Top 20 Most Popular and Achievable New Years Resolutions

It's that time again when we get to renew our being for the new year and make our resolutions happen through hard work and dedication.

By Shannon Garner
Top 20 Most Popular and Achievable New Years Resolutions

Intro: New Year New Lifestyle!

There comes that time of year when we reflect on the past year and recognize what we would like to change or give definition about ourselves for the new year. The changes we start to take part in are called resolutions. The definition of that would be to do or not to do something, firmly. When we speak about not doing something we have to stick with that for the certain amount of time you wish to put in. That is what new year resolutions are all about. If you want to eat better, workout more, or find a better job that reflects who you are. Whatever it may be, the ball is in your court and it is on you to make things happen for yourself - but don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

Better Self Care

We sometimes get too busy with life getting in the way that at times we have no time to look after ourselves. We must make sure we find time to do the self-care activities needed to keep us in great health. There is a list of self-care resolutions that can be done to take better care of ourselves, such as getting massages every two weeks, exercising daily, taking yourself out for some herbal tea every other morning and/or getting the proper sleep. Whatever helps you feel good then do that and keep doing it.

Save More Money | Get Out of Debt

We live in a world where we need things almost constantly, so it gets hard to save money and continue to do so. But, realistically, we must find a way to save for that big vacation, save for your children’s college fund, or even your retirement. When the new year comes around many people like to work on their finances and set resolutions to put them in the black instead of dropping into the red. Saving money and getting out of debt is a big accomplishment for anyone that decides to pull through on this resolution and once you have completed your resolution it is definitely going to feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Connect More with Loved Ones

We live in a fast-paced world where we get caught up with work, PTA meetings, after-school practices, making sure everything is together at home and we forget to sit down and make memories with our families. Some people have families that live far from them, so it is hard to see family even during the holidays but, the message that we must create for ourselves is that regardless of life getting in the way we have to try our hardest to make times for your loved ones. The heartfelt definition of peace and happiness is being around family that cares. Time does run out and time waits for no one the only time that really matters is the time that we spend with our families. Also, spending time with family can set up more new year resolutions that all of you may consider doing together as a family.

Go Back to School

The idea of going back to school can be refreshing and scary at the same time. Refreshing because you are on a good start to obtaining more knowledge and, hopefully, more money. Scary in the other sense that school may not work out as great as you thought it would and that is money down the drain. At the end of the day, whatever decisions you must make for your life just make sure to put full effort in all that you do. With hard work comes amazing resolutions and great results.

New Year | New Job | Workplace Achievements

There are times where you may not be happy with the job you have now and you linger before going to work because it exhausts you, depresses you, or just isn’t a great fit for you. A job can be draining, especially if you are dealing with bad workplace culture, a bully boss or if you just can’t see yourself growing within the company. With the new year coming up people have high hopes of a new job to match. If you have a job that you are content with but you want to move up within the company then workplace achievements resolutions start to become major activities that need to be done in order to become invaluable and irreplaceable. If it is doing extra work duties, coming in early or leaving late do what you have to do to get that promotion. It is time that your definition for a job hopefully changes into a career. 

There's Fun Activities in Getting Organized

They say that a cluttered home can make a cluttered mind. So, to avoid having a cluttered brain, one thing you can do to get organized and stay organized is to file your mail right away when you get it; not only does this help stay organized with all the different paperwork in your home but it also helps you not to miss due dates. Unless you manage all of your bills online then this doesn’t pertain to you. Organize your kitchen, like those Tupperware that you “accidentally” throw into the cabinet. Getting rid of knick-knacks you’ve had for several years that are collecting dust in your spare room. Adding to the list of things to organize is to stop buying purchases that are not needed. Minimalism is best for the new year. 

Travel More Resolutions

The definition of traveling is going from one destination to another. This is one of the greatest new year resolutions that happens to jump at the top of the list for many folks. Most people love to experience new things and go to new places. But we do not always have the time and money to do these activities. So, when the new year comes around and we get a fresh new start then it seems easy to organize and plan around our work life and family. First, we have to think about where we want to go and for how long. Second, we have to consider where we are going to stay. Thirdly, what activities are we going to do? Having an itinerary in place helps out a lot. Lastly, we must think about budget. How much is all this going to cost? Plan ahead many months because cost and time do come into play, royally. 

Volunteer More

Giving back is an essential part of being kind to our community. Being able to give a helping hand to those in need is for the greater good and it really gives you a deeper look into society and also brings knowledge. For the new year, people set resolutions to volunteer at the community gospel rescue mission, tutoring low-income children for free, clean up parks and other public places, or even participating in walkathons for mental and physical conditions. Be more proactive in the new year, get involved. 

New Year To Meet New People

Get out of that couch potato mood and trade in your pajamas for a sundress and go out and mingle. They say the more you interact with people the better you feel and all the better your communication skills become. Yes, we all have those days where we want to be left alone. But, don’t forget that there is a whole world of people waiting to have fun and to add new friends to their phone list. 

Resolutions To Adopt a Child | Adopt a Pet

There are thousands of children that need homes and millions of pets that do not have owners. Bring more joy into your home by adopting a child. Having a child under a safe roof will give your child such wonderful wellbeing and the creation of family memories will be worth a lifetime. The resolution of adopting a pet gives the pet an opportunity to enjoy living in a safe fun environment. Also, it’s a wonderful feeling for you because pets can be the greatest therapy for anyone. 


A list of things you can do to work on your self-growth is to work on your confidence; by doing this you're learning new things, not tolerating anyone’s mess any longer, being true to yourself and accepting who you are and embracing yourself with love. Another thing that confidence does is send a great message to anyone who walks your path. They notice your confidence, they respect it and love it; your confidence sets an example. Another thing you can add to your self-growth is building a strong mindset. What is needed to do this? Well, let's start off with not stressing so much. Stress takes a toll on your mind and body and can bring along health issues if you don’t know how to control it. Taking responsibility for your actions is another huge step in keeping a strong mind. If you never take responsibility and you are always blaming others you will have a hard time growing as an individual. Another way to keep a strong mindset is to learn how to deal with negative thoughts. These are just thoughts and knowing this you can easily detach yourself from them. Detach and recreate a positive thought that will suit you well. When you take time to consider these ideas and follow these steps you’ll be on a great path walking into the new year with a new mindset in no time.

Be Grateful

For some reason, a lot of us aim for things that we don’t have to achieve our happiness. But, we forget the true message is to be grateful for what you already have. If you are always trying to acquire something you don’t have, as soon as you get it then the cycle starts right over again. For the new year, understand what you have. Your health, family, friends, a steady job and a roof over your head. Don’t take advantage of this and be appreciative for the new year and from now on. 

Read More | Less TV

Gaining knowledge can easily be acquired through books. You can learn so much about many different things by reading a book a month and if you are having too much fun then push for two books a month. Reading boosts brain activity and raises IQ. Being in front of a television constantly, you can have major problems with your health and it can be a problem if you aren’t partaking in activities that induce your learning ability. This new year resolution is one if the easiest to get involved in all you have to do is pick up a book from your living room bookshelf, go to the library and set aside 30 minutes to an hour a day and get some reading in. 

Enjoy the Little Things

We get so worked up about the future and what we like to achieve but, we forget to step back and smell the roses for once. The idea of enjoying the little things is to find sentiment in your life. There is a list of things that you can do that can help you meet your new year resolution such as: taking the time to pray or meditate, going outside and appreciating the fresh air that we breathe, sitting down and appreciating music by listening to it and doing nothing else. Being thankful for the life you are able to live sends a good message to your other family members to keep a positive attitude by staying gracious. Take a look around your home and reminisce on family photos and things of sentimental value. Preparing a meal for the family that your grandmother used to make. Little things such as this is what will make your new year wonderful.  

Be Kinder To People

The definition of being kind is being of a good or benevolent nature or disposition according to So, this new year make it a habit to share a compliment, give a smile, speak great things about others. Whatever it may be, send the message of positivity. When you are positive people cling on to those vibes and it makes them feel good and it also makes you feel good as a person. This is one of the easiest new years resolutions to get started on because it takes little effort to be nice to others and it is also, free. 

Go Out on the Town

Try your best to do as much as you can when you have the time to do so. This new year resolution will also help you learn about the history of the city you live in while having fun. When you have a day off from work drive around the city and see what fun things you can get into. A list of things you can do in your own city or town is doing things such as going to a new restaurant, visiting a museum, going to a well-known park, strolling the farmers market and supporting local businesses. So stop down playing the city you live in and take apart in what the city has to offer this new year. Fall in love with where you live. 

Schedule all your Appointments for the New Year

Out of all the new year resolutions mentioned in this article this may be by far one of the most important to take away from this list. Your health is an important thing to keep up with. Going to your physicals, dentist, eye doctor, ob-gyn, etc. This is how we keep ourselves from getting sick by keeping up with all appointments. 

Resolutions To Having More Safe Sex

If you are in a healthy relationship the idea is to keep the relationship healthy and intimate. We do this already by being close and personal with one another. Having safe sex can reduce stress and keeps us mentally and physically healthful. If you are not in a relationship the same message applies, be safe. This is another reason why we keep our appointments to make sure that our bodies are in good shape.

Laugh More | Smile More

The idea of smiling more is to make others smile too. Smiling makes you look young and all the more happy. New year resolutions as simple as giving a smile or making someone laugh can brighten up someone’s day whose day wasn’t going well. Energy is never destroyed only transferred so transfer over that great energy to loved ones and strangers alike.

Get Off Social Media

In this new generation, social media is the new TV. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter more than an hour a day and you’re checking all these websites almost every five minutes then, yes, we need to add this new year resolution to the list. Being addicted to social media can send out a bad message to others around you and also takes up too much time where you could have been doing something much more proactive. Especially, children, they have access to smartphones at such a young age that a lot of children do not like to play with other kids because they are already at that age where they are too busy on their phones. Don't just help yourself with this resolution but the children in your family too. 

Resolutions To Feeling Rejuvenated

Now that you have a list of resolutions to tackle this new year remember that when you say you want to invest in these resolutions, you should stick with it. If you say you are going to do something please know that this is to benefit you. The idea of the new year is to give yourself a fresh start with whatever you need the most help in. Get started and be on your way to a happy and much more healthy life.