6 Reasons Why Your Man Watches Porn And Why It’s Okay

There are a lot of valid reasons, but your emotions are too

By Diana Nadim
6 Reasons Why Your Man Watches Porn And Why It’s Okay

What Is Porn? Who Does It? Where Can We Find Them?

Pornography is any material, such as books, magazines, pictures, and videos designed to cause sexual arousal. These contents show or describe sexual actions. Pornography is acted by male or female porn actors. Very little is known about the character of these adult content actors. However, when asked why they joined the porn industry, the reason revolves around money, fame, and sex.

On the other hand, when asked of the disadvantages of being in a pornography sector, some actors said they are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, exploitation and others hated their partners. Not forgetting how the community perceive and judge them.

Before the era of advanced technology, porn addicts watched and store pornographic materials, such as magazines, photos, and films.  You can recently view any porn content you want, thanks to the growing use of the internet. On top of that, social media and smartphones have made it even easier to access porn at the place of your choice.

Why Do People Watch Pornographic Videos?

Pornography watching has spread widely, from children to the old; pornography is no longer a new name. However, up to date, no gauge has been set up to measure pornography use.

According to a literature review and qualitative analysis, porn watching was based on the following causes: lack of sexual satisfaction, avoiding boredom, sexual desires, sexual curiosity, emotional distraction, reducing stress, and self-exploration.

Is Porn Inherently Bad?

Overall, watching porn isn’t inherently bad for men and women, but there must be a balance. However, for young and middle-aged children, porn watching has been proven to cause harm. Notably, for men and women, too, to some degree, porn may bring more harm to their relationships and body.

Porn affects the habit of the mind and still brings medical consequences. Let’s find out the effect of pornography.

Effects on the body and mind

Social scientist has clarified the effects of pornography on people. Porn affects one’s mind by distorting the perception of sex, leading to abnormal sex behaviors such as promiscuity, thus seeing women and girls as sex objects.

Sexual addiction

Porn is very addictive and is the major cause of sexually uncontrollable behaviors. A lot of surveys have been done to try and understand the magnitude of the addictions. For instance, 57 % percent of porn users did so to control stress. Additionally, porn addiction leads to low self-esteem and an inability to have a social life.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

Porn lovers are likely to get STDs as porn encourages having multiple sexual partners, with 87 percent of porn users engage in sex without condoms. Therefore, the chance of contracting an STD is very high, plus fathering a child out of wedlock.

Is It Normal For People In A Relationship To Still Watch Porn? Why Do They Do IT?

Sex experts have tried to analyze different couple‘s views on matters concerning porn watching. In a survey “Happy and Healthy Sex in Marriage,” 26% of those interviewed liked reading erotica together, while 23% liked watching porn.

Nowadays, watching porn is no big deal for couples, but is it healthy after all? What do they gain from watching porn together? Let’s find out:

1. It’s a form of foreplay

When starting a relationship, love is usually at the peak, so young couples find it easy to get sexually aroused. However, as the relationship progresses down the line, sexual arousal slows down. Therefore, the couple concluded that watching porn helps to get sexual arousal quickly and engage in marvelous sex henceforth.

2. Porn initiates conversations

While couples watch porn together, most women get a chance to start a conversation and make their partner understand their interests clearly. However, some shy or get embarrassed, but at last, their men have understood what they like.

3. Ensure it can be eliminated

Yes, it’s a good form of foreplay, but will you depend on it throughout your relationship? Do not make it an everyday affair, as it comes with a kind of addiction. Always take a break from it.

How Should I React If My Boyfriend Watches Porn?

You may be shocked to find your boyfriend’s phone or computer with pornography materials. It’s hurting if you aren’t involved. Yes, so many people watch it, but for your partner, you may feel betrayed.  On the other hand, you can’t just watch him continue with something you feel may ruin your relationship.

What if he feels it okay to watch porn regardless of your opinions? No matter how he takes it, the following ideas may help you to cope with the news.

1. Be calm

Avoid overreacting at all costs. Even if you may wonder if you aren’t attracted to him anymore or maybe you no longer satisfy him sexually, don’t confront him harshly. By finding out, you may also think he is hiding other things from you, which may lead to a lack of trust.

2. Talk to him in a lovely way

Most people hide the fact they are watching porn, more so if they don’t want their partners engaged or they feel it’s wrong. Therefore, show him evidence that you have found out. However, he may feel you have gone too much in snooping in his affairs. Therefore, tell him clearly; you want him to stop.

Even though, be kind, do not condemn, criticize, or attack him with hurtful words. Be prepared also because he will not take it lightly and maybe defensive.

3. Regardless, please do not give up on him

Pornography is addictive; he can be too much into it, and stopping it would be hard for him even if he wants to. So, keep on talking to him; if he needs help, go for professional counseling. If you confront him and leave him alone, he may feel condemned and hated, so support him.

4. Pray for your relationship

This is for those who are religious. After calming down, pray for your boyfriend. You need the grace and wisdom to cope with the current situation. Prayers will also give you peace and strength to continue loving and respecting him. Pray for him to stop watching and overcome that temptation. You maybe be surprised to see him change for the better.

5. Stand your ground

He may turn against you if he feels watching porn is no big deal. Do not bow to his opinions. To you, porn is disgusting. That’s it! After all, you have been there for him?  What else is he looking for? Pictures of other naked women? Damn it! He has to change if he still values you.

6. Work on it together

You aren’t joining him, and he can’t lose you. So, what next? Both of you must set boundaries of what is good for you both. If you combine forces, he will change for the better, and this temptation will be a thing of the past.

I Am Upset About My Boyfriend Watching Porn, How Do I Tell Him? Should I?

A sex census by Ann Summer (2012) showed that 41% of women and 76 % of men watch porn once or more per month while a good percentage watch it daily. These statistics show that it’s becoming a new normal for people to watch pornography. So, when it happens that your partner is watching porn, it can be shocking and, at the same time, upsetting.

If he had involved you in watching it, then you would have been at ease and understanding. Many couples watch pornography to enhance their sex lives. But in case your boyfriend is watching it alone, it means you are left isolated when he’s going on with his business without minding you.

Firstly, face him directly and raise your concerns. Maybe he can consider changing that habit, or if he doesn’t, at least you have told him your views. At the same time, you may be desperately in need of an answer. You want to know if you don’t satisfy him; that’s why he is looking for an alternative; just an explanation to cool you down.

But, in search of answers, you may find both of you arguing and maybe engaging in unnecessary fights. So, before you tell him, be ready for any outcome. You may be surprised he’s not aware that you don’t like it. And he’s ready to explain things to you.

Secondly, ask him politely and calmly; avoid being judgmental. You can resolve things by learning his weakness and work on them both. These things happen, so your boyfriend isn’t that evil.

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Porn watching is widespread nowadays, and it’s also easy to access the contents. However, it’s good for a couple to talk things first, and if either is not okay with watching it, then it should be so. Some couples perceive porn watching as a kind of cheating from their partners.

However, everything has its bad side. As stated earlier, porn may drive an individual to aggressive sex or maybe addiction. But, adolescents and young children should be excluded completely from the list of porn users.