Top 5 Zodiacs To Avoid Dating Cause There is Too Many Flaws

Troublemaker? Look at the tell tale signs from your bae's zodiac.

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Top 5 Zodiacs To Avoid Dating Cause There is Too Many Flaws

Quick introduction to Zodiacs

Also known as star signs or simply stars, Zodiacs have been a guide to people not only about themselves but how to develop communication and even relationships with people. By a usual definition, a Zodiac or Sun sign of a person is based on the position of the Sun during the birth of that person. As we know the Earth revolves around the Sun in a certain path, so along this path there are constellations. These constellations make up these zodiac signs, which often are linked to some animals.

These constellations and positions of the planets are thought to be deeply linked with your personality, character, and emotions. There are 12 of these Zodiac signs which some people are very serious about and the others just go with the flow and don’t let these superstitions in their way of trying new things, meeting new people, taking a leap of faith or simply living more carefree.

How can you tell compatibility with zodiacs?

Like we mentioned earlier, signs are based on energies from elements of nature. This statement does seem like straight out of a fiction movie but compatibilities are based on how one energy affects the other one, it might enhance it, suppress it, add negativity or positivity to it. You can never be sure of this but it could give a rough idea about how people react around different energies. Here is a chart of which zodiacs belong to which elements:


All the elements get along with themselves like, air with air, water with water etc. Other signs are no rocket science either. Imagine Water with Earth could work really well, just like rain helps earth grow plants. Similarly, Water and Fire can have dramatic results, they also show passion together OR one of them overpowers the other. That’s how compatibility is calculated according to elements and star signs combined.

Zodiacs and Relationships

The key is to be open minded and let things unravel themselves. Zodiac experts have already given out many words on which sign to date and which sign to avoid but it’s not a strict rule ever, every person has different views and it is always best to respect those views and be considerate about it.
We shall discuss about what experts have to say about connecting the zodiac signs, the stars and the intermingling relationships.


They are thought to be the most compatible with signs Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini. They are also thought to always have to be right in their opinion and that’s why it would be a bad idea to put two Aries together. But hey, they also have a lovable and welcoming nature, no one can say for sure if they would or wouldn’t go well together.


You Taurus people are most compatible with Virgo and Pisces. They are very determined and won’t take the easy way out. They sure are tough maybe that’s why it could get a little rough to be with a Taurus. So getting along with Virgo and Pisces is because these two are very strong personalities on their own.


Most compatible with Aquarius and Libra, Gemini are both affectionate and sweet and this is the whole reason Gemini appeal most to them. They’re always talked about having two personalities, but this doesn’t always have to be taken the wrong side. Gemini can handle another Gemini pretty well and hence this combination works too.


Scorpio and Pisces would be the two to handle a Cancer, therefore, most compatible. Since Cancer are likely to be more jealous in nature they need to be paid attention to all the time and loved unconditionally without any space for doubts and complaints.


The sign Leo is most compatible with Sagittarius, Libra, Aries and Gemini. These signs are willing to put an extra effort for the demanding Leo. Derived from the lion, they love to be admired and treated like royalty. All these signs are willing to give this kind of love to Leo although Aries is a bit tough to come around.


Being an Earth sign, Virgo is best paired with other Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn. All of these together are a practical choice, which may sound boring but goes a long way in any kind of relationship. Everything is smooth sailing when both parties are broad minded and ready to accept the challenges except from running away from them.


The most perfect balance and harmony in a relationship can be found with Libras only if someone is fortunate enough to see themselves with one. Leo and Sagittarius are the ones most compatible with them and mostly because of Libra’s ability to charm and make people fall in love.


The best combination with a Scorpio would definitely be a fellow Scorpio. They totally get along with each other’s similar qualities and abilities to look for truth and justice. They’re like a crime solving duo that would never get you down. Along with Scorpio, Pisces can do just as well with them. Pisces can help them grow and show lots of devotion and faith in the relationship.


Sagittarius are most compatible with Leo, Aries, Aquarius and Libra. All these signs prove to be really entertaining for Sagittarius and never let them get bored which is mostly expected. Even the most easy going and laid-back signs, Aquarius and Libra are always up for adventures which are pretty much Sagittarius’s favorite.


Capricorns like it straight forward and are always up for the challenge. This could be a reason you’ll find long and happy relationships with Capricorns even though they can be a teeny bit negative sometimes. They are most compatible with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces obviously if they can tackle whatever situation is thrown at them.


They go best with Gemini and Libra. These combinations are said to be really independent and freedom loving. Nothing goes wrong here.


Scorpio and Cancer are the go to signs form Pisces because they are all water signs. The perfect peace is established with them even though they are considered a bit difficult with other signs.

5 Zodiacs that can be a handful:

There is never a steadfast rule with zodiacs and personalities. Nothing can be predicted, especially about a person’s nature and how are they going to get along with someone. So always and definitely relying on these methods instead of actually getting to know someone, might be a little unfair. But according to extremes of moods and emotions, here is a list of 5 zodiacs which can be a handful sometimes.

1. Scorpio

When it comes to dating, it is always a two-way thing. Wit Scorpios however, it is rarely that. Even though they are very sensual and emotional but mostly it is only for them or at least FISRT for them. Some people also refer to them as manipulative and possessive, which obviously won’t do well in a romantic relationship.

2. Gemini

Of course, when there’s a mention of ‘dual personalities’ or ‘two-faced’, we cannot really get lots of good ideas. Besides their loving nature even in most unexpected times, they usually like to boss around a little or always act like they’re in charge. If you get this part right in a Gemini, you’re in luck. The best way to get in their good books is to talk about science, politics and other intellectual stuff with them.

3. Aquarius

Even though water signs are cool and calm, Aquarius can be a bit too heartless and dissociated from their relationships. It gets really hard to actually know what is going on their heads. Are they mad? Do they feel unloved? You’d have to be psychic to truly know. It gets really hard in a relationship when one side cannot communicate with you and are not emotionally available to you either.

4. Aries

The first zodiac of the cycle, Aries is very notorious for being hot heads. Being in a relationship with them is like being with a big child with a tantrum. It’s okay for someone to be upset sometimes but shutting people out and totally burning out is no solution. Anger has only worsened every situation and left nothing but regrets. The best solution for them is to be honest and don’t try to surprise them in any way that could heat them up.

5. Cancer

They are known to hold grudges and be a little confused about their own feelings. Cancer men are the most romantic lovers too but when something is off to them, they just flip. Some little taunts here and there, being passive aggressive and being irritable on the slightest of issues make Cancers really hard to deal with in a relationship.

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Which signs consistently think of sex all the time or not at all


It would be wrong to just blame someone who was born with a zodiac. Just for fun purposes, follow the above-given list of zodiacs which you should watch out from, just because they might be too extreme for ya. But if you think you can take them on, go for it.