10 Miracle Prayers For Conception To Help You Get Pregnant

Many women dream of bearing a child. However, some women may experience difficulties in conceiving. Try out the following prayers to induce conception.

By Dagmar Thomson
10 Miracle Prayers For Conception To Help You Get Pregnant



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Pregnancy is something that is always celebrated by women and communities in general. The birth of a baby is always welcomed with so much happiness and celebrations. Some centuries back, some communities would banish women who were barren. Women who conceive twins see this as two blessings or even a miracle, but in some communities, it is a taboo. Women use several methods when trying to conceive. Some go and enroll in medical trials that do not work and just make them spend a lot of money. There are those who even go to the extent of believing in witchcraft and use it to try to conceive. The Catholic Church frowns upon this. The most encouraged method to induce pregnancy by the Catholic Church is conception through prayers. Some people believe in the power of prayer and say that it can help in conception. However, most people do not know how to pray so that they can conceive. Here are 10 of the most used prayers that you can use when you want to conceive:

1. Prayer for a Healthy Womb and For a Baby

A woman who wants to have a child for the first time can use this prayer. The prayer asks for a healthy womb and the ability to conceive. In this prayer, thank the Lord for life and the way he has taken care of you. Tell him of how he knew you before you were conceived. Talk about how you long to carry your own baby and hold it in your arms. Pray that you may conceive and give the baby back to the Lord’s care like Samuel in the bible. This prayer encourages you to put your faith in the Lord.

2. A Prayer for another Baby

This prayer is for those who want to have another child. You can use this prayer when you find it hard to conceive a second time. In the prayer, thank God for blessing you with your other child or children. Ask to be blessed with another child or even twins to be a sister or brother to your other child/ren. Place your life in God’s hands and pray for conception once again so you can enlarge your family. Also, pray for wisdom to teach and train your children and that they come to learn more about Jesus. Say this prayer each time you want to have another baby. It will work out for you, regardless of the number of children you wish to have.

3. A Prayer to Help With Conception and Pregnancy

This prayer is practiced by most people and is recommended by Catholics. Women who have problems with their ovaries can use this prayer. In the prayer, you can say how you are having problems with conception because of your ovaries. You can explain how you have consulted different doctors and they recommended you undergo surgery to solve the problem. Pray that God may heal you to enable you to conceive. Let God know that conceiving is one of the wishes you have been hoping to come true and that he may fulfill your wish. As you conclude, ask God to fill your body and spirit so that you can love him even more.

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4. A Prayer to Have A Little Family of Your Own

This prayer is recommended for married couples. Couples can say this prayer when they are ready to have children. You can start the prayer by saying how much you long to have a family of your own. You can say how happy you will be when you get the chance to hold your baby in your arms or even be blessed with twins. As you pray, make sure you ask that when you conceive, you have a healthy pregnancy. Pray that you and your spouse are given the wisdom to be loving, wise parents. As you finish the prayer, ask that you may be able to fulfill your purpose in life by having children so you can be a family and not just be husband and wife. This prayer will come in handy if you wish to have a family and are ready for conception and child-bearing.

5. A Prayer after Having a Miscarriage

Those who have had multiple miscarriages can say this prayer. The prayer is supposed to uplift you and make you hopeful of future conception. You can start the prayer by saying the number of miscarriages you have had. Explain how hurt you were each time you lost the pregnancy. Pray for conception, that you may be healed and be able to carry your baby until you give birth. You can say how it's going to be a miracle when you conceive. Ask for courage and strength that you may try to conceive again. You should be thankful and hopeful that conception is going to happen. No matter the number of times you have miscarried, do not lose hope. You still have a chance of bearing children, especially if you say this prayer every day.

6. A Prayer to Be Blessed With a Baby

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You can say this prayer when conception has been a problem for you. In the prayer, you can say how conception has been a huge issue for you for years. You can also say how it is going to be a miracle when you get the chance to conceive and carry the baby full term. You can pray that you have been longing to be a mother and it will be a blessing to even have twins. Explain your journey to conception and how hard it has been for many months. Pray that you may be fertile, become fruitful, and put all this in the Lord’s hands. Conclude by asking for a miracle for conception and that you may have the joy of becoming a parent.

7. A Prayer for Fertility and To Give Birth to a Baby

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Women who have had problems with fertility can say this prayer. In the prayer, you can ask that you may be blessed with the miracle of a pregnancy. Pray that you are remembered, like Sarah in the Bible, and you become fertile. You can explain how for years you have been hoping for a miracle of a baby. How lately you have been feeling hopeless but still wish that you can become fertile. Conclude by believing that your prayer is going to be granted since you know that nothing is impossible with God. Thus, if you are experiencing difficulties conceiving due to infertility, this is the perfect prayer for you.

8. A Prayer to Be Fruitful and To Multiply

This is another prayer that is recommended for married people. The Catholic Church also approves of it since it encourages married people to be fruitful and multiply. In the prayer, you can say how God’s word encourages you to have children. Talk about how it also tells you to ensure that your children grow up to respect God. You should pray that you are blessed with the miracle of conception and that you bear children who are God-fearing. Conclude by praying that you become fruitful to conceive, or even have twins, since children are a gift from the Lord.

9. A Prayer for Conception after a Stillborn Baby

People who have carried their pregnancy full term then give birth to a stillborn baby are encouraged to say this prayer. This prayer gives them the opportunity to express their feelings after the ordeal. You can start off the prayer by saying how you went through so much grief and pain after the stillborn baby and how it still hurts. Pray that you are given peace and comfort to move on with life. Say how grateful you are for the people who comforted you during that time and for the strength and encouragement that were sent your way. You can say how you became closer to God during that time and how grateful you are for that. Ask that you may be blessed with the ability to conceive again and how it will be a miracle if you can conceive twins and deliver them when they are healthy. As you conclude, say how you will rejoice and give praise when your prayer is granted.

10.A Prayer for the Fruit of the Womb

This prayer mostly talks about the word of God as it is written in the Bible. It talks about how we should abide by the word and be blessed with the fruit of the womb. It takes you back to the scriptures where God encourages conception and growth in a family unit. The prayer should let you show how much you want the gift of conception so you can multiply. You should ask for the opportunity to be fertile so that you can carry your children to full term. Ask for strength that you may be fruitful and bear as many children as you can as the scripture tells you to. Pray that you may have a family of your own, and have children who are God-fearing and abide by God’s word. Conclude by thanking God for coming up with the concept of a family when he commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and to multiply. Conception and pregnancy is an issue that affects all women in the world. It is such a joy when a woman is able to conceive and carry the baby to full term. It is a blessing when you are able to deliver a healthy baby without complications. Prayers have been recommended for women who want to conceive. The Catholic Church has prayers that they encourage women to use when they want to conceive or to have a fruitful womb. There are also other prayers that women can use to conceive after they have had miscarriages or delivered stillborn babies. The above prayers are some of the most commonly used prayers for conception. There are women who have used these prayers daily and they say that they work. They encourage other women to use them so that they can also enjoy the fruits of their womb. So go on and try out these prayers if you want to conceive.

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