal military academy.

What Is She Up To?

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Currently, Lily performs as a dancer and singer, which has earned her favorable reviews for her shows by the media. She is also a big fan of Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and frank ocean, which means she learns a lot from their way of making music. However, her private self has still made sure that she keeps a low profile so that you can look forward to what she brings up next.

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From Lily’s bio, it’s evident that she is one of the talented performers. Her success owed to her supportive father, who has had her back ever since she was young. The privacy practiced by Lily is something to envy, especially with celebrities. People can be very mean when you give them so much to talk about.

Family support is also an essential feature of Lily’s career growth, and it is worth noting that families have a lot of impact on your career growth. Rowan has been of great support to Lily’s career growth in all phases, something that is enviable.

No one is perfect, and everyone is going through inevitable struggles doesn’t matter the status quo. This is evident by the fact that despite coming from a famous family, Lily’s parents went on separate ways, which is not an easy thing to deal with. Finally, privacy should be crucial in your life since people cannot destroy what they don’t now.