What Is The Meaning When You Dream Of Someone?

Find out the hidden meaning and what to do in real life

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What Is The Meaning When You Dream Of Someone?

How Often Do We Dream?

This is the ultimate dilemma of all time. What are dreams? Why do we have certain dreams? Do we always have them or we just remember a few? Let’s try and fix these confusions once and for all with the help of some medical science and some psychology.

What actually are dreams?

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Keeping in view many theories regarding dreams, these are sets of sensory information our brain possesses and are played in our minds in not exactly a sensible way. There are different phases of sleep. The dreams we see during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep are said to be more fictional and random. During this phase, the brain is the most active. But the ones we see in non-REM sleep are more concrete. The whole process is done when our brain’s logical and intelligent center is sleeping, but the sentimental part is active. This highlights the fact that why dreams don’t really make any sense.

How often do we dream?

We forget most of our dreams but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have any. During the REM stages of our sleep, we can dream up to four to six times each night. Kids under 10 years don’t dream that much. REM sleep can be around five minutes to 34 minutes as the sleep progresses. So in around eight hours of sleep, you can dream up to two hours. But in our dreams, that time is way more than it actually is. We feel hours and days pass in a dream, while in reality it’s been a few minutes only.

What do dreams depict?

Most researchers and scientists believe that dreams don’t really mean anything. Since they are just a mixed hodgepodge of all our emotions and memories that together create more confusion. But some people find it intriguing that dreams are often connected to our moods, mental state, and even physical health. They could be making us aware of our unconscious desires, motivations, and general thoughts.

The Meaning When You Dream of Someone You Love

Do we not love these dreams? We never want to stop thinking about that one particular person, even during our sleep. Maybe a recreated memory with them, some untold fantasies, and unspoken desires. All these dreams feel so warm and real even after waking up. Everyone loves this feeling, but why do we dream about the one we love in the first place?

Obsession taking over

One obvious reason is that our minds can’t stop thinking about them. It’s very sweet to dream about your love because this shows your passion for them. It means they’re always on your mind. But if you’re having lots of those dreams lately, it might suggest that you’re being a little obsessive and need to clear the air for a bit. If you haven’t expressed your love to that person yet, then this is the time to do it. If it was an obsession, you’ll get over it. If you already have that person with you, then constant dreams might depict a more clingy behavior. It’s time to get some healthy space between you two.

Some insecurity

If you dream about your love or even a crush being with someone else, this might be your insecurity. Some people can get very doubtful about their own feelings. They start doubting their partners too. They even experience such dreams where they feel distant from their partners. But these are just mind games resulted due to overthinking. Too much of everything is bad, even thoughts. Even love should be kept a little under control. There are other things in the world that require your attention too.

The Meaning When You Dream of Someone You Hate

It’s as simple as it looks. You hate someone, you dream about them, this means they are really getting on your nerves. Hate dreams are the worst. Even if you thought you were moving on from the hatred of someone, they just jump in your dreams to annoy you in your sleep too. Here are some main reasons why you have such dreams:

You really do hate them

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Like we said before, those feelings of frustration, anger, and resentment are not easy to lose. They tend to mess up our brains and we can’t find peace even while resting. People you hate have strongly associated memories that keep on replaying in your head. The only way you can get rid of them is to let the anger and hatred go for good.

Maybe that relationship needs healing

If you dream about people you hate being nice to you in your dreams, then maybe it’s your brain’s way of saying to fix that relationship. Even though you hate that person, but your mind wishes that was not the case. Maybe your mind wants peace with everyone. If possible, that feud should be fixed. There is no harm in wanting good anyway.  

The Meaning When You Dream Of Someone You Used To Date

Our subconscious mind digs up memories and feelings that we aren’t often aware of. Even after a traumatic event like a breakup or a divorce, when you think you’ve cut all ties with that person, they pop up in one of your dreams. Why is that?

This usually means that there are some pieces that remain deep in your mind about that person. Those pieces can be good or bad. The good ones are those when you fell for them or had a good time together. The bad ones are of course the abusive, toxic ones. Both these can come in your dreams either asking for some closure or reminding you how you felt for them. It’s unhealthy to ponder over them for long. Maybe you want to be with them maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re missing them. It’s alright to feel this way but not so wise to act on it instantly.

Unfinished business

When you have frequent dreams about your ex, think about some unfinished business with them. Maybe they owe you something, maybe you left something at their place, or maybe you have some untold grudge towards them. If you don’t take action for this, your mind will keep thinking and you’ll keep having these awkward dreams.

The Meaning When You Dream of Someone You Do Not Know

We see lots of unfamiliar faces in our dreams on a regular basis. But this doesn’t mean our brain is creating new faces on its own. They are usually the people we pass by everyday on the streets, at the supermarket, or some restaurant etc. We are unaware of them but our brain copies their face and stores it in the memory. When we sleep, the subconscious brain starts to replay those memories of people we think we never even saw. There are some theories to what it could mean:

To fill some voids

Some people say that when you dream of strangers, there is something to do with your confidence or something in your lifestyle that needs to be changed. For example, if a stranger helps you in a dream, it could be a sign that your mind feels betrayed by real people in life like friends and family. So these dreams are the brain’s mechanism to fill that void. Sometimes when you’re so busy following a perfect routine with work, tight sleep schedule, and a stable yet dull lifestyle, you start dreaming of the fun and spontaneous people. This is your brain’s way of telling you to take it easy and be more enjoyable.

A gateway to your wishes and desires

When you dream, the mind is free to think about all the things you usually hold back in life. Many strangers will come in your dreams as a part of some actual wishes and desires. For example, if you’re having financial problems or some luxurious wishes, your dreams will be filled with such people and places.

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Whatever we dream about, it’s a fragment of our imagination. So yes, we can say that whatever goes on in our minds during sleep is pretty much connected to what we think and experience. So to keep your dreams from turning into nightmares make sure you take good care of yourself and practice good mental health.