Against All Odds: Why Mirka Federer Is A Great Woman & Wife

Surely, Roger made the best decision of his life to marry her!

By Michele
Against All Odds: Why Mirka Federer Is A Great Woman & Wife

First of all, let’s have a look at what being a great woman and wife means.

After marriage, it is expected from the man that he will take care of his family by offering shelter, financial support, and security, and from the woman, it is generally expected that she will look after her husband and kids, manage house chores and be a supportive figure.

For working professionals, of any field, looking after their family can become somewhat challenging, as they have commitments to fulfill and places to be. It is a hectic life. Here, I will discuss Mirka Federer, a former tennis player, and wife of Roger Federer – the acclaimed tennis player.

I will put forward some personal details of Mirka over here that will make you praise her soft nature. And you will also come to know why Roger compliments her a lot.

Who is Mirka Federer?


Her real name is Miroslava Vavrincova and she was born on the 1st of April, 1978 in Slovakia. Miroslava was located in Switzerland, with her family, when she was a little kid. Her interest in tennis developed when she first saw a live tournament in Germany with her father.

Later, Mirka came across Martina Navratilova, who suggested her to take up tennis as a profession. The reason being, Mirka had a good height and an extremely athletic figure. Martina even managed to get her trained in tennis and also gifted her racquet.     

How Was She As A Tennis Player And Manager? For Which Team(s) Did She Play?


She was one fine tennis player and reached an international ranking of 76th during her career. Her ranking could not improve because of the consistent foot injury that she had to face. Her best performance to date was in 2001’s US Open when she was able to reach the third round of the tournament. 

It was in 2002 that she paired with Roger for the Hopman Cup. And in the same year, she took formal retirement from competitive tennis. After her retirement, Mirka took on the role of Roger’s public relations manager and toured with him extensively. But she saw that this work pattern affected her family, so she finally decided to quit as Roger’s manager and give her entire time to family.

Mirka has played the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and Australian Open. She played 13 singles and won 3 while she played 4 doubles and won 1. 

Why Did She Retire?


Playing tennis was a prodigious passion of Mirka and she could not afford to leave the game at all. She was doing great at the game and her international ranking was also improving. But nature has its way of doing things. It was some time before 2002 that she faced a serious foot injury that made her unable to play for a couple of months.

Once she recovered, Mirka tried playing again but her foot injury came back, and then it would not go away. Her recurrent foot injury made her retire from tennis, but with a heavy heart. She left playing and focused solely on her family affairs.


Roger commented that Mirka left the game for her benefit, as she thought more about her family than the game. She certainly deserves appreciation for being a great wife and mother. Roger once commented during an interview:

“Mirka invested everything. She had bad surgeries and didn‘t return well from rehab. She always had problems with her heels and never truly recovered from it. Until today she feels little there. It was easy for her this way though to decide.”

And further explained that,

"She had a problem with her foot, she could not walk properly anymore she had surgery, she tried to come back and if comeback would have been okay and the pain was gone away she would have kept on playing, but her foot today still hurts her sometimes, so it did not go well for her and the decision was simple.

Why Did Everyone Advise Roger Against Marrying Mirka?


To my astonishment, I have found that the close circle of Roger highly advised him not to marry Mirka. One of the prominent reasons was that he was an established tennis player and could get a better match easily and Mirka also didn’t go well with his personality. Some people even objected that Mirka was elder than Roger and that would not make a perfect pair.

Roger, before opening up to Mirka about his feelings tried to reach out to his friends and family, as to what they think about his decision. Everyone disagreed with their relationship and stopped him from getting involved. But something was going on, on his mind, Roger just ignored everyone.

Sven Groeneveld, a prominent tennis coach, who also trained Maria Sharapova, supported Roger’s stance towards Mirka. The coach once commented, “He asked everyone if he should go with her. Everyone advised him against it. And that Federer did it was the best decision of his life.” 

Why Did Roger Push Through Anyway?


After nearly a decade of dating, Mirka and Roger married in 2009 finally. Roger highly believed that Mirka could serve as his life support system no matter what. They spent several years together and came to know about their inclinations.

Mirka has stood like a rock throughout Roger’s journey and helped him make one accomplishment after another. What is better than your wife being your biggest motivator and supporter? She is there for him on every match, cheering for him to perform his best and win.

Why Is Mirka A Great Woman, Wife, And Mother?


Roger has always appreciated Mirka, in front of friends, family, and even the press. Once he quoted, “She has incredibly supported me and put me back and so I‘m looking forward to everything is over. I would have stopped long ago when she wouldn‘t have said: Come on, continue. Or when she would have said: Please stop, I don‘t want this any longer. I would have stopped then. We also have to find a balance with the 4 kids, it isn‘t the same anymore as 4, 8 or 10 years ago, that‘s for sure.”

They say that to win a man you need to win his stomach first. It seems that Mirka has pretty much won Roger, for a lifetime, as once he said that, “Mirka is great at cooking. Mirka likes cooking pasta. She tries different things, with great meat.”


I am more than pleased to hear such pleasant comments coming from him. Roger, being a gentleman, certainly knows how to appreciate a woman, who sacrificed her career for her family. That is why I have fished the exact words of Roger that will make you appreciate and love Mirka even more.

When she was about to leave her tennis career due to heel injury, Roger lightly suggested Mirka, “I said to her: Don‘t you maybe want to stop?

After some time Roger won Wimbledon and appreciated Mirka for her wise decision, of leaving tennis. To which she replied, ‘this is more important for me. We can build something fantastic together.”


Yes, she was talking about her family. Truly shows the value that she upholds for her loved ones. I have found some more words from Roger. He still cannot afford to sleep without her as once he told the press that, “I’d rather sleep with kids screaming than away from my wife.”

On another occasion, he talked about his progressing relationship with Mirka and how much pleased he is, “She found a great place in my life first as a girlfriend and now as a wife, incredibly supportive. I could have never asked for a better girlfriend and wife, she has been the best throughout all these years and it has been wonderful.”

Once after winning a tennis match Roger pointed towards his wife and proudly said that “She’s been a rock in my corner.”

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It can be easily said that Mirka knows how to set priorities in her life. First, it was the tennis game that she was fond of highly that led her to meet the man of her dreams. Later, she tied the knot with Roger, but unluckily tennis certainly wasn’t meant for her. But she didn’t give up on life.

She focused on helping her husband with his tours. Supported and motivated him wherever she could. And after having kids, her main purpose was to take care of them and raise them in the best possible way. You must have realized that Mirka is certainly a Great Woman & Wife. Much power to her!