Quit Porn For Good: How Some People Have Done It

Stories of how people have managed to quit porn for good

By Kimmy
Quit Porn For Good: How Some People Have Done It

Why Should You Quit Porn?

Who doesn't like a mind-blowing orgasm that takes you to the cosmic world and back? Well, porn is surely a delight. All the late-night lonely sessions with you and your favorite porn star, all the hardship porn got you through and all the climax no one else ever gave you.

Why should you quit porn? Your right hand and porn are inseparable best friends that no vagina in real life can compete with. Have you ever thought that might be the reason why you don't enjoy sex in real life as much?

Porn builds up such an unrealistic picture of how sex is that real-life sex is never going to live up to the expectations. A lot of people are finding porn frustrating because it diminishes their desire to have sex in real life. Nothing seems to be as good as porn and eventually, they find it hard to enjoy sex.

The biggest reason why you should quit porn is to build a better and healthier sex life. Sex becomes less enjoyable when you are jerking to porn on a daily basis. Another common reason is to show faith and loyalty to their partner. Some partners find it insulting when their partner is more interested in porn than them.

It's degrading when your partner would rather jerk to a screen than to sleep with you. Many find quitting porn helped their relationship to blossom and to have a healthier relationship.

Regardless of your reason to quit, quitting porn is good in general because it allows you to focus on what's real in your life and build a more intimate relationship with others while learning how to enjoy sex without all those fake scenarios to make you hard or wet.

Stories of How People Have Managed to Quit Porn For Good

Instead of shoving books written by professionals to your face, let's talk about real cases of people quitting porn. If you go on a forum, whether it be Facebook, Quora, or Reddit, you'd find a ton of people sharing their experience in quitting porn or asking for help in quitting.

Today, we have collected some of the best stories in helping you quit porn. The internet is a powerful place and you are certain to find what you need from all the smart brains in real life!

1. Building a healthier relationship

Porn often depicts violence against women and the man being the dominant figure. Basically women are there to please men and help them cum. Women's sexual pleasure is often ignored in porn. This story comes from Dan. Being as someone who had been addicted to porn since his teenage years. It's not hard to imagine these images took a toll on him mentally.

Unhealthy relationships are formed because of the twisted ways boys were taught to believe about women. A lot of porn shows no respect for girls as they are just subjects to be abused. It warps people's perception and can lead to disastrous results in a man's relationship in the future.

It's hard to learn how to build a healthy relationship when your only teacher taught you to be rough and disrespectful as it's the only way to please a girl. After quitting porn, the real-life interactions add up and you start seeing the respect and love you lacked for your partner all these times. Quitting porn was needed to build a better relationship because porn is a toxin that instills wrong beliefs in you on how women should be treated.

2. You feel the physical difference

Many people on Quora have expressed that they physically feel good after quitting porn. Most of them had been addicted to porn since young and would go as far as jerking three times a day. It became a compulsion to do such a thing. It wasn't even for pleasure anymore. It's really just an addiction.

The first few days and weeks can be really rough because you are so used to doing it every day that your brain is literally shouting at you to open up porn. This is something that you have to battle through.

After the hardest time, you will notice a physical difference. You become more energetic and alive. Your interests in other things grow as you are more willing to experience other things. You become a much healthier person physically when you are not so wrapped up in your porn world.

Your body isn't constantly exhausted from all the vigorous jerking and it allows you to develop other interests. Quitting porn is definitely a physical journey that empowers you.

3. Sex becomes much better

You know how when you jerk it every day that even when you get to have sex it doesn't feel good anymore? On the contrary, all the build-up, the teasing from not being able to have sex when you want makes the orgasm last much longer and joyful when you actually do it?

The biggest drive for people to quit porn is to actually enjoy sex. If you think porn is better sex, then that's exactly why you should quit porn, to build better interpersonal relationships with your partner, and to learn how to enjoy sex.

A lot of couples find their sex life quality to increase tremendously after one or both of them quit porn. Without all the illusion porn brings you, you will find the joy in having the real deal. Once you have learned how good sex is, you won't even look back on porn because why watch something unrealistic when you have a real thing in front of you?

4. It helps you focus mentally and more productive

This is an aspect that fewer people talk about but it's an absolute benefit from quitting porn. After you stop objectifying men and women, you are able to focus on the quality they possess. You stop thinking about banging the receptionist at your office every day.

It's amazing how quitting porn can raise your productivity. You are much more in tune with the surroundings and are able to raise your focus level to work. It clears up your mind and you don't feel the itch to watch porn during lunch break.

Many have said their productivity increased significantly after quitting porn and it has been the best decision ever. When you are attached to porn, you think about it day and night when you can watch it again. When it's out of your mind you are able to put your energy on other things. This alone is the biggest drive for many to quit porn, to be better at work.

5. To get rid of the guilt and shame

The best thing about quitting porn is ditching the guilt and shame that you carry. All the bad feelings you have while watching porn knowing that many actions are wrong in the society yet they seem so enjoyable in porn. This guilt and shame can cause the inability to socialize and make new friends in the long term. It further isolates you from society.

The first healthy sign you see instantly right after quitting porn is how fresh and guilt-free you feel. You no longer feel objectifying or even abusing women is a turn on or even remotely sexy. All the self-doubt and questions you had about yourself back when you were addicted to porn are long gone. 

Should I Convince My Partner to Quit Porn?

While quitting porn or not it's a personal choice, you should intervene if it's starting to impact your relationship. Your partner may be so into porn that he has lost interest in you and even refuses sex before porn is better for him. When it's starting to impact your relationship you should intervene and encourage him to quit porn.

Another serious sign is if he starts exhibiting aggression he learnt from porn. That is a very serious warning sign and besides quitting porn, you should consider taking him to therapy. Porn can have detrimental effects on relationships if one side doesn't know how to control their lust. 

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If prostitution is the oldest profession then porn is probably the first thing people looked up when the Internet took off. Undeniably porn has its charm that captures many. However, it also has a rather dangerous effect on one's mental, physical, and social aspects.

Most that have quit porn for good have been happy about their decisions. They are able to live a happier life and maintain a healthier relationship. If you are hesitating about quitting porn for good, now is a good time to try out and see what positive impact it has on you!