Erogenous Zones For Zodiac Signs (Part 1)

Covering from Aries to Virgo, find out what turns on these men

By Diana Nadim
Erogenous Zones For Zodiac Signs (Part 1)

What Are Erogenous Zones?

Certain body parts feel pleasant to touch. Whether you begin with a sense of curiosity or accident, you will end up finding a piece that reacts well during sexual play. An erogenous zone is a part of your body with a heightened sensitivity that creates sexual response when stimulated. When these zones are excited, they may result in relaxation, sexual fantasy thoughts, sexual arousal, or orgasm. 

Everyone has an erogenous zone, but they vary from one person to the other; thus, all the tingly goodness felt by a one-person when touched on an area may not be the same as yours. Any part can be an erogenous zone, and both men and women tend to have different zones.

Zodiac Sign Erogenous Zones

What you might not be aware of is that zodiac sign erogenous zone exists too. It is your zodiac sign that can act as a guide for you to find more of these fun places and body parts if you’ve been stuck in a rut and looking for something to add little energy, turn to the zodiac.

Every zodiac sign has erogenous signs that have the power to get you or your partner seriously turned on. Some of these signs will love to have their hair played with while others getting a sensual back massage or neck bites is what turns them on. There is massive information on the zodiac about the erogenous zones for different signs.

Using your knowledge of the erogenous zones associated with the zodiac signs can enable you and your partner to become more attuned to your bodies. Zodiac signs are mostly related to specific traits and qualities.  Here are the erogenous zones for the different zodiac signs included with what turns on men within the zodiacs.

Erogenous Zones For Aries To Virgo Zodiac Signs And Their Turn On’s


This is the first sign in the zodiac representing the duration from march 20- April 19. Aries are adventurous, dynamic, and impulsive. Aries men crave attention, and they are not shy about standing in the spotlight. 

 For Aries, the erogenous zone is the head, face, and hair. Aries are hot-headed, and there lies their sensitivity. Most are the times that Aries suffer from headaches and stress, which makes the head a sensitive part. Rubbing their head can be the best way to their heart.

Aries cannot reject deep and satisfying head massages as it leaves them calmer and happier. Additionally, head massage leaves them in a total arousal state. If you run your fingers gently through their hair, you may end up leaving them with shivers of ecstasy. Caressing their lips, nibbling on their ears and scalp massage is a weird way of introduction to foreplay.


The Taurus sign runs between April 19 to May 20th. They are dependable, very hardworking, dedicated, and stubborn. Taurus has their erogenous zones hidden at the back of their neck and throat. Taurus also loves their necks being licked or kissed and even going the extra mile to being bitten.

Wearing a sexy perfume can be a way of attracting a Taurus, mainly if the fragrance is the scent of something sweet.

If they are a bit kinky, they would love it when chocked. Simply running your fingers up and down the back of their neck will induce such a robust response. Sensual kisses can drive them crazy with lust, and that’s their response during sex.


Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac duration from May 20 –June 20 in the calendar. For Geminis, the hands, shoulders, and arms are their sensitive parts. If you kiss your Gemini partner on the arms and hands may get them running crazy for you.

Massaging their hands gives them a little tickle that can seriously raise their arousal levels. Putting their hands in your mouth and licking during foreplay will leave a typical Gemini in ecstasy. This means that you should explore down their arms and they will love you for that.

Geminis may find themselves hurting their hands, shoulder, and arms when cuffed during sex. If you want them to go crazy in bed, sucking their fingers, giving a back rub from the shoulders to the hands goes a long way in getting them aroused.


If you were born between June 21 and July 22, then your zodiac sign is cancer and its represented by a crab. Cancers are known to be emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive. The first thing that happens when a cancer is upset, they get stomach aches.

Cancers sensitive parts are the chest, breast, and stomach. They love to have these parts stroked, and their nipples played with. They are receptive to touch, especially around the chest area. In addition to this, they love to be kissed, massaged, and with their consent receiving a soft biting will leave them turned on.

In the bedroom, getting chest stroked and nipples played with is a surefire to get them hot and bothered. Kisses around the collarbone or the pectoral area gives a cancer extreme pleasure.


Leo is associated with the period between July 22 and August 22. If you are born between this period, then you are known to be passionate and theatrical. Additionally, Leos are known to celebrate themselves and bask in the spotlight. Leos are also dramatic, creative, self-confident, and very dominant.

Leos are ruled by the heart and upper back. The heart of the Leos endows them with the courage of their conviction. Since the heart is their most sensitive organ, they may suffer heart palpitations when anxious. They love to have their back touched, and running a feather up their spine drives them wild.

They love back rubs, and since there are different ways to give back massages, any of them is well received by a Leo partner. To relax a Leo, you have to trace their spine and back from top to bottom without touching their skin.

Giving a Leo a sensual back rub for foreplay leave him energized and stimulated very ready to go. To turn him, therefore, run your fingers on their back as this will leave them purring in ecstasy like wild cats.


If you are born between August 23 and September 22, then this happens to be your zodiac sign. Virgos are critical thinkers, hardworking, artistic, observant, faithful kind, patient, among other values. They pay attention even to finer details, and their sense of humanity makes them stand out as the most careful persons. They are perfectionists and expect perfect results not only from others but from themselves too.

Virgo's sensitive zones include the abdomen, waistline, and digestive system. This means that if you stimulate their stomachs, it's easy for them to let go of any stress. They hide their sensitivity in the middle of their stomachs.

Touching the area around the stomach and waistline induces arousal and has a powerful effect on Virgo men. Additionally, if you kiss the area around the waistline, this is a sure turn on for the men. Virgos adore cleanliness; therefore, they will love it if you suggest having shower sex. You can use your fingers to trace their waistline and tease them, and this will drive them crazy.

A Virgo man will appreciate it if you pay attention to his stomach. Using an ice cube on their tummy will turn him completely wild, and this will allow them to release all the pent up emotions in the form of an orgasm.

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Try approaching these zones during foreplay to get her hot


Zodiac signs may be a way of getting to know your trait or another person’s as they differ. Even with the erogenous zones, they tend to vary from one zodiac sign to the other. Learning to match the ergogenic zones of the zodiac signs will leave you pre-informed on the sensitive parts of your partner’s body.

You will also note that what works for one person may not work the same for you, and this means you should take your time and learn as much as you can. After you get the right information on the sensitive body parts, it makes it easy for you when you want to seduce your partner. It also eases the time for the foreplay as you know where to touch to drive him wild.