Who is Jeffree Star's Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt?

He is much more known to be YouTuber Jeffree Star's ex-boyfriend

By Fred S.
Who is Jeffree Star's Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt?

If you’ve ever scrolled through your YouTube feed, chances are you’ve come across Jeffree Star. Over the course of the years, Jeffree has risen to unprecedented heights of fame. With a devoted fan following that consists of a whopping 17 million YouTube subscribers, and 14.3 million followers on Instagram- Jeffree is truly a force to be reckoned with.  

Having said that, however, to simply refer to Jeffree Star as a YouTube icon, or even a YouTube diva might just be the biggest understatement of the century. As he often likes to remind his audience, Jeffree came from literal nothing, and through his hard work and dedication, quickly amassed a large empire for himself. While there are people skeptical of Jeffrey’s rise to fame (ahem, ahem, Tati Westbrook), there’s absolutely no denying the massive influence that he has over our favorite video streaming platform over the past decade.

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While it’s a much easier option to lose ourselves in the glitz and glamour of Jeffree’s life, the YouTube makeup guru and sensation has been through his fair share of scandals. If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve kept up with the insane drama that surrounds him. From the huge scandal with ex-best friend James Charles to his relationship with former beau, Nathan Schwandt- Jeffree has been through, and (surprisingly) survived it all!

There’s already an overabundance of articles, blogs, and videos about Jeffree, which is precisely why we’ve decided to shine a light on his ex-boyfriend, Nathan. Keep reading on to find out all that there is to know about this mysterious and gorgeous man!

Who is Nathan Schwandt?

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Nathan Schwandt, who has made several appearances in Jeffree's videos, is quite clearly a star in his own right. Ever since he was featured in Jeffree's videos, he has made a lasting impression on everyone. From his dazzling appearance to the way that he carries himself with grace and charisma, people just couldn’t get enough of this hunk!

Born on the 18th of August, 1993, in his hometown of Michigan, Nathan lived through a relatively simple childhood. Before Nathan and Jeffree crossed their paths with each other, Nathan didn’t have the slightest clue about the massive potential of social media. Unlike Jeffree, Nathan hadn’t yet been acquainted with the highs and lows of internet fame, which is why the attention he received came as a huge surprise.

Before his career as an Instagram celebrity, and a YouTube sensation in his own right, Nathan mainly stayed to himself; and as he revealed in a Q&A video with his former beau, stuck to his homeland of Michigan. He used to work in a pet shop in Michigan. It was during this period in his life that he met Jeffree Star.  

Without even realizing what was happening, Nathan fell head over heels, for Jeffree- a feeling which caught him off guard. Prior to meeting Jeffree, Nathan hadn’t dated anyone like him before and identified as a straight man. However, once he laid eyes on Jeffree, he knew that they were endgame and that he would go to great lengths to ensure that they stayed together.

Once they began dating, Jeffree's career on YouTube took off, and he was quickly ascending the ladder to YouTube fame and success. Being the loyal boyfriend that he was, Nathan fully supported Jeffree in his career and even moved to California with him.

What Happened To Him And Jeffree?

As you might have guessed from reading the title of this article, Nathan and Jeffree have long since broken up. In a video Jeffree released in 2020, which was aptly titled ”We Broke Up”, Jeffree announced that the couple had officially parted their ways only a couple of weeks before the video was made public.

Naturally, the video confirmed what many of Jeffree and Nathan’s fans had been speculating about for a couple of months. Moreover, the announcement stirred up a lot of resentment with the fans of the duo, who were extremely sad to see their favorite pairing split up after spending five years together.

While some fans had been speculating about the breakup, others thought that the announcement came out of nowhere. On the outside, it appeared as though everything was perfect between the two since the lavish life that they broadcasted on social media was what most modern, millennial couples strive to achieve.

In the emotional video that Jeffree shared with his 17 million YouTube subscribers, he didn’t exactly state the reasons that led to the breakup. From what we’ve gathered, the split seems to be mutual, and the beautiful relationship that they shared with one another simply fizzled out of its glory days. Some detective fans, however, have shared theories of Nathan cheating on Jeffree and vice versa, but as of now, that’s all those clickbaity videos are- mere speculation and theories.

What Is He Famous For?

As we’ve already mentioned above, Nathan Schwandt is a YouTube star in his own right. Throughout his appearances in Jeffree’s videos, Nathan's shy and introverted nature makes it clear that he doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight too much. In the breakup announcement video, Jeffree even made it a point to mention that one of the reasons for their heart-wrenching breakup was that the life they lead were too different. Jeffree's entire career depends on the views that he garners, while Nathan, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too fond of the camera.

Whether he likes it or not, Nathan has made quite the impression on his large fan base. With a staggering 362.9k followers on Instagram, Nathan proves that internet fame can arise from the strangest of situations. His social media usually consists of trendy, aesthetic pictures that encapsulate the essence of his quaint lifestyle. Compare his Instagram feed with that of Jeffree’s and you’ll surely be surprised to see the differences between the two former lovers.

What Is Nathan's Occupation?

In his hometown of Michigan, Nathan used to work at a pet shop. Seeing him interact with the ex couple's adorable little dogs in their mansion makes it clear that Nathan is amazing with animals. While he’s a skilled and proficient skateboarder, Nathan primarily focuses on co-owning a marijuana business with his ex-boyfriend, Jeffree.

When Jeffree's band had just begun to take off, Nathan was designated as the shipping manager, and he ensured that all of Jeffree’s shipping orders ran smoothly. If you ever google Nathan’s net worth, you’ll be surprised to see that he averages more than 500k dollars yearly. While that’s a large amount of money, most of his earnings come from sharing a marijuana business with Jeffree Star.  

How did Nathan and Jeffree meet?

Although it’s been several months since Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star have broken up, it’s always worth going through the circumstances under which this great love story blossomed.

Five years ago, when Nathan was just a small-town boy, working in a small pet shop in Michigan, he came across Jeffree Star on social media. Even then, Jeffree's salacious personality made him a force to be reckoned with. Despite never having dated another man before, Nathan felt strangely drawn to and captivated by Jeffree. Soon enough, he was tired of admiring Jeffree from afar, and he slid into his DMs.

Once they got to talking, both Jeffree and Nathan realized that they had something special between them, and they started dating. Throughout the five years that they were together, their relationship blossomed, and we’re glad that we got a glimpse into their beautiful love as well. Despite the breakup, which seems to have ended on good terms, Jeffree still refers to Nathan as the 'love of his life' which symbolizes the profound connection they had with one another.

Is He Dating Anyone Right Now?

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There’s been a ton of rumors and speculation over Nathan’s love life, but there isn’t any evidence to confirm whether or not he’s dating anyone right now. As we’ve already said above, some pesky fans have taken it upon themselves to construct mindless theories and spread rumors of Nathan cheating on Jeffree, but that just simply isn’t true!

Simply put, Nathan hasn’t confirmed his relationship status, so as far as we’re concerned, he’s still single. When the break up had just been announced, many were wondering if Nathan had a girlfriend, but the rumors were quickly shut down by Jeffree. Similarly, in March, fans kept pestering Nathan about a close friend, who he was rumored to be dating after the pair posted identical pictures on Instagram, but so far, nothing is confirmed.

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As far as the internet is concerned, Nathan exists in Jeffree’s shadows, and will perpetually be known as his boyfriend. While there’s much to be said about the love of Jeffree Star's life, we hope that this article fills you up with all the deets about the life of this underrated internet personality, who hasn’t let fame get to his head!