Fun Facts to Know About Power Star Joseph Sikora

Here Are Fun Facts about Power and Ozark’s Joseph Sikora

By Aey
Fun Facts to Know About Power Star Joseph Sikora

Who Is Joseph Sikora?


Joseph Sikora is an American actor, born in Chicago, Illinois. The actor was born on the 27th of June, 1976, and is currently 44 years old and is 180 centimeters tall. Sikora wanted to work in the entertainment industry for as long as he could remember; thus he worked for it from an early age. The star studied acting at Columbia College and earned his bachelor’s degree in theater.

Not much is known about his background; however, it has been confirmed that he is of Polish origin. Joseph Sikora mentioned in an interview that is proud of his Polish roots; he added that his grandmother taught him a little bit of Polish, but his bilingual skills are not that good.

The star also continuously raises his voice for the injustices faced by people; Sikora spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and the End SARS movement against police brutality on his social media platforms.

What Did He Work On As An Actor?


Joseph Sikora made his acting debut when he was just a kid in a McDonald’s television advertisement as an extra alongside famous basketball star Michael Jordan. Joseph later said that the Bulls legend told him that he did a bad acting job in the advertisement.

Early in his acting career, Joseph worked as an extra on several TV shows like CSI: NY, Grey’s Anatomy (as a pregnant man), Prison Break, Dollhouse, Lost, White Collar, and others.

Joseph also worked as an actor on 2010’s Shutter Island as Glen Miga with Leonardo DiCaprio. In Shutter Island, Joseph Sikora played the character of a person who could have potentially been a part of the story, but the character was completely irrelevant to the story. I’m still unsure whether it was done on purpose, but if it was, it was just perfect! Because to me, it felt like they took a known actor and made him play an irrelevant character to the story to manipulate people, making it easier to surprise them. Joseph made only a small cameo in the movie and had barely 3-4 lines; however, he has come a long way since then!

The star also starred as Vassily Docheski in 2012’s movie Safe starring Jason Statham. Joseph also played the character of the victim Max in 2019’s psychological thriller The Intruder; even though his part was small, yet it was still remarkable! The movie was terrifying, incredible, insane, and action-packed.

In 2019, he starred along with Michael Ealy in the remake of the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”. The actor played the character of Paul Rudiger and as always, played his role tremendously! Sikora deserves extra credit for going from playing the character of an OG to a homeless man in the film.

Joseph gained the most recognition for his role as Wayne Applewood in 2003’s hit movie Normal. The star is mostly known for his role in The Power and Ozark, in which he is a member of the main cast.

What Are His Most Famous Works/Shows?

1. Normal (2003)


Joseph Sikora received his big breakthrough when he starred in 2003’s famous movie Normal as Wayne Applewood. The movie revolves around the life of Roy Applewood and his wife Irma; on their 25th wedding anniversary, Roy reveals to his wife that he wants to transition into a woman called Ruth. In the movie, Ruth tries to save the marriage while Irma plans on separating from Ruth. Joseph Sikora played the role of the family’s son named Wayne Applewood; in the movie, Wayne struggles with the idea of his father transitioning into a woman.

Joseph Sikora received a lot of recognition for his role in the film. Normal was a hit in 2003 as it secured numerous nominations and awards, including 3 Golden Globe Awards.

The movie reminded me a lot of the whole Caitlyn Jenner story, so we have to give props to HBO for producing "Normal" way back in 2003!

2. Power (2014 - 2020)

Joseph Sikora is best known for his role in the American TV series Power on Starz, playing the character of Tommy Egan.

The actor is a part of the main cast and plays the character of Tommy Egan, the partner of Ghost (a drug distributor and owner of a nightclub), he is also Ghost’s best friend and the godfather of his children that he has with his wife Tasha. Tommy’s love interest in the TV show is Lakeisha Grant, Tasha’s best friend.

It is also official that Tommy Egan will be appearing in the spin-off of the show Power Book IV: Force, releasing in 2021. Fans were really happy when Joseph himself confirmed that the crazy bad boy they love is returning for the spin-off!

I have to say that the entire Power series would be nothing without Joseph Sikora! With amazing ease, Sikora digs deep into himself and pulls out all the good, bad, and ugly of the Tommy Egan character. Joseph Sikora truly is one exceptional performer and actor; we’re surprised he hasn’t gotten an Emmy nomination for his performance for Tommy Egan yet!

3. Ozark (2020 - )


Joseph Sikora secured the recurring role of Frank Cosgrove Jr in season 3 of the American crime TV series Ozark. Sikora plays the character of Frank Cosgrove’s son, Frank Cosgrove Jr. In the drama series, Frank Cosgrove is a mafia leader while his son is a member of the same mafia.

Is Joseph Sikora Married?

Fans have been in love with his bad-boy character Tommy Egan for a while and have wanted to know whether the married and if he is, then who is the lucky woman to whom he is married. Little is known about the star’s personal life, but it is known that the star is married; however, it is still not confirmed who the star is married to.

Since not much is known about the star’s married life, rumors speculated that Sikora might be hiding his relationship from the media because of his sexual orientation; the rumors suggested that the Power star might be interested in men. Joseph, however, brushes the rumors off now and then by tweeting about what he and his wife are up to. It is still unknown whether the couple has any kids or not.

How Was He In Ozark?


Joseph Sikora’s character Frank Cosgrove Jr. is just as psychotic and gangster on Ozark as he is as Tommy Egan on Power, but with drugs involved, and well, without the heavy accent.

I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say this; the way Joseph Sikora was treated by Ruth in Ozark was painful! Joseph was amazing as always when he joined the show in season 3; however, the show took Ruth and Frank Jr’s storyline down the wrong path.

Sikora should’ve had a stronger role in season 3 of Ozark – it almost felt as if it was a guest appearance. The underrated Joseph Sikora deserves better roles as he is a terrific and very versatile actor. Fans are hoping that the character will come back to get his vengeance in season 4.

What Is He Up To Now?

Joseph recently announced that his character on Power, Tommy Egan, will be getting his show; the star also added that he can’t wait for the production of the Power spin-off to begin. The star thanked the Power creator Courtney Kemp and also thanked 50 Cent in his Instagram post. He concluded the post by saying that it is only happening because of the fans and that he is thankful for each one of them. The release date for the spin-off has not been announced as of yet.

Joseph Sikora is also working on a film. The star said that it is going to be a special movie and that the fans will love it. The star is working with Terrence J, King Bach, and Director and Producer Deon Taylor on the film.

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Joseph Sikora is an American actor of Polish descent. The actor is currently 44 years old. Not much is known about his private life; however, it has been confirmed that he is married. Sikora started his career as a child in a McDonald’s advertisement with Basketball legend Michael Jordan.  Joseph became famous for his role as Wayne Applewood in 2003’s movie Normal. The star is mostly known for his role in Power as Tommy Egan and Ozark as Frank Cosgrove Jr.