5 Hoodoo Spells That Can Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

Are you looking for magic that can help you attract the one you love? Try a hoodoo spell. These five hoodoo spells will make that special someone fall for you.

By Palack
5 Hoodoo Spells That Can Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

Hoodoo Spells - what are they?

Apart from trying to impress your crush with gifts and gestures, there are some magical methods to make the person you admire feel the same way about you too. And no, it is not just a potion taught in Professor Snape's Defense Against The Dark Arts' classes. There are various types of magic spells present in every country and their cultures. It is not just a topic of history but traditions and spiritual beliefs too. These magical practices that were started thousands of years ago still hold significance. However, changes are bound to occur with time, just like any other revolution. Although the entire concept of magic is a very vast one, hoodoo magic is a specific form that is known to have originated in the African American culture. Hoodoo spells have been believed in and practiced for a long time now. Many parts of West African countries hold this tradition till now as well. The practice of hoodoo spells was carried by West Africans to the United States as a consequence of the historic transatlantic slave trade. The inhabitants of Kongo, Nigeria, Benin, etc., were a major part of this. Hoodoo spells are known to be used for binding someone or something spiritually in order to achieve what the person desires like luck, money, protection, health, love, and so on. But due to its practices, hoodoo spells are classified as black magic. They are often confused with voodoo spells, which are very different from hoodoo spells. However, the origin and the basic idea of these magic practices are quite similar. Voodoo spells come from a religion with two branches, Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Vodoun. 'Voodoo' is the African word that means 'God'. On the contrary, a hoodoo spell is a form of folk magic found in West Africa. The hoodoo spell is performed using tools, formulas, spell chants, and many properties like personal possessions, animal parts, blood, urine, spit, etc., with herbs and roots being the major important part. They are performed using Biblical texts, generally from The Book of Psalms, but not usually in the name of Jesus. The common intention is to harness supernatural forces with the intention of gaining something or someone. It is also used widely to regain a lost lover or even for making someone new fall in love with you. It may sound impossible, but it's a true, proven, and well-exercised practice.

Hoodoo spells can be dangerous

Hoodoo spells are in fact, a bit more complicated than any other spell. They require more material, strong willpower, and a lot of effort. As it is about manipulating and also controlling the sentiments of a person, it is a big task that requires a lot of precision. In hoodoo spells, each and every detail is equally important. That is why it is essential to have complete knowledge of these spells. Even a small error can bring horrific consequences as it involves supernatural powers; one cannot just start playing with it. This can be dangerous, and there is no room for being negligent. Therefore, the guidance of an experienced person or thorough prior research is necessary for your protection. Because of the dominant use of herbs and roots and the concept of controlling a person or thing, hoodoo spells are often referred to as 'conjure', 'working the root' or 'root doctoring'. The general idea of bringing luck is attached to these practices. This has a grain of truth to it because luck could mean money to someone and to others it could mean compassion or health too. Speaking of love, this is an emotion that makes people go the extra mile. While it has a happy and beautiful side to it, it has a painful side too. It must be reciprocated in order to be successful. If the feeling is not mutual between two people, it would mean nothing at all. Everyone understands that it is not always the case that someone you admire has the same sentiments for you too. This is the point where complications arise. The pain of being rejected is not something every person can handle. While some choose to move on, some do not give up. This is where hoodoo spells work as a solution for such cases. These five hoodoo spells are worth the effort.

1. Hoodoo Spell with a mojo bag

The other names for a mojo bag are mojo hand, conjure bag, root bag, jomo, lucky hand and trick bag. It is also commonly known as gris-gris bag which means charm. This word comes from the culture of the hoodoo spell itself. It is also used a metaphor for one's talent. But this has a rather specific meaning in this context. The mojo bag is considered as a prayer in a bag. It is a kind of amulet in a hoodoo spell that contains a flannel bag and the magical element with which it is supposed to be practiced. The color of its flannel is significant too. Green represents money while white and red are used for baby-blessing and love, respectively. For this spell, you would need a mojo bag with a proper spiritual bag. Next, take the mojo bag and put a herb called Mukassa Minerva in. After this, take the incense called Majmunaame Muettar and put it in the bag. Take a picture of the person whose feelings you wish to manipulate and cover it with Lobanisha Powder. Put this in the bag along with your picture. This spell will help you as it would evoke the attraction of the person towards you and bring back your loved one.

2. Hoodoo spell to attract your partner

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The process of casting this hoodoo spell is as follows: โ€ข To cast this spell take a piece of paper. Prick the tip of your wedding ring finger with a pin. โ€ข Now using this pin, write your name along with the name of your partner or the one you are interested in. Write the names in the center of the paper using the blood from your finger. โ€ข Draw three small circles around the names with your blood too. โ€ข Apply the 'Come to Me Oil' all over yourself. Many such hoodoo oils are commercially available and easily found. โ€ข Place jasmine, lavender, or rose buds in the center of the paper and fold it towards yourself. โ€ข Fold it again in the same manner after turning it 90 degrees. โ€ข Take a few strands of your hair and use them to tie the folded paper. โ€ข Bury this paper at night. This hoodoo spell will help you gain back the affection of your loved one. The partner would come back to you after a maximum of 3 days.

3. St. John root work hoodoo spell

This is a varied version of a St. John root work spell that draws someone towards you. Passion and romance are key features in performing this ritual. You will need: โ€ข A piece of St. John the conquerer root โ€ข A red and black thread โ€ข Strands of your hair โ€ข Strands of the hair of the subject of your spell โ€ข A ceramic dish filled with some dirt โ€ข A red candle Wrap the piece of root with strands of hair tightly and then wrap the red and black threads around it. Make sure they are tied together well and secured in place. Set this root charm in the dish and cover it with dirt. Take the candle and put it over the dish. Let the drops of wax fall into the bowl and keep the candle in a holder to keep it burning. This hoodoo spell will take around one week to show its result.

4. Light it up with a hoodoo spell

For this hoodoo spell, you will need two human shaped candles, one female and one male (or two of the same gender, depending on your romantic preferences). These are not sold commonly but can be found online. Next, you'll require 'Come to Me Oil'. If the oil is not available, it can be replaced with a mixture of vanilla and patchouli oils with some saffron. Write the name of your beloved and your name on the candles using a sharp object. If you are not performing this spell on someone in particular, you can simply carve ' my beloved' on it. Rub both the candles with the oil you have prepared and put them in a large bowl. Place them close enough to touch each other. Light the candle which represents you first and then the other one. Read out these words aloud: โ€œBy the power of all the Saints, bring me my love." Then let the candles burn out on their own.

5. Hoodoo spells with blood

This spell seems rather easy and yet the trickiest one. Body fluids like menstrual blood, semen, urine, and saliva are often used in hoodoo. This may sound a bit gross but this spell is very effective. However, it would require a lot of courage and determination to perform. The idea behind this spell is to invoke the sentiments of intimacy in your partner. This is a one-step spell. You just need to add your menstrual blood into the coffee or tea of your man. No other specific prayer or ritual is needed. It is based on the idea of getting your essence into your beloved's sphere of consciousness. This is meant to ignite sexual intimacy between you and your partner.

Making anyone fall in love with you is something that everyone wants at a point in time. People try a lot of things; they even change themselves to get the attention of the one they like. However, sometimes nothing works for them. The fear or pain of losing the one they like is something that arouses the desire to do anything just to get the love and attention of the person you love. Hoodoo spells not only help you in getting your love but also getting money and protection. In the sea of magical elements, hoodoo spells are just a few drops. Your protection should be your foremost concern while performing these rituals. It is a much more sensitive part of black magic. However, these practices can be useful to the ones who are desperately restless for the person they admire and want to be with the person at any cost. Emotions, and especially love, know no boundaries.