Beginner's Guide: 10 Things To Know About Going Down On Her

If you are a beginner who wants to know all about going down on your girl, this article will let you know everything you need to know before going down on her.

By Jesse
Beginner's Guide: 10 Things To Know About Going Down On Her


Come here, guys. You love getting blowjobs, and the world is so aware of it. Moreover, women like giving them, but you also need to return the favor and make them feel their womanhood. At some point, going down on her will make a difference, and you will find her giving you blowjobs frequently just to buy your attention and so that you can put your tongue in her. However, you need to know what you are doing or else you will make her experience a nightmare. Vulvas and vaginas are quite hard to navigate, and all women are not the same down there. You will notice sex with your girlfriend feels different from your ex. Similarly, women imagine their partners going down on them in a way they prefer. Some prefer the turbo-pressure on their clits while others just want the low-key flat tongue playing along their vulva and she might not tell you. They only way you might now is trying it. Here are things you should know about heading down on her.

Your Tongue Should Never Take The Role Of Your Penis

Don’t use your tongue to sex your partner. Please don’t! Some guys monotonously poke their tongues in an in-out-in-out sequence in their partners’ vagina for a long time. For crying out, she will get bored even before you finish doing it on her. When going down on her, your primary goal should be to ignite a stimulation in her for the big game, of course. Tongue-fucking should go for about 3 seconds, but that can’t give her much orgasm if any. Her sweet spot is a few micro-paces away from your tongue, and it’s only your penis that can reach that point. How do you feel when she sucks your penis on the head? Just like that head, where you feel sexually aroused, that’s how she would want the feeling in her clit. You have to use your tongue and lips to suck her vulva. Keep that in mind and please her.

You Have a Handsome Face, Use It On Her

Does your partner look at your face and tell you how good looking you are? Now that face should be going down on her, even during her periods. Well, most guys think when a girl is on her period she is unclean for sex, but courageous ones still eat their partners out during that period of the month. Her stimulation is your main goal, and when she feels your head between her thighs, it’s heaven for her. If you are going for direct clitoral stimulation, cup her clit lightly between your lips and move your head around. Did you know that your nose can also provide some stimulation? Yes, it can. You can use your nose to rub the area on top of her vagina and drive her crazy. As you rub her, your lips should be busy on her clit. It’s like hitting one bird with two stones at once, and you manage to hit it down. Give that a shot, and you will see the magic it will do to her.

Tell Her Going Down On Her Is What You Want

The society body-shames women for their sexuality. It happens to celebrities, politicians and even women working in corporate. It’s unfair, but you can’t dictate what society should think. It’s for that reason women feel extreme self-conscious regardless of their partners, and also her sexual life is private and her business. She might not tell you that she wants you to be going down on her, just like she made it hard for you to have sex with her for the first time. Well, every girl has a different relationship with her body, and you need to tell her how sexy you think she is. It’s your responsibility to make her free with her sexual self by appreciating her body. Some women believe that by you going down there, you appreciate their sexuality. When you get there, tell her that she smells and tastes fantastic every while and she will be able to enjoy herself and feel at ease.

Not All Women Love Direct Clitoral Stimulation

If you love going down on her even if it's during her period of the month, you would perhaps prefer eating her clit. But at other times, not all women want their clits pushed like elevator buttons in rush hour. So, just be a gentleman and ask her if she likes direct clitoral stimulation. For many women, their clits are so sensitive such that if you do it, it feels so intense that you will just have to stop. Others are precisely the opposite. Your partner might need it so much for her to achieve an orgasm. In fact, you might be forced to do it on her for a long time if you want to have some good sex with her.

After Going Down On Her Pay Attention To Her

After going down on your partner, focus on how she will act. If she is moaning, squirming or clawing at the sheets, boy, you are doing it right. But if she looks bored, you can bet on it that you aren’t doing it the way you are supposed to do. What should you do? Stand up and tell her you don’t know how to do it? Don’t do that or else you will disappoint her. Instead, employ a new technique. Listening to a girl's voice gives you every indication of what she feels, what makes her happy and what she wants. No matter where you are, maybe in the bed, out of it, on the street, in a train, wherever. You need to listen to her, don’t respond, just listen to her. So, when she fails to call and curse when you are doing your thing, don’t just give up. Grab her breasts and continue doing it.

Involve Your Hands

Selena Gomez stated that she couldn’t keep her hands to herself and neither should you. Keep it in mind when going down on her that penetration and stimulation result to orgasm. Some guys prefer to keep their hands off the gate, especially for their first time. Invite your hand to the party by putting your finger in her vagina and then put it in her mouth. While going down on her, you can put two fingers in her and make the “in quotes” gesture inside. The motion will strike her G-spot. Your hands also have some more work to do around when your head is buried there, like stroking her breasts or thighs to make her crazier.

Yes, You Can Share Her With A Dildo

Before going down on her, ask her to bring the dildo she has been cheating on you with. Yes, the dildo she uses when you are not around. The dildo has been her friend and it can still act like one when you are there. After all, you can’t put your dick in her while your face is down there, it’s entirely impossible, and that’s where the dildo becomes a good partner. You can be thrusting the dildo in and out while going down on her or just have it inside her to give your partner the feeling of fullness as you go down on her. You don’t have to perform some special moves though. Just do your thing.

Tease Her Before Going Down On Her

Unlike men, women need more foreplay to get in full swing of the situation. So before going down on her, caress her and kiss her neck, suck her breasts and make her long for the moment you will get between her thighs. Don’t even remove her underwear first. Kiss along her waistband, her ass, her hips and then hold her thighs with your hands and pull them apart. Kiss her labia and wait until she starts squirming around then pull her undie with your teeth. Put your face close to her vagina and don’t suck her yet. Instead, use your fingertip to touch around her vaginal opening until she holds your head and leads it to her vagina. Being a good teaser will make her always treasure the moment.

Be Consistent

Most guys make a certain mistake when it comes to oral sex, and they make it quite complicated. While going down there, they feel pressured to “perform” especially with a new partner or when it’s their first time. Well, you don’t have to do some crazy tricks while going down on her to make an impression. It’s a matter of consistency and not tongue gymnastics. You need just to figure out what makes her reach orgasm and keep going. Don’t forget to have to enjoy yourself while you are doing it. Before going down on her, you should know that if you are not happy with it, most likely you will disappoint her also as she won’t get to enjoy it herself. So, keep in mind that you need to cheer up before going down on your partner for both of you to enjoy the pleasure.

Once She Starts Coming, Don’t Stop

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Unless she can’t hold it anymore and asks you to stop, you shouldn't get off of her while she is coming. Just keep her hips in place or lift her a little while your tongue is swirling around her vulva and finger her. If you have ever heard that a girl came hard, it was probably because after she came, the stimulation didn’t end right there and she kept coming. Sometimes a girl can feel like she is at a turning point when she is about to cough her lungs out, and that’s when it’s the right time to have sex. If she says you need to stop, you can now come and get into her. But if she doesn’t ask you to get off, then it’s not done until it’s done. It’s her moment, not yours so continue making her come.

That’s all you needed to know before going down on her. Practice makes perfect, and if you keep doing it frequently, you will be a pro in the game and she will never forget about you. Just don’t overdo it.